Best Crypto To Invest In 2021

Best crypto to invest

The dynamics of the world are changing at a quick pace. People are adjusting and adapting to new norms. New currencies are getting launched in the market which does not have a physical presence but has larger volumes due to their safety features. Today, people are searching for the best crypto to invest in 2022. 

There are so many options in cryptocurrency markets that it wouldn’t be easy for you to align along with them. You’ll have to pay attention to know what’s going in the currency market because it is volatile and, at times, unpredictable. However, that’s the whole fun of investing in it. You have several profitable chances that you can grab and make overwhelming gains. 

The popularity of cryptocurrencies grew immensely during the grim pandemic situation in 2020, and even in 2021, it is on the rise. Read more about the best cryptocurrencies

Best crypto to invest in 2022: Bitcoin 

The kind of performance bitcoin (Buy Now)has offered the world and its investors to see is magical. Thus, not talking about it is blasphemous. The digital coin has broken all hell loose. On 8 January 2020, bitcoin’s price was USD 8045.51, and now after a year, it rose almost five times to USD 39,505.50 on 7 January 2021. 

So, anyone who had that farsightedness for the investment would have gained immensely through those shallow waters. As per the experts, the cryptocurrency is eyeing the price targets of $170,000 to 318,000 during the 2021 year for BTC. 

One of the primary reasons for the growth of bitcoins is rising inflation rates globally, exalting institutional demands, negative sentiments regarding the current monetary policies, and growing further. So, different investors and traders get triggered to look for other investment opportunities. And what’s better than investing in BTC. 

The risk and reward scenario in bitcoins are relatively higher than any other cryptocurrency due to traders’ larger volumes and faith. 

As per 5 Jan 2021, bitcoin’s total market cap stood at USD 631.981 B.  The volumes were around USD 90,384,007,364

If you create a financial platform and do not include bitcoin, you know what’s that called. Isn’t it? 

Best crypto to invest in 2022: Ripple 

Ripple(Buy Now) came into existence to offer and facilitate the world with an alternate transaction and financial payments option. It goes by the symbol XRP. In terms of the market cap, it comes only third to bitcoin and ethereum and holds a significant market share. 

By unlocking the potential and tapping into the world of digital currency, a person or a trader can reduce the cost of transaction and commission charges. The reliability and speed of trading improve manifolds by learning to adapt ripple. 

As per the latest figures, the ripple market capitalisation is USD 14.881B, with volumes touching a whopping of USD 15.31 B. 

In 2013, digital currency started garnering attention in the financial market due to its compliance. After a few years, more than a hundred business institution adopted and accepted it. 

Interestingly, during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, ripple managed to expand its market in forty-odd countries with more than three hundred providers. It includes HSBC Holdings, Banco Santander, JP Morgan and many others. 

Through DLT (distributed ledger technology), ripple can most probably land itself in the position to replace SWIFT or at least stand as the alternative. It can help resolve five miseries like issues of transparency, traceability, speed, security, and risk management. 

Notably, with the European Commission showing its commitment and putting the weight around the digital currency, one can assume that the ripple is here to stay for a longer time. Buying it can fill you with fortunes, 

Best crypto to invest in: Ethereum 

You cannot complete the list of best crypto to invest in 2021 without mentioning one of the most exciting cryptocurrencies EThereum or ETH. The digital asset is a gem of an internet coin that should be there in everyone’s portfolio, irrespective of their trading choices. 

Even during the economic slowdown of 2020, the crypto coin outsmarted everyone’s predictions and outperformed with its peaks intermittently. Besides, it ended the year on a high. On December 8, it was rallying at USD 553.95 and ended 31 December 2020 at USD 738.42. The numbers are mindboggling. But it didn’t stop there and grew further to USD 1254.49 until 8 January 2021. 

Interestingly, the internet currency is growing stronger from there. People who cannot fathom investing in bitcoins are finding their refuge under ethereum. So, it won’t be a lie to say that the altcoin is a successor to BTC. It is already in acceptance in several multinational companies and across countries. 

Notably, ethereum jumped from $140 on 8 January 2020 to USD 738.42 on 31 December 2020, which is more than 5X catapult in the year. 

Ethereum is ahead of its time technology that works on dApps, which is decentralised and secured. Besides, it also supports other platforms of crypto like Aave (AAVE), Maker (MKR) and Uniswap (UNI). 

The decentralised financial sectors fly on the wings of hope and trust of market players due to its deliverables’ capacity. It can help you keep away from the threads of banks and their overdependence. Plus, the curse of transactions and charges on them while trading internationally is chickened out. 

In 2020 the Defi sector grew the fastest among the cryptocurrency trends. The overall valuation of the assets locked in the system went past USD 13 billion in 2020. However, in 2019 it was stuck near USD 3 billion. 

Ethereum’s strong position in the market is due to its domination in the market. 

Best crypto to invest: TRON

It found ethereum’s network for its launch. The peer-to-peer technology that it is adhered to is here to channelise the content creation in a better way than ever. TRON wishes to democratise the whole entertainment industry and end any kind of discrimination prevailing in society. 

The cryptocurrency has struck partnerships with several multinational companies. Its ecosystem provides content to several platforms. It rewards people with TRX whoever offer content. 

The crypto coin provides a transparent monetisation system and offers a secure way of the transaction to all traders. It speaks about the fundamentals and technicalities of cryptocurrency. 

What is the market cap of TRON?

The market cap of TRON is USD 2,193,026,885, and it has a circulation of 71,659,657,369 TRX coins. 

The cryptocurrency is creating a niche market quickly due to its unique service to the industry entertainment industry. Moreover, the way over the top platforms are increasing, TRON technologies’ requirement will only magnify, and its coins will circular even more.

Best crypto to invest: Litecoin

It is a fork of bitcoin that is non-malicious and came into the cryptocurrencies party to work around bitcoins’ loopholes. It has managed to grab the industry support along with garnering some convenient volumes in the market. Litecoin offered massive transactions per second to bitcoin after the launch besides giving a different mining mechanism. 

If bitcoin is diamond, then bitcoin is gold in its comparison. So, people who can’t afford to invest in the former do that with the latter. Like any other digital currency, it is also a decentralised entity, and no government or private organisation has control over it. Thus, the price movements cannot b manipulated by anyone. The current market cap of litecoin is USD 11,514,542,201. The latest circulating supply it has is 66,245,618, which can go up to 84,000,000 maximum. 

On 9 December 2020, litecoin was rallying around USD 77.47, while after a month, on 9 January 2021, it reached near USD 168.42. Moreover, it is not so expensive to buy after all. However, the recent growth shows that if anyone invests in cryptocurrency can earn bigger pennies. So, investing in the litecoin is a great service a trader can do to himself/herself. 

What is the current spot of litecoin in the world?

The cryptocurrency stands at the fifth spot in terms of transactions. It offers fundamental strengths and technical indicators from time to time. An astute investor would always seize the moment and buy some litecoins. Interestingly, a litecoin takes around 2.5 minutes to generate a block. The symbol for the crypto coin is LTC. 

Who founded litecoin?

Charlie Lee, a former Google employee, came up with the idea and founded it. 

Bitcoin Cash 

The cryptocurrency is one of the best hard forks of bitcoin. Interestingly, it is one of the successful ones that bitcoin has. When the debate about bitcoin’s scalability arose as it would cease to produce more coins after its limit of 84 million, some codes were updated, and BCH came into existence.  On 9 December 2020, Bitcoin Cash’s price was USD 268.96, but it raced to USD 438 in a month. So, it’s a solid investment which you should make before it rises further. 


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 So, before you think of ‘Best crypto to invest in 2022’, choose a decent broker. 

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