Best Brokers for Trading in 2022

Best Brokers for Trading in 2022

Trading is one of the therapeutic elements in life where traders feel great about their lives when profits earned are in good numbers. However, the assistance of a financial broker is pivotal here. It is brokers that provide opportunities, accounts, and platforms for trading and allow the market player to live a dream of investment. If we look at the foreign exchange market alone, it accounts for an average daily transaction of USD 6.6 trillion, more than the GDP of several countries of the world combined. Likewise, markets of indices, Cryptocurrencies, stocks, metals, commodities, energies, and others have great significance. But for trading, best brokers are as important as oxygen. 

Best brokers for trading in 2022

There are thousands of markets globally for making transactions and investing funds. But without a broker’s help, you cannot choose and trade. Thus, you need to pick a trader that knows your requirements and offers you tailor-made facilities so that you can achieve your aims. 

Speaking of that, you need to know the basic criteria for selecting a broker. Not many people know it, and they end up picking up the wrong brokerage firm, which troubles them and siphons the money off entirely. So, if you do not want to get subjected to such a humiliating time, focus on the parameters of brokers listed below:- 


The broker is the fastest growing platform in regions of Africa, precisely in South Africa. The services, features, and tools it is rendering to people are second to none. Those who boarded its website have always enjoyed trading because of its conducive behavior and living up to the charm of financial trading. Not many people are aware of the conduct exhibited by a broker. Oinvest scores a hundred here in that compartment. 

Basic details 

  • The broker is fully regulated. FSCA looks after all its activities. Thus traders can remain assured of their funds and transactions. 
  • The license of the company is 42020.
  • Basfour 3773 is the parent company of Oinvest which operates it. 

Types of assets offered

You have loads of different products and assets for trading in the financial market. The broker which specializes in the contract for difference trading has the following instruments for trading:-

  • Shares
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Foreign exchange currencies
  • Indices
  • Commodities

For CFD Trading  

The broker has won several awards over the years for its services with CFD trading. It has more than 50 currency pairs, which provides a wide range of options for forex market lovers. It provides a pathway to becoming wealthy and prosperous because the leverage a trader in it is the highest compared to other markets. 

Here, you get spreads as low as 0.7, which eases your problems in terms of profit earning. EUR/USD pair is hit here, and if you indulge in buying and selling the currencies, you have a chance to reach to the jackpot really soon. 

The leverage you get here is 1:500, and you have the opportunity to trade for 24/7 in a day. So, recovering from jolts is quick. 

Likewise, there are several trading options available in various other markets. 

Tools and features on platforms

Expert advisors:- There is an option of automation available on certain platforms that takes the tension away from trading. You can purchase third-party EAs effortlessly. Thus, it only hikes the alternatives.

One-click trading: The option is quite significant considering how time is the key to earning profits in the financial bazaar. There are timing and a phase for which traders and investors wait patiently, and when it arrives, they sell or buy their assets. Here, one click-trading helps in mitigating the tie hazards. 

Technical tools: There are as many 30 technical indicators which are useful in trading and surges your chances to be successful in financial trading. For every trade, you have a different indicator representing that. Thus, whenever you’re stuck, seek help from any of the pool of tools and earn money.

Oinvest scam or safe?

The broker is safe because it has a financial authority looking after activities, license and registration numbers put up a stamp of authenticity on it. So, your funds are safe with them. The safety features are optimum. 

Education elements 

If you want an update in the market, take help from the educational courses offered by Oinvest and feel confident to reach at the top of the horizon in no time. 

Webinars:- Industry experts host it. You can ask your questions and resolves issues. 

Ebooks:- These are written by learned traders and pundits of the profession. They have squeezed their years of experience in form of tips, strategies, and ideas of trading in them.

Videos on demand: When you get stuck anywhere, and there’s nowhere to go, then the service helps you come up with a legit answer. 

Contact us 

The response time is swift and you can get a solution to your queries in no time. A trader can seek assistance through the live chat option, calling, email, and messaging. Besides, there is an alternative of correspondence also available to clients. 


The broker has an immense reputation in the world market because it offers top-notch services to clients and never disappoints them when they need it during the despairing times of trading like COVID-19 situations. 

Basic details 

  • The broker has a base in Cyprus. 
  • FXBFI is the parent company of 101investing. 
  • The broker started its journey in 2016 and has won several awards for its terrific service record.
  • The license number is 315/16.
  • It has a registration with MiFID as well.
  • CySEC regulates all its activities.

101investing scam or safe?

Your future rests in the safe hands if you are trading with 101investing broker because it passes all the safety norms, plus it owns a registration number, license and is subjected to scrutiny by one of the best regulatory bodies CySEC. It declares that the broker is trusted and if you trade with it, you’ll have enough opportunities to become wealthy.

Deposit and withdrawal fees

A trader has many ways to deposit and take funds out of the broker without a delay. There’re facilities for bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, Master cards, Visa, Skrill, VPay, and many more. 

Customer care service

It is the feature that puts a smile n your face. The customer care executives listen to all your issues patiently and offer solutions to them politely. They are extremely cordial and understand your situation. You can contact them through phone, live chat option, email, messages, and many others.


You can use plenty of courses without paying any fee for them and remain updated regarding the financial markets and its theatrics.

Overall assets

A trader has several options. Precisely, more than 250 assets are available for selection. You can trade them in more than ten thousand legitimate financial markets globally. Nw, what more do you require? All your necessities are taken care of by the broker, and you can realize it after using them hassle-free. 


If you call it an A-one market, then it won’t be an exaggeration to the kind of facilities and services the broker is providing all its customers. The coordination that it offers is worth learning, and you feel inspired every time you get on to it for trading. It has a quickly emerging market broker that has immense potential, and those who are realizing it are already earning millions. 

The broker provides you with multiple reasons to feel secure and pleased for your decision of trading on it. T1Markets help you in realizing your real potential and forces you one step ahead in financial trading which averts your fear regarding the market. 

T1Markets scam or safe? 

The broker has all the requirements fulfilled. So, there is no doubt that it is absolutely safe for traders to continue trading on it. There are licenses, registration numbers,s and surveillance of a reputed regulatory body. What does more one require? 

Basic details 

  • The regulation authority is CySEC here, which undertakes the activities initiated by the T1Markets broker. 
  • The registration number: HE345774
  • You can find the registration number as 333/17.

Best features on account 

If you are trading with the broker then consider yourself blessed and one among the fortunate because you receive possibly the best facilities here. 

  • No commission gets charged. So, no additional baggage of fee. 
  • Customer support is 24/7 
  • You get the service of the fifth decimal. 
  • The leveraging goes up to 1:500, which helps in determining bigger benefits. 
  • A hedging facility is there when you start to make losses; you can always average. So, it converts a disadvantage to an advantage. 

Elements of different platforms 

  • One tap account switching facility 
  • Price alert notifications.
  • Multiple chart windows for keeping track of the financial market
  • Real team balance check
  • Built-in platform trading
  • Lighting quick analysis 
  • Multiple options at the disposal for trading

Customer support

  • Live chat support is there
  • 24/5 customer care support for speaking with an executive
  • Write an email any time of the day
  • Get in touch through messaging services and correspondence


It has a huge collection, and you need to grab it with both your hands and put that into your brain. 

  • VOD
  • Ebooks 
  • Courses
  • Tutorials 
  • Articles 

Modes of payment 

  • The broker has several options, including:- 
  • Skrill
  • OrangePay
  • PayVision
  • PaySafe
  • EmerchantPay
  • MIR Limited
  • Decta


The broker PrimeFin is winning the hearts of traders and investors through the amazing kind of services it is offering. In a few years’ time, it has risen above the guards and become the favorite of many people. The company serves its clients on all working days with utmost sincerity. You can find plenty of options available at your doorstep and trade in whatever capacity. 

Basic Details

  • It is a website based in Labuan, Malaysia.
  • The registration number of PrimeFin is LL16622,
  • The license number of the broker is 12734767
  • LFSA does its regulation 

PrimeFin scam or safe? 

The broker passes all the tests of an authentic broker. Hence, you can call it completely safe for all traders and market players. You can inquire about it through registration number, license, and of course, the regulation is always there. So, PrimeFin is safe for users. 

Account types for PrimeFin

It has three types of accounts for people to trade from; Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Their features are:- 

  • Free VPS available
  • You get news alerts for bidding and understanding the market trend.
  • The swap discount is there.
  • You have a Fifth decimal facility from PrimeFin.
  • FX leverage is better than industry standards.

Types of products

The instruments and assets are plenty here. You have to choose from indices, stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities markets. After realizing your favorite game, pick one of them, research, and start trading conveniently. 

Best features 

  • Free dedicated education hub for every trader. 
  • One-click account trading 
  • Dedicated support and live chat
  • Best analytical toolkit. 
  • Automatic stop-loss
  • Real-time trade balance
  • Platform price alerts
  • Cross-platform trading
  • Loaded with data safety features
  • Provides high leverage of 1:500
  • There’s no commission charge.
  • Conducive during the high volatility market
  • Amazing research tools are available with it.
  • Education features are world-class. 
  • Economic calendars and session calendars are there for research.


The broker is full of life and sees no other leaves before earning some good bucks in a day. It is famous for offering several services at the lowest cost, keeping the security of traders in mind. You get a safe environment to manifest your desires in terms of trading and grasp good wealth. 

Basic details 

  • InvestLite is situated in Belize.
  • The headquarter of the broker is in Edinburgh, UK.
  • The registration number of InvestLite is SC517838.
  • License number: 000188/91
  • Bayline Trading Limited is the parent company. 
  • Regulated by MiFID and IFSC.

Advantages of the broker 

  • Impressive library tools
  • Class apart customer service
  • Swap discount up to fifty percent.
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Islamic account for Muslims with additional features
  • Service of lenient execution
  • Mutli-lingual support
  • Comprehensive analytical  tools
  • There’s no commission.
  • Leveraging is quite high, which meets more than what is required; 1:500. 

Types of customer support application 

 You can contact the brokerage firm through the live chat option, phone number, and email id during the weekdays. They are quick in responding and provide you with the best remedy for your query. 


You are fortunate if you land on the website; irrespective of who you are; learned or a newbie trader. A trader gets videos, guides, VOD, articles, courses, and other material for enhancing the information regarding the market. 

Note: Depositing and withdrawal of funds take lesser moments than other brokers. So, favor yourself by creating an account on it. 


The broker is meeting the demands of traders and its other clients who cannot settle for anything lesser than quality. Abinvesting has some amazing features that you do not find anywhere else in the world. It introduces traders with quick trading abilities that ride on hopes of people and fetch them maximum benefits with accuracy. 

ABinvesing scam or safe? 

The brokerage firm is completely safe for every type of investor and trader. It does not discriminate whether you can invest more or less. If you have the will to trade in the financial market, then the broker would reach out to your doorstep, helping you with trading. It has license, registration and regulation. Plus, the transparency factor authenticates it further. 

Features of ABinvesting 

  • Virtual trading accounts
  • Trade information 
  • Charts and live analysis
  • Check trends facility 
  • Analysis of trading speed
  • Instant order execution

Tradable assets 

A trader has a plethora of trading options that include commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and forex. Thus, accept the invitation and jump into the market for great opportunities waiting for you to grab them. 


The broker has numerous recognitions and awards to its name. If you are thinking of winning some handsome amount of wealth and accumulating it into your banking account, then there’s no broker better than this one. Its services are among the competitive brokers and even better. It gives you notifications and creates awareness among traders for assets and investments. 

Basic details 

  • CTRL Investment Limited is the parent company of HFTrading
  • Its headquarter is in New Zealand. 
  • It has license and registration numbers. 

Is HFTrading safe or scam? 

It is safe, sound, and promises everything that a trader requires. The broker is fully secured with an encryption facility and conducive for trading. You can verify the details through the license number and registration number. The broker has regulations from regulatory authorities in Australia and New Zealand. It has several satisfied customers that speak the story of its success. So, HFTrading is safe for you. 

Types of features 

  • Trading hours are 24 hours for five days a week.
  • Leverage is amazingly high; 1:500
  • Mobile trading is available
  • Islamic account is there
  • Hedging facility 
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Full 10 hours support
  • Swap discount is huge 
  • Free VPS
  • Webinars and videos 
  • Availability on Android and iOS


The brokerage firm is a paradise for clients. The fantastic services win every investors heart. It keeps the clients insured with a sum amount of Euro 20,000. So, every time you visit the broker, there is the backing of insurance money. So, you do not have to worry about what may happen in unforeseen conditions. 

Basic details 

  • The regulation number of broker 189/13
  • Secured with SSL
  • CySEC regulates Brokereo

Features available on the broker 

  • There is no commission charged 
  • Tradable assets are more than 350
  • Free VPS
  • Fifth decimal
  • Automated trading facility
  • Mobile trader and Web Trader are there
  • Live chat with dedicated support 
  • One-click trading
  • Multiple execution modes

Traders can find a free educational hub for enhancing market knowledge.


A trader should choose a broker only when it lands him/her in a plateau of confidence, trust, and massive returns. Moreover, they must be sacrosanct and exhibit transparency. There should be no time lag. Assets and products for trading should be as per the international standards.  ABinvesting, Brokereo, T1Markets, 101investing, HFTrading, InvestLite, and other brokers have elements that cater to users’ requirements. Investing in the world of the market through them is extremely profitable.

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