9 Step Plan to Being a Stock Trading Expert

9 Steps Plan to being a Stock Trading Expert

The stock market is familiar for many investors or market dealers they have somewhere, or others heard about it. It could be from friends, newspapers, television, or any other social media platform. Trading in shares is a household thing now. But, the shocking fact of the share market is its expertise. 

There are a few who have achieved their desired goals and earned high market profits. Simply investing or trading in stocks of a company does not offer money. It requires knowledge of the trade, stock market, companies, market conditions, worth of the shares, and a lot of small and big concepts of the financial world. 

With the article, we’ll be exploring the steps plan that could be considered for being a stock trading expert. However, before jumping to the topic directly, let’s understand what a stock market is and how it functions to make money, and gradually readers will understand what steps could be taken to become a stock market expert. 

What is the Stock Market?

The stock market is a huge financial market with high volatility; the prices of stocks keep fluctuating, making it difficult for traders to trade and make money from the purchased or sold shares. There are many companies that have made their stocks available in the market for trading. Investors or traders can buy and sell the stocks in the market to profit from the price rise and fall of stocks. 

The market is a collection of stock exchanges and other venues that provide buying, selling, and issuing of shares of a company in public. Earlier the trading of stocks was physical, but with technological upliftment, traders can have online trading through electronic mediums. 

In short, a stock market is a place where shares of a company are purchased and sold to make money. 

How Does the Stock Market Work?

In the stock market, the traders buy the shares of a company, which are units of the stock. Traders can trade in shares via the over-the-counter market or through exchanges. In OTC, they can buy and sell the shares through brokers like Investby, whereas the exchanges have various stock exchanges such as the London Stock Exchange. 

Although, the stock trading places have their defined rules which should be followed by traders. There could be one or more stock exchanges in a country, and these are a part of the stock market. It is upto the traders which way they find feasible for investing or trading in stocks. 

The companies issue an initial public offering (IPO) in the private market for trading in the market. These are later bought by the secondary market traders and further traded in the market. A company issues shares of stock in the financial market to make money which they use for expanding their business, paying debts, introducing new products, or any other profitable motive. 

The shares are then bought and sold, which generates money as the price of shares increases and decreases because of market factors. 

Traders of the share market buy these shares in order to make money through the price difference at which it is bought and the price it is sold in the stock market. So, the main motive of the stock market is to earn money. 

For example, a company, ABZ, wants to expand their business and therefore introduces stocks in the market. These are traded in the market, providing money to the company. The company issued the shares for $10 per share, and they, by selling the issued shares, received the money. 

These are then further traded in the market, and with the expansion of the company, the price of shares rises. Hence, the trader having shares of the company will make money as per the shares held. But, if the market moves opposite, the traders will lose their money. 

Therefore, trading in the stock market is a risky job and requires expertise to have most of their investment. 

9 Steps Plan to being a Stock Trading Expert 

To become an expert in stock trading, here we have the nine steps plan that traders could use for profitable stock trading. The stock market is highly volatile, and this calls for some guidance and experience for making money. Traders can follow the steps and be the experts of the stock market. 


The initial point or step for trading in shares is to analyze what’s the difference between traders and investors of the market. Traders are the notable ones that buy and sell the shares of a company for some time. The time period could be for a few seconds, minutes, hours, or even days. While the investor is someone that trades for the long term, they buy the shares, hold them for months or years and then sell them when they find appropriate opportunities. 

This difference will make one decide what they want to be, a short-term trader or long-term investor. It is necessary as, based on this concept, the trading and investing strategies are made; the trading strategies do not work for investors and investing strategies for the traders. 

Therefore, having clear knowledge of this will help in trading or investing easily with appropriate strategies to execute. If these are sought in the beginning, it becomes easy to be a stock trading expert and have a successful stock market experience. 

Basics of Stock Market

When the stock market dealer knows which side is best for them to trade or invest in shares, they can move to the next step of understanding how the stock market operates and how traders can invest in it. This will give them basic knowledge of the market. We have understood how the stock market operates with the above paragraph of the article. 

So, the concern here is how one can invest or trade in the stock market. First, they should gather information regarding the stock exchanges operating in their country like in London, the London Stock Exchange, in India the Bombay Stock Exchange, and similarly of other countries. They can get a basic idea of how these work and then invest in the market. 

In addition, inventors should read articles, do educational courses, go through broker websites, study the charts, stock market timings, understand the shareholders and their rights. Also, they can get information on stockbrokers, how the market works, changes in stock market prices, factors affecting, etc. This all will provide basic detail of the share market. 

One should never directly jump on investing or trading; they should go step by step to achieve their goals and be the experts of stock trading. Skipping these general steps won’t help them in making money, and they’ll eventually end up losing. In addition, traders won’t be able to make their trading strategies and the investors their investing strategies. 

Knowledge is a must for trading in financial markets; traders and investors should master the basics and invest or trade their funds. 

Choosing Stockbroker

A stockbroker is significant for the stock market investors to decide. It is as important to understand the basics of the market as one cannot trade without the support and services of the broker. To begin a stock trading journey deciding which broker will be suitable is a must. 

They have services, trading tools, trading platforms, indicators, softwares, advanced analysis tools, charts, customer support, and many more features that help in market prediction. The stock market has many stock trading brokers, traders, or investors who can decide which is available to them and check their services. 

Reputation, regulation, trading platforms, trading accounts, stock products, other market products should be analyzed. Moreover, the brokerage charges should be considered as this impacts the trade, and one is required to pay the charges irrespective of whether they make profits or losses in the market. 

Using Stop-Loss

Stop-loss is the option which is provided by stockbrokers through their trading platforms. It is an important part of their trade as this facility of brokers helps in reducing the losses of the investment. They can select the price where they want to place a stop loss, and this will automatically square off the position. 

For example, a trader bought $100 shares of a company that is $10 per share, so 10 shares are purchased. The current price of a share is $400 in the market, and the trader expects that the price of shares will rise in 4 to 5 days. Traders in such a situation put the stop-loss at $390. 

When the price of the share falls due to any market change, the position will automatically close when the share price reaches $390. Hence, limiting the loss of the investor. 

Avoid Margin Facility

Capital is the basic need for investing or trading in any financial market. The same goes with the stock market, but it is generally seen that stock market traders have a lack of capital to trade. To minimize this problem to help the traders, stock trading brokers have come up with the facility of margin trading, which is also known as leverage trading. 

It is a beneficial facility for traders who have market knowledge and understanding. But those who want to be experts in the trade need to know its use and how they can apply it for stock trading. Beginners for the stock market should avoid favorable trading as it has a high risk involved. 

Once traders have gained experience, they can earn huge profits. However, it should be used when the trader is confident of the market conditions and can take the loan from the broker for making double profits from the trade. 

Order Types

Stockbrokers have bought a new service of order types for those traders who cannot spend the whole day in front of the screens. There are different types of orders provided by brokers. These could be Margin Intraday Square up (MIS), Normal, Stop Loss (SL), Bracket order (BO), Limit order (LO), Take-profit and Cover order (CO). 

These all are types of orders that could be used by stock traders to become knowledgeable traders and experts of market trading. 


Short-selling is the trading style where the traders buy the stocks from other traders even when the price of stocks is falling. Here, the trader places a sell order at a specific price and then buys the share at a low price. Then the difference in the price of the shares is multiplied by the number of shares sold in the market, that is, the profit of the trader. 

With such a trading style, traders can make money from the falling price of the shares. However, beginners should avoid using it as this requires experience and expertise. Traders can understand it, then apply it for profitable stock trading and become experts.

Derivatives Market 

The derivatives market has futures and options trading of stocks. These are contract-based trading of shares with an expiry date. These are attractive trading products that offer higher purchases of shares for making money. These are tools for experts and should be avoided by beginners. The ones who want to be experts in the trade can use it gradually in small amounts. 

They can gather all information about derivative trading, understand it and use it for earning profits and become stock trading experts. 

Not everyone’s cup of tea

The stock market is not for everyone as the market has risks when trading; traders can earn money and even lose if they do not understand the basics and all the above concepts of the stock market. One who wants to become a stock trading expert should have crystal clear knowledge of the market, its working, factors impacting the price of stocks, company’s positions, possess trading skills, etc. 

In addition, they should be experienced, patient, and be disciplined for becoming experts. Experience is the first need for becoming a stock trader, which could come from studying, researching, analyzing the market, being regular traders, and being updated with the market happenings. 


The stock market is investing or trading shares by buying and selling them. But for buying and selling stocks, one needs knowledge, experience, and understanding to be the expert of the trade. The article has discussed nine points or steps to being a stock trading expert. All these are important for successful trading and how one can gradually become an expert. 

Traders can minimize the risks of the market by taking risk management strategies being updated with market news; factors impacting trade should be known, and most vital is the basic understanding of the stock market. For becoming an expert, all these should be understood, and one can become a stock trading expert. 

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