5 TOP Skills Stock Trader Must Have

5 TOP Skills Stock Trader Must Have

Being a successful stock trader might look like a job of only buying and selling financial instruments at the right time. But it is much more than that.

A stock trader is required to possess many tangible and intangible skills which help him earn money.

Like any other profession, there are many traits a user needs to excel to be successful. Moreover, stress and the competition level is more than many professions.

Thus, the next time someone says a trader, “he got lucky with stock market trading!”! Show them this article. Here we will discuss five top skills every trader must-have.

After reading the points, you surely will realize that a good stock trader isn’t born, he worked hard for it!

5 Skills for Successful Online Stock Trader


Whenever a trader says, “I’m not lucky”, we say, “no, you aren’t patient”. A lost trader is not one who lost money on the wrong stock. He is the one who entered and exited the market at uneven times. Most traders either trade too early or too late, and that becomes the reason for their failure.

A successful stock trader always works calmly and patiently with prices. He waits for the right opportunities; whether for buying or selling. The stock market is like a see-saw,. It is always jumping up and down.

And, a patient trader waits for his precise movement (it might not be the best price).

Research and Analytical Skills

A stock market is a complicated place and the one who analyzes it smartly is the winner. Good researching and analytical skills are the essences for fundamental analysis of company stock. A good trader is one who has the curiosity and will to all the relevant information that can affect his asset’s price. In this way, good traders are ahead of their counterparts in terms of responding to the new information and making its utilization in favour.

Every trader must be equipped with a certain level of analytical skills. This skill helps a person to examine a data which is shown graphically, in a tabular form, or in any other data representation form. The stock market trading is full of charts, graphs, tables, data and trends, and using and combining all this data together is a sign of a legendary trader.


A dynamic person is able to quickly adapt changes and take action accordingly. The stock market is a volatile place and changes every hour. One trending asset might be downgrading the next minute. A user which adapts to these changes quickly and reform their tools, techniques, and strategies, accordingly, is the one who succeeds. They are ready for all the dynamics of the online stock trading; ready with their weapons, a.k.a. tools.

This leads us to another required skill in a trader, i.e. being flexible, mentally and emotionally. They must be able to take their price actions immediately and work in real-time. Any lag in it can cause a loss of your future profits or capital.


It is something which a trader needs in extra quantity. Discipline is something without which no trader can succeed. If a stock is rising and you plan to sell it at a certain level, then just sell it. And, if it is falling, they also don’t be rigid; sell it. Not sticking to your own plan could be the mistake of a trader.

Also, if the market is not showing any movement, then don’t play with it out of boredom. Be disciplined wait for your turn; and when it comes, then show your skills to the fullest.

Keeping Records

Most day, stock traders follow a record of their daily transactions. As a beginner, you should too. It helps in two ways, one, you’ll be able to learn from your mistakes and second, you would be able to examine your progress in real-time. These two things will not be possible if you are not keeping a journal or record of your daily activities.

The record should contain the buying price, selling price, and profits. You can also add the outcomes if you wish. This would tell you where you are going wrong and where right.

Here’s something extra for you!

Extra Point: As a trader, it is essential that you keep your emotions in control. We say this in every article, but do not fall for traps and emotions like fear and greed. These can completely destroy your hard work and money. Remember, being a slow learner would be much better than being a loser.

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Now, let’s wrap things up quickly!

The Bottom Line

The stock market trading is a good source of earning money, but, it demands a person to be equally competitive. An online stock trading user needs to be a good manager, leader, and investor, all at once.

Furthermore, there are several other skills also required, but the above ones were most common among the top ones.

Focused, future thinker, awareness, learner, planner, practical, rational, and independent are just some points. If we would sit to discuss all of them, then it would take quite a long time.

However, you can first start by mastering the above skills first and then focus on other skills to be better.


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