Investing in the financial markets scares most of the traders, be it beginners or traders having some knowledge. They all need to practice, have tools and indicators for the market analysis. In the article, readers will get introduced to forex market trading, how the currency trade operates, and the best forex indicators that could be used for market prediction. 

The forex market is an enormous trading market with high volatility and liquidity. Investors have a number of opportunities in the market to trade; however, they also incur the same amount of risk. In currency trading, traders buy and sell the currency pairs to make money. There are different types of currencies available in the market to trade. 

The market prices of the currencies keep fluctuating, making a lot of chances for traders to invest. However, traders should analyse and research the market well before making any decision. To know the market and its best forex indicators, let’s get into the depths of the trade for better understanding and investments. 

Forex Market Trading

The foreign exchange market is the international currency trading market with a decentralized process. The traders can invest in the market from anywhere and at any time as it does not have a central location for trade. The currency market is online with 24 hours availability. Traders can trade in the market through online brokers or privately to earn returns. 

The currency exchange market is based on two systems, the over-the-counter market, and the interbank system. With OTC, the traders can invest through online brokers such as Investby and PrimeFin or privately. In contrast, the interbank system allows the banks to trade on behalf of their clients and themselves. 

Most investors prefer the OTC market as it provides them with online brokers that assist in the trade. Moreover, the brokers have trading tools, analysis, research options, and trading platforms with the best forex indicators and analysis tools, etc. For example, Investby and PrimeFin both have various trading accounts that offer investors trading platforms. 

The trading platforms have the best forex indicators, technical and fundamental analysis tools, expert advisors, automated trading, customization, etc., for a beneficial trade. The various indicators help traders get signals and know the market entry and exit for profitable investments. 

How does the Forex Market Operate?

Forex market trading requires investors to be prepared with a deep market understanding. They can know the market by analyzing what makes traders achieve their goals. For this, the first thing to take into consideration is how the market works for easy investments. Currency trading has various kinds of currency pairs that investors trade. 

The major, minor and exotic forex pairs have different qualities, and a trader invests per their requirements. Major currency pairs include those that have a great market reputation with high market value. Some of the major currency pairs are EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, etc. 

The minor currency pairs are those with less market worth; these include AUD/JPY, CAD/AUD, etc. Whereas exotic currency pairs are the ones with currencies of an emerging economy and a major currency. For example, AUD/ NOK, CAD/SGD etc. 

The currency pairs are coded into three letters for a quick understanding of the traders. Suppose the AUD is the currency abbreviation for the Australian dollar and CAD for the Canadian dollar. Similarly, other currencies are coded for the investor’s trading. 

Moreover, these currencies are divided into the base and the quote currency. This helps the traders to analyze the market price of the currencies and accordingly decide their investments. The base currency is the first coded currency of the pair, say in USD/JPY, the USD is the base currency. 

In addition, the quote currency is the second currency of the pair; in the above example of USD/JPY, JPY is the quote currency. The one unit of base currency value is decided based on the one unit value of the quote currency. A trader can easily get the value of the currency pairs. Although, most of the beginners of the trade prefer the major currency pairs. 

These are traded most due to their market worth and liquidity. Traders invest in forex traders to earn high profits with small investments. Moreover, the availability of leverage in forex trading makes it more feasible for traders. Investby and PrimeFin both provide traders with leverage for easy trading. However, there is a high risk in the use of leverage, so traders need to be careful while using the ratio. 

Best Forex Indicators To Trade

By now, we know that forex market trade requires knowledge and research about several factors before investing. Forex indicators are an essential part of the trading mechanism. With the trading platforms of the good online forex brokers, traders can use the indicators or signals for getting notified prior to the market dynamics. 

Below we have discussed the best forex indicators that aid traders in achieving their goals and objectives. In addition, these help traders to know the entry and exit, the supply and resistance level, and when traders can buy or sell the currencies for a profit. 

The details of the best forex indicators will help the traders to know the opportunities, and the traders can have disciplined and informed trade decisions. So, let’s recognize the indicators for an excellent trade. 

Here, a list of the forex indicators that could be used for a profitable trade: 

  1. Elliott Wave 
  2. Relative Strength Index (RSI) 
  3. Trendlines 
  4. Fibonacci Extensions 
  5. Currency Correlations
  6. Swing sequences 
  7. Fibonacci Retracements 

Elliot Wave  

A well-known and best forex indicator is Elliot Wave; the indicator helps forex traders to analyze the market and get top-niche results. The strategy believes that the psychology of the investor is the driving force of the market movements within the financial market. 

With the use of forex indicators, Elliot Wave traders get more profitable results and a detailed analysis of the market. There are several professional forex traders that use the indicator with given approaches for forex trading: 

  • Elliot Wave to reach 5 mark
  • Using a specific method for getting the Elliot counts 
  • Having a stop-loss order 
  • Deciding the trend be used 
  • Having selected profit and stop points 
  • Placing the stop-loss in the forex market trade 
  • Traders should have an exit strategy for avoiding the market loss

The forex indicator uses two types of wave patterns for market trading; the five-wave pattern and the three-wave pattern. 

Five wave patterns are determined with five dominant waves, and these are wave1, wave 2, wave 3, wave 4, and wave 5. In addition, the extensions keep occurring in the third wave for the forex market trade. Using the Elliot Wave is not that easy traders have to follow the rules of the wave strictly for desired results. 

The system uses the technique to interpret the Elliot Wave, which should be used carefully for framing the appropriate method of trading. Moreover, authentic forex signals are necessary with proper filters for getting the signals. The wave is an essential indicator for the forex market overview and analyzing the potential market movements. 

Traders can use the forex indicator for confirmation of the market trade rather than for identification. 

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

A technical trading tool that is used in forex market trading for analyzing the price movements. It is considered the best forex indicator, which gives out signals before the price fluctuations take place. RSI measures the ratio of the up moves with the down moves for giving the reading on the basis of the scale from zero to hundred. 

The RSI includes the following for helping traders predict the market movements in the forex trade: 

  • A single line 
  • Trading scale from 0-100 
  • Index from 0-30 is an oversold condition 
  • Index from 30-70 is neutral 
  • Index from 70-100 is an overbought condition 

The RSI line keeps moving around these indexes and gives traders an idea about the market. Traders can use charts to analyze the lines formed and decide their next move. With the RSI, traders can identify the market trend that is the overbought and oversold levels. 

In addition, they can decide the entry and exit points of the trade with the time frame to be used for the trade. Thus, the best forex indicators list includes RSI. 


The most common technical analysis tool is trendlines which are used by many traders for knowing the market trend. When the currency price moves, traders keep an eye to analyse the trend of the currency. The trendlines move in a zigzag pattern, but these have specific directions to help traders invest. 

Traders can use charts for analyzing the trendlines; for example, if there is an uptrend line, then investors go for a long-term trade, whereas if there is a downtrend line, then traders have short-term trade. However, if there is a sideways trend, then traders do not invest and wait for a reversal. 

These are excellent forex indicators and could be used by any trader for market analysis. However, this requires patience and judgment to analyze the trend. 

Fibonacci Extensions 

Fibonacci Extensions are the tools that are used by forex traders for determining profit targets. With this forex, indicator traders can identify the capacity of the price, that is, how far it could go before a pullback. The extensions of the tool are used for analysing the chances of price reversals. The Fibonacci extensions commonly are 61.8%, 100%, 161.8%, 200% and 261.8%. 

In a bullish period, the traders can study the Fibonacci extensions by the following: 

  • Swing high point 
  • Swing low point 
  • Connecting the two points 
  • Selecting the profit levels 

Traders can analyze the lines on the charts and accordingly make their forex trade investments. 

Currency Correlation 

Currency correlation is a forex indicator that helps traders measure how the two variables of the trade are related. Traders analyze the currencies on the basis of their price traders can easily get the correlation between the pairs. If the correlation is strong, then the currencies are aligned closely. Moreover, it helps traders improve their portfolios. 

A trader can take advantage of the indicator if they choose a reliable and trusted broker such as Investby and PrimeFin. The correlation is of two types; positive and negative. When there is a positive correlation between the currency pair, it means that the currencies are moving in the same direction. But, if the two currencies are moving in opposite directions, then it is assumed that the currency pairs have a negative correlation. 

Swing Sequences

One of the best forex indicators is swing sequences, the price swings formed on the charts help traders invest. The traders identify the market trend and hold the trade for some time. It may be for a few days or weeks, depending on the trader’s requirements. 

It is a short-term trading indicator that is combined with other indicators for better market predictions. For example, swing waves could be combined with the Elliot wave for an analysis. Moreover, the swing sequences have four types of trading strategies: 

  • Reversal 
  • Breakouts 
  • Retracements 
  • Breakdown  

Fibonacci Retracements 

The retracements are used for identifying the levels of support and resistance. A trader who needs Fibonacci retracements for the trade will know the market entry and exit of the market. Traders can use the following process for using the best forex indicators

  • Determining the up or down
  • Drawing the Fibonacci to connect the highs and lows 
  • Lastly, traders select the retracement levels that suit their currency pair

The forex indicator has some key points that traders should know including, 38.2% and 61.8%. Whereas the 50% level is also considered for the trading but not technically but as a threshold.


The best forex indicators are discussed in the article outlining the forex market and its trade with the indicators for earning high profits from the market. A trader can invest in the forex market for liquidity, volatility, and opportunities but a significant part of the trade is forex indicators. 

These help traders analyze the market and predict the possible movements for a successful trade. However, traders should be alert and keep looking out for favorable opportunities in the market for smooth trade and earn profits from it. 


How can traders invest in the forex market using trade indicators provided by Investby?

A trader can easily invest with the Investby broker as it serves its clients with the best services. The online forex broker is regulated and has a proper license for trade. Moreover, it has a trading platform, MetaTrader4, which is best for forex trading. The trading platform is flexible and customizable for a trade. In addition, the broker has 30 plus indicators for the trade. 

Is PrimeFin broker suitable for the forex trade?

PrimeFin is a forex broker with the best trading platform and indicators for trading. The forex broker is, moreover, is regulated by the best authorities for secure trade and thus making it a legitimate broker. A trader can easily invest with the PrimeFin broker by simply opening a trading account that suits their needs of the trade. 


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