7 Best online Forex Trading classes

Best online Forex trading classes

Forex, also known as foreign exchange or forex or currency trading, is a global market that trades all the international currencies. The marketplace is decentralised. The FX market is the biggest and the most liquid. Its globally unique position is only bolstered because the daily trading volume is said to exceed $6 trillion. 

All the stock markets the world over pale in comparison. We invite you to take a closer look at learning FX trading. Several dedicated academies are providing amongst the best online forex trading classes.  Who knows: perhaps you have a latent passion for forex trading, just waiting to be kindled!

How to Trade Forex?

Firstly, you need a good bird’s eye view of the range of phenomena that Forex trading encompasses. There are terms, charts, worlds of analyses. Take a look at this Atlas first cursorily, then with devotion to detail.

Ally  yourself with a broker

You can hitch your fate to a stellar broker’s lode-star. Stay motivated to learn on the job. Take up a free demo account. Trade till you feel satiated. With virtual cash.

Demo account simulated trading will be like those chemistry lab exercises. Learn to compare theory and practice- where they converge, where they part ways. 

Open an account 

Forex trading opens up for you with a live account at a good broker’s. A mini/micro account would be an excellent choice. You would, that way, put only minimal money at stake. But the point of this move would be to acclimatise to the rarefied atmosphere of forex trading. Keeping the stakes low, but quite real – you will have that real shot at some real leaning.

At this point, your simulation training at the demo account has already given you the concordance/dissonance between theory and practice. With a micro account, those tenets play out practically. Thanks to some handful of handsome victories, you feel ready for a standard live trading account.

Your first silver account

Registering in order to begin trading with your first silver account is easy. You only need to give personal details in order for the broker to be able to verify your identity. Once your identity is verified as per verification documents, you can set your account password and answer a questionnaire. As soon as you receive confirmation from Capixal, you can make your first deposit and start trading. The first deposit could be just $20 (with Capixal).

Getting used to your trading platform

Intuitive and user-friendly, a good trading platform deploys MetaTrader4, in addition to web trading and mobile trading. The high performance of the MT4 platform has been attested to many times over. Signal and market functions give users access, enabling them to copy trade, analyse the market. Use technical indicators – besides expert advice. 

Your own trading goal and trading style

If you are of a seriously analytical bent of mind yourself, you will have little difficulty with regard to using tools and applications that aid your profit. If you have all relevant information that aids your trading activity, you will be able to identify a buying opportunity every other day. If your goal is to have the right trading results that let you have the best of the market, follow the example of traders who use them everyday (albeit complex) tools.

But for this, you will need a guiding hand for the initial stages.

Best Online Forex Trading Classes: Providers


FXlearnpro is our candidate for the top slot. Real-world traders are on the faculty, structuring tutorials and webinars. The school has the laudable aim of bettering the trading behaviour of the masses. 

What does FXlearnpro cost?

FXlearnpro offer is completely free for everyone. It aims to be amongst the providers of the best online forex trading classes.  Follow-up costs or fees for content on special topics will not be charged. 

Many other schools for Online Trading and training opportunities are very cost-intensive. Learning to trade with X is every bi your time’s worth. 

Beginners not neglected 

The FXlearnpro service is particularly appealing to laypeople who have not yet gained too much experience in the financial markets and online trading. Especially for beginners, the offer is therefore very comprehensive and far-reaching. Tradimo promises a “risk-free trading start” – thanks to the high-quality information, we consider this assurance to be realistic.

The online trading platform strives to offer beginners and professionals a comprehensive overview with much attractive learning content. Especially beginners, who have a fundamental interest in trading, can directly enter and actively train themselves. First basics are taught in such a way that laypeople do not need any prior knowledge. After the basic knowledge is consolidated, expert content deepens the all-around view of online trading. Lessons are typically finished with a small Quiz.

Variety is the spice of learning 

You cannot fail to be impressed by the abundance of courses FXlearnpro provides to users free of charge. In the end, you can decide for yourself how beginners want to learn how to trade. In addition to extensive “step-by-step learning guides”, you can also take part in one of the many courses. These are slickly designed, making you want to trade and bring information hard to the point actively. Tutorials, individual lessons and videos can also be used to train interested professional traders and experienced traders. All lessons are filled with information that constantly brings new aspects to the attention of long-time students.

Beginners should take a special look at the live webinars. 

For Pros and beginners alike 

Beginners often find it difficult to assemble their first own trading strategy and apply it in a promising way. If you prefer to enter the market with less risk, FXlearnpro’s free trading strategies are available. According to the company, these were developed by professional traders. For each strategy, there is further information and videos as well as seminars.

Beginners should start by looking at strategies that are clear and immediately implementable by beginners. Individual adjustments can then be made. To get a feel for the trading system, it is essential to make first trades only with demo account virtual money. If you feel confident in trading and are ready to enter the active trading business, you can then try out your trading strategy on the actual market.

Live trading, practical approach 

A great feature of FXlearnpro sessions is the regular Live trades. Students get to observe an experienced specialist in his trades on different markets. Tradimo uploads the content as videos after the live trading events. Beginners thus have the opportunity at any time to examine past events as they happened. Those who have just started learning to trade should not miss these highlights. Using live sessions, newcomers can quickly understand how the market works in practice and what to pay particular attention to.


The resources page of the academy’s website is an indicator of its ambitions. Given that this data has all been recently collated, we stop to marvel at the range envisioned. 

There are comprehensive sections separately on commodity trading, crypto trading, indices trading, forex trading guide for beginners, stock trading. More fields of investigations are in the pipeline. 

Courses offered 

The courses are detailed with practical inputs through the experience of brokerages of some repute. The practical side fleshes out the theory facet more than a bit. A holistic approach, therefore, informs the course structures. For starters, we have stock market 101, cryptocurrency mastery 101, forex trading guide 101. 

After ‘graduating ‘from each course, you get two certificates. The contributions of the globally active brokerages in the knowledge pool ensure that FXlearnpro is at the cutting edge of education dissemination. 


Udemy is recognisable because of its consistent image on social media, constantly lionised as the site for amongst the best online forex trading classes. The forex trading course material is in an easy-to-digest format that a weekend-long intensive study can do justice to. 


  •  Streamlined course structure, just exactly right for new traders;
  •  MT4 based real-life trade examples and cases; 
  • Terms and analysis methodologies in language beginners can understand. 

With Live examples of Forex Trading, Forex trading A-Z needs you to hand in $129.99 for lifetime access to comprehensive material. That’s five hours of videos, plus several useful articles. That’s 56 lectures altogether. This hard work has garnered positive reviews from numbers of students. 

Investopedia Academy 

Forex trading for Beginners by Investopedia Academy includes 60+ video lessons, live trade instances, and downloadable worksheets. 


  • Fundamentals of forex trading in 60+ video lessons;
  •  Lifetime access; 
  • Mentor is a CFA/CMT. 

You will begin by learning about trades analysis, market pattern reading, saving on trading costs. 

With $199 fees, the offering might seem a bit too expensive. However, considering the benefits accruing to students registered with the course, the offer is worth a try. The lecturer is a complete professional accredited with Investopedia. Although it’s a beginners’ course, the comprehensiveness ensures the student will build on rock solid foundations. 

Forex Signals.com   

The provider gives you access to pro mentors 24/7; there’s advanced learning material; Slack private trading community. 


Get questions answered by 

  • Pro mentors 24/7; 
  • Dedicated Slack community; 
  • Advanced forex training material.  

The course focuses on intermediate and advanced traders. By being part of the Slack community, you can develop even more insight into the training material. There’s a recurring membership that has to be renewed.

Whether the recurring membership is at all worth your while, you can ascertain through the week-long trial. Membership fees are calibrated at – $97/month, 297 for six months, 567/year. Only the annual membership gets you direct mentor access. 

Forex School Online 

Forex School Online presents the opportunity to read the material and watch lessons – for free. 


  •  Free course for beginners; 
  • Written content plus videos without the need to log in;
  •  Pdf downloads, calculators and tools available for free. 

You are guided through seven steps to grasp the fundamentals of forex trading. The site is apparently sponsored by a brokerage, though you are at no point cajoled into entering into business with that company. 

For the fact that it’s free, and there’s been a lot of work put behind it, there’s no doubt this is a great resource for beginners. It is the right launch pad for those wishing to sink their teeth into Forex trading learning and the best online forex trading classes. 

Platinum trading academy 

This provider concentrates on experienced traders. Hence the moniker ‘platinum’. 


  • There’s a bit of work to be put in for the experienced to become masterful Elites – the course helps you there;
  •  Dedicated mentor;
  •  Algo trading or any advanced strategy topic is fair game for learning. 

Two of the courses provided by the Academy are well suited for currency pair trading focus, as also r/r. Mentoring is one-on-one and heavy on your wallet. 

FX Academy 

FX Academy has the best credentials. Little wonder it can never be far from the top – where the best online forex reading classes are. 


  •  Free; 
  • Complete course; 
  • Comprehensive video library;
  •  Trading tools accessible. 

DailyForex.com, dedicated and authoritative since 2006, launched this academy. The course writers rank in the top echelons of traders. Not only all levels are covered, but the classes are also interactive as well. Self-paced courses allow students to study at their own pace. 

The Academy uses a proprietary tool, ‘Forex Strategy Simulations’, that assists students in understanding trading strategies. Students get to model on replicated market conditions to decide which might be best employed to enter a profitable position. 

If you can make the most of this free, comprehensive course without missing mentoring and a live trade room, that says a lot about your trading aptitude. 


Some schools are free, depending as they do upon sponsors. Some schools count on their students to dish out handsome sums to keep the flame of learning alive. Surprisingly, both types of academies excel in providing top-notch services. You are more resourceful if you go for a forex education provider that offers free education. Without the perks of mentor instruction and live trade sessions, the sting might be considered spartan.

But undoubtedly, free schools like FXlearnpro give great value for time. Near professionals with money to spare are right to seek out academies that offer advanced instruction and at a price. The final spurt from near-professional to Pro status brooks no obstacle. Fees do not discourage the mature FX learner. Altogether, the age and stage of development will have a say in you choosing your best online forex trading classes.

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