5 Best Trading Platforms and Brokers in Europe 2020

5 Best Trading Platforms and Brokers in Europe 2020

The tale of 5 best trading platforms in Europe emerges from the requirement. The craze for making money is continuing since times immemorial. People across the globe keep on finding ways, spaces and moments to satiate the need for funds. That amount works as a fuel to drive the vehicle of their lives. And the cycle of evolution continues. Folks buy things, and lease of new requirements arise as they get bored of the old. 

For accommodating that factor and keep the rate of growth of human tendency ticking, financial markets came into existence. Lets us discuss below the 5 best trading platforms in Europe… 

5 best trading Platforms and Brokers in Europe

Picking up the excellent quality product from the crowd of exceptional platforms is daunting. Here are some hand-picked places to deal in indexes, stocks, commodities and other assets. 

1. XTB

The platform takes the market by storm, and applicants have surplus options to deal with buy assets. As an attraction for traders, XTB has competitive pricing, salient pricing, standard offers and plenty of assets. The platform is working on co-operating with its clients and wishes to form a long-term relationship. The attitude sets it above and aside from the rest of the competition in the trading sphere.

Superb supervision

Authority of a platform establishes when top-level supervision regulates the system. Those companies put a stamp of verification on the head of XTB. CySec, KNF, IFSC and FCA are the firms that look after the systematic approach of trading platforms.

Promises to protect customer’s money

 The company takes pride in protecting people’s money with secured planning. There is segregation in all types of accounts which creates a balance. The funds for retail transactions do not get inter-mixed. Hence, every trader can sit assured regarding the proper placement of their money. 

Power-packed technology

Technological advancements are something that scripts the game of the trading world. Its tools are robust enough to assist in buying and selling of plethora of shares, and commodities. In 2016, it won the prize for ‘Best Trading Platform. Online Personal Wealth Awards conferred the reward on them. The speed of bidding and purchasing helps in getting an asset at a reasonable price. Here, a better-equipped platform can mitigate the problem. XTB boasts of swift pace and gets the best deal in no time. 

Live market

The statistics and the pricing index tell the story of belonging or an asset. When ticker scrolls continuously with updated data, people can form their mindset and think of purchase and selling. The facility is not available on all the platforms which make it exclusive to the users. 


Clients have a clear perspective of a space which calls a spade a spade. XTB never misses out on showing the actual picture of the market or the performance of the scenario. Good and bad time does not affect its transparency schemes. All details get presented in the purest of the forms. 

Extensive trade management

One can judge a brokerage website based on their management skills and ability to tackle things. It gives detailed analytics and tells about the performance of an asset. Some features enlisted on the website help people in knowing about the best available company share, metal, or currency stock. 


Without caring about or knowing the rewards and hidden risks in trading, one cannot become successful. Calculating all the factors involved in the trade is a necessary aspect. The platform has a cutting-edge calculator that provides the specifics of profit and loss based on the performances. 

So, on several parameters, the company scores brownie points and stands out on the performance scale. 

2. Fusion Markets

The platform infuses quality with customer satisfaction and exclusive services to Europeans. Its fantastic commission rates, inclusive tight spreads are coming of age. It aims to provide faster, more comfortable and consumable techniques in the financial bazaar. 

Easy account opening:- Opening an account is often a task on any brokerage platform. And people have to comply with many norms before starting trading. However, the company takes pride in the smooth functioning of the registration by a candidate. 

Personal broker:- There is nothing better than having an individual broker for navigating through the hard waters. But the company renders its staffs to help out investors in any situation.

Free deposits:- Money matters for all, and a little money saved is equivalent to earned. So, taking it forward, the platform does not charge any fee on Netteller, visa cards and others. 

Leverage:– It is offering leveraging 1:500. Someone people might consider it less, but that is debatable. However, the best part is the flexibility it allows the traders. 

An array of products

The number of products offered by a company also represents its might and popularity in the business world. It primarily deals in precious metals, indices, stocks, energies and many others. Oil, natural gas, gold, silver, platinum etc. are some of its best ventures that earn good money for people. 

Calculator for trading

It lets the owner know about the investments, profit booking losses and overall net balances incurred due to the transactions. The formulation of strategies becomes accessible through the application. One can know about pip values, margins, swaps, currencies and profit and losses. 

Tools and Platforms

For any company to do well, a good platform and tools are essential. The brokerage firm has Meta Trader 4, MT4 mobile application, multi-account manager for supporting customers. Besides, Dupli Trade, Virtual Private Server and MyFxbook Autotrade are making trading better for everyone. 

Hence, Fusion Markets is redefining the module of trading. It is mulling down the questions like how to trade commodities or how to deal in stocks. The tools, accessories and services are making things more straightforward and accessible for a more extensive user base. 

3. Trading 212

If any newbie wants to enter the market of volatility and immense money, then the platform is apt for them. It sails the starters to the shore of the market with a bank of shares, and assets. The user-interface is optimizable and supports the requirements of beginners. The Trading 212 company has registration in England and Wales. 

No commissions and fees

While giving a novice thing a try, traders are susceptible and concerned about losing their money. In that case, if someone assures them of zero commission on transactions and zilch fees work as a booster. The new investors can find their grounds and see what works for them. Also, there are no charges for foreign exchanges, which is one of the concerns and issues raised often. 

Instant trades

Trading 212 enables its users to trade frequently without missing an opportune chance in the market. For the assistance, the website has software that caters to the needs in quick time. A trader can make unlimited attempts for quenching the thirst of dealings, purchasing and selling online. 

Top-rated mobile applications

For understanding the quality of service of a platform one can check mobile applications. The company has fantastic investments in them. It already has over 14 million downloads and above 85000 ratings on different platforms. The app is available on Apple store and Google play store. Both have 4.6 and 4.5 ratings respectively which are commendable considering the competition in the financial market. It speaks about the technological capability of Trading 212 and features on the mobile application. 

Safety and security:

The sphere takes care of protecting any kind of data breach. Hence it has put into place such technological features that look into the matters of safety. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) checks into the department of security and makes sure the funds are safe. Also, FSCS protects the money of investors kept in a segregated account. It looks after up to pound 85,000.

For more issues, one can contact the helpline number 0800 111 6768. It operates between 8 Am to 6 Pm from Monday to Friday and 9 Am to 1 Pm Saturday on Saturday.

Account opening:- It is similar to that of other places and platforms. Some common queries need to get filled, and after verification, one can start trading. 

The above points put up the valuation and strengths of the brokerage firm, which tend to be fair for a novice. 

4. Saxo Bank:-

When other platforms and brokerage companies are a sea, Saxo Bank is an ocean that embraces a plethora of options. Traders with a high capacity for investment and risk-taking ability can find their mojo here. 

Total Products

It houses a bunch of assets and products for people to choose from. It amounts more than nine thousand leveraged instruments, nineteen thousand shares and around 3000 ETFs. 

All in all, it is accounting for 40000 products. Hence, traders who look for variety have a lot to catch up. 

Swift account set-up:

Getting an account ready by submitting all details is one of the essential work that requires completion. Some people find it time-consuming. For them, the place is no less than a boon. It takes just five minutes to open an account and get trading ready. 

Competitive: It knows how to handle competition for which the commissions and spreads are ultra-competitive. The quality benefits all investors. 

Strategies: If investors are finding it challenging to formulate planning for investments, then seasoned traders will do that for them. They can speculate and find short-term goals for the market, and one can use that for his/her advantage.

Expert advice: Investors receive help from experts for balancing their portfolios. They get ideas to include and exclude assets in their wallets and exchange them for money from time to time. 

There are lots of benefits in associating with Saxo Bank, but most of its services are for rich people. 

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5. Lynx:

The best trading platform from the Netherlands has a reputation for being a trailblazer. In 2005 to 2015 it had won several prestigious awards for its information, technology and innovations. It was the trailblazer for 11 years. Being a veteran in the field, the trust of people is high as a mountain on it.  

Software superiority:-  To survive the competition and establish an absolute kingship, Lynx chose a way of software superiority. People are taking it with admiration and putting their money in the company to yield better results. 

Essential tools offered by Lynx:-  The brokerage firm is throbbing on following tools and ideas:- 

  • It allows real-time streaming of pricing for its customers that lessen the burden of stress caused by the market movement. 
  • The orders get placed directly in the chart, which helps in tracking them easily.
  • For assistance and helping traders out during the typical time, it offers more than eighty technical indicators. 
  • One can quickly change their perspective and exchange line charts, candlestick and bar as per the need. 
  • One can learn the fundamentals of a company by getting access to historical pricing.
  • A trader can get a personal assistant and apply stop losses. 
  • Investors have an opportunity of adding Fibonacci levels. 

Awards to the platform

  • It has got felicitated by Handelsblatt for the Best Online Broker (2013 and 2015)
  • Beleggers Belangen award for being the Best Broker of the Netherlands (2009 to 2013)
  • Lynx got Cash magazine award for best services ( 2013 to 2015)

Mobile app

Keeping track of the market every minute is essential but tough. For those investors, the brokerage firm has got a mobile app that keeps them updated on the go. One can place orders, do the bidding, and sell stocks, metals and commodities at any time. The user-interface of the application supports customers through comfortable navigation facility. 

Some features

  • It trades in more than hundred markets globally.
  • There are no fees for the custody, and one gets to have a free account creation. 
  • An investor can place more than sixty orders at a time.
  • Active users get heavy discounts on transactions.

Logical conclusion

Holding a position in the top 5 trading platforms in Europe requires consistency in varied fields of the financial market. Over the years, the platforms mentioned above have become blue-eyed stars for investors. XTB, Fusion Markets, Trading212, Saxo Bank and Lynx excel in top-class tutorials, trading tools, features and fee structure. These all reasons and more are acquiring the empire through these decorated and influential firms. 

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