7 Best European Forex Broker

7 Best European Forex Broker

Brokers have been the essence of trading in financial markets, be it any country. Trading always requires the financial service providers that aid the traders and investors with their advanced services. These could be analysis tools, trading platforms, customer support, commission-free trading, low spreads, education, research, various trading instruments, and the list is long. 

Thinking of financial markets without brokers is impossible; they have become a significant part of the process. Not only supporting but maintaining the balance in trade. Their features are next level to offer functions that would assist traders and investors in having a successful trading experience. 

The article focuses on and explains the nine best European forex brokers that have made the trade simpler. They have advanced in their services for being the topmost forex brokers that work for achieving the trading goals of traders/ clients. So, let’s drive-in and explore the European market with forex brokers and their functioning. 

Forex Trading

To begin with, we have to understand what forex trading means so that we can analyze a good forex broker for trading. Forex is a large financial market that trades in currencies of international countries. These currencies of different nations are purchased and sold to generate profits. The earning arises from the currency’s price in the market that keeps fluctuating. 

A 24 hours market that operates with ample opportunities and profits if traded accurately. The market has high liquidity and volatility making it prone to financial risks and chances to make money. One buys a currency and sells the other to trade or invest in the forex market. 

As a result, one currency is bought and another sold for the market to maintain trading flow. Hence, it trades currency pairs making it a unique financial market. In addition, the market is decentralized, which refers to a market where no central authority is involved, thus free trading without any intermediaries. 

Although it is not an easy task, investors can invest in the market through the over-the-counter or the interbank system in currency trading. In OTC, the traders are allowed to trade via brokers or privately; in contrast, the interbank system will enable traders to sell through banks that act on behalf of their clients or themselves. However, it does not have exchanges to operate under it. 

How Does the Forex Market Operate?

Forex market is fun when understood properly, but one should know how it operates for favorable investments. If the forex trading data is looked at, it shows that currency trading is most traded with high trade volume, but the chances of a successful trade are less. It has a success rate of 5 to 10 percent, indicating that traders or investors need to work hard and smart to achieve desired results. 

Investing in the currency market calls for appropriate market knowledge. To trade or invest in the forex market, one has to open a brokerage account with a reliable and regulated broker. The forex broker must have various trading instruments, the best services, and supportive trading tools for market prediction. 

Then traders can invest in the currency they want to and have good currency trading. The market works on these currencies traded in pairs; major, minor, and exotic currency pairs are to invest in. The major currency pairs are frequently supported in and have high market worth; the minor is less traded with low value, whereas the exotic is a mix of currency of developed nations and currency of developing countries. 

Traders can choose the one they find good for investing with a bright future in the financial markets. Some currency pairs are EUR/USD, USD/INR, AUD/CAD, AUD/NZD, etc. 

Base and Quote Currency

An important part of the forex market is the base and the quote currency that helps traders or investors decide the worth of the currency pair in the market and trade accordingly. The base currency is the currency pair’s upper currency with a good market position. 

In contrast, the quote currency is the pair’s lower currency with low market worth. The difference between the currency pairs in the market defines the traders’ profit. Therefore, one unit of the base currency in respect to one unit of the quote currency is the currency pair’s value in the forex market. 

Accordingly, traders can decide the currency pair they find accurate for investing and making money. 

Forex Market Types

This is another vital part of the forex market that traders should understand. The forex market has four types; spot market, forward market, futures market, and options market. These markets are used for investing in currencies and earning profits. The spot market is trading with particle delivery of the instruments. A liquid market with a strike price is traded within a day or two. 

The forward and futures markets sound the same as both have trading of currencies with a set period and date of execution of the trade. Traders can trade with a future date and time for carrying it out. Although, the forward market does not have any obligation and can have a range of dates, whereas the futures market has a fixed expiration date. 

Experts of trade most use the options market as it offers call and put options to trade. Traders can buy or sell the assets without having ownership. 

Forex Pairs

We know the currency pairs of three types, but these are represented in code. It simplifies the process and makes it easier for traders to identify the currencies. For example, the United States dollar is coded as USD, the European euro is coded as EUR, the Indian rupee is coded as INR, and other currencies are also coded in similar ways. Best Currency pairs to Invest in 2022.

Traders can mention the code and trade in the currency pairs with the broker’s trading platforms. 

Best European Forex Brokers

We have a detailed analysis of the forex market and how it works to earn high market profits. The next important thing is forex brokers of Europe. We know that investing or trading in the forex market requires forex brokers or other financial institutions. However, most investors and traders prefer forex brokers due to their services. 

In Europe, several financial service providers and brokers work to offer the best of the forex market. Currencies, the daily traded financial instrument, have a high volume attracting millions of traders in Europe and other countries. But not all are aware of the best European forex brokers that could help achieve the trading goals. 

Consequently, to aid the traders and investors here, we have the list of the best European forex brokers that professionally support traders. 


For growing in the financial market, one needs the backing of a broker that is free from any obligations and has a fine record in rendering the best services to investors. It has to be scam-free and safe for market players to use. ABinvesting broker fulfills all the roles immaculately and precisely performs all its duly duties.

The brokerage firms create a conducive environment for clients and help them take up challenges posed by the market uncertainties. The ABinvesting review 2022 gives you a highlight of the broker’s potential.

The broker is committed to providing prime-class services to all its customers from across the globe. The team of professionals here wants all their clients to make profits, and for that, they work relentlessly. The brokerage company believes in the trading community’s fulfillment by earning them profits through various means and tools.

The leading edge services call for the best market calls for traders and set them on their platter.

The broker has the following markets: 

  • Forex 
  • Cryptocurrencies 
  • Shares 
  • ETFs 
  • Indices 
  • Commodities
  • Currency Indices 


Pepperstone is a regulated forex broker of Europe that offers large-scale global fintech and the agility of a start-up. They arm their clients with the best forex market; traders can access international markets with trading confidence using the pepperstone tools and platforms. 

The forex broker was established in 2010 in Melbourne, Australia. A fully experienced team of traders founded it and began the service with a commitment to improving the trading world. It has superior technology, low-cost spreads, and a supportive team to help traders achieve their dreams. 

It is regulated by the ASIS, SCB, CMA, CySEC, FCA, BaFin, and DFSA authorities. These help traders have segregated funds, security of trading, proper trading guidelines, and fee-free funding methods. In addition, the forex broker is awarded with many trophies for its financial commitments and assisting the traders. 

The broker has the following markets: 

  • Forex 
  • Cryptocurrencies 
  • Shares 
  • ETFs 
  • Indices 
  • Commodities
  • Currency Indices 

Moreover, it has the following services: 

  • MT4 and MT5 trading platforms 
  • cTrader and social trading platforms 
  • Education and research services 
  • Analysis tools 
  • Easy funding and withdrawal
  • Spreads from zero pips 
  • Commission-free trading (only Razor account trading CFDs in Forex and shares have commission fee)
  • Leverage 


Markets.com is the top forex broker of Europe with services to help traders achieve their goals. It works under the brand name of Trade Tech Group, a subsidiary of the Fintech company. It is an FTSE 250 listed company with good knowledge of the financial world. Moreover, it has access to the next generation of trading platforms and technology. 

Investors or traders can control their accounts and investments with Markets.com. It has everything in one account with intuitive, cutting-edge trading platforms. In addition, the forex broker has trading tools, a knowledge center, live chat, customer support, and many other services to help in successful trading. 

Traders can have Forex, commodity, cryptocurrency, stock market, CFDs, and ETFs to trade with the broker. It was founded in 2008; the broker has achieved a lot in the period and is still working to offer the best financial services. In addition, the broker is monitored by the CySEC, FSCA, ASIC, and FSA, covering Europe and other countries as well. 

Markets.com has the following services: 

  • Leverage 
  • Trading platforms 
  • Low spreads
  • Three months commission-free trading 
  • Technical analysis tools 
  • Fundamental analysis tools 
  • Customer support 

FP Markets

FP Markets is the forex broker working under the name of First Prudential Markets Pty Ltd. The ASIC regulates it with trading instruments ranging from forex markets to derivative products. In addition, it is also regulated by the CySEC with license number 286354. 

It is a trusted global service provider that is best known for its CFD and forex trading. A one-stop destination for trading in various instruments of markets such as Forex, shares, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it has a range of trading accounts to invest in. 

Traders can begin their trading with tight spreads as low as zero pips, offers leverage, 10,000 tradable CFD products, best trading platforms MT4 and MT5 with Iress. Moreover, even traders can invest via mobile, apps, or web-based trading using various devices. 

It has the following advantages to trade: 

  • Raw pricing
  • Fast execution 
  • Zero commission charges 
  • No restrictions 
  • Transparency 
  • Low latency 
  • Deep liquidity 
  • Direct market access
  • Customer support 
  • VPS 


eToro is a well-known forex broker that assists clients with the best services. It is a financial service company that has the power of social investing. A leading forex broker provides social investing, thus helping them grow their trade knowledge and wealth. 

Traders with the broker have the following markets to invest in: 

  • Stocks
  • Cryptocurrency 
  • Currencies
  • Commodities

The forex broker was introduced in 2007 and, with the years of its working, has always awarded itself with a new feature to help the clients invest. In addition, it is regulated by the MiFID, ICF, FSCS, ASIC, and CySEC. It is located in Seychelles and works to offer the best in the market. 

Investors can enjoy the following services with eToro: 

  • Education 
  • Top markets
  • Trading platforms 
  • Trading tools
  • Regulated 
  • Award-winning broker 
  • CFD trading 
  • Demo account service
  • Low fees
  • Various trading accounts
  • Zero commission on stocks 
  • Copy-trading 

IC Markets 

IC Markets is the financial service provider that the Forex CFD provider has regulated. It fills the gap between the retail and institutional traders and makes the trading world more tradable. In addition, a renowned forex broker offers trading solutions for active day traders and scalpers. 

Also, the broker is a good trading place for newcomers to the financial market. The clients of IC markets can have cutting-edge trading platforms, connectivity, liquidity, and many more advanced services. 

Traders can have the following markets to invest with IC markets: 

  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Bonds
  • Digital currencies 
  • Stocks
  • Futures

Other than these, the forex broker has the best pricing services, where they can have low spreads, trading commission, and swap rates. Moreover, trading platforms support market prediction with VPS, trading servers, MT4 advanced tools, and 24-hour availability. 

Multiple regulators such as ASIC, FSA, and CySEC look after its operations and maintain a secure trading environment. 


FXCM is a global financial services company called Forex Capital Markets. It is a retail foreign exchange broker offering services to invest in the foreign exchange market. The market investors with the broker can speculate on currencies and CFDs options. In addition, they also provide indices, commodities, metals, etc., for investing. 

The broker is based in London and is a subsidiary of Jefferies Financial Group, discovered in 1999. Global broker with leading online forex services with a mission of international traders having access to the world’s massive and liquid market. 

It has the following services: 

  • Education 
  • Research 
  • One-click trade
  • Fast executions
  • Low spreads
  • Trading platforms 
  • Tools 
  • Demo account 
  • Low commission 
  • Customer support


Trading in the European market has many options for investors; they can select from a range of forex brokers, invest and earn profits. The article has discussed forex trading and the best brokers of Europe, but traders can find many other brokers other than these for investing.
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They can choose the broker as per their requirements and make the best trade possible. However, they should consider that brokers should be regulated and have the best services to support traders.

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