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breakout trading

This is the complete article on breakout trading, and it is beneficial for the traders to identify the breakout points. Also, discuss the pros and cons of breakout trading. Then, the trader read the full article that chose a reliable broker for trading like PrimeFin.

What is breakout trading?

A breakout is a security price movement beyond identified resistance or support level, which is generally caused by enormous volumes and increased volatility. The traders buy the security when the price breaks above a certain level of resistance or ceiling or sell when it breaks below a level of support or floor.

What are the pros of trading breakouts?

These are the main pros of breakout trading:

  • Easy to observe: The breakout trading is very easy to follow by the traders. And it is the best way to invest money in trading because it will minimise the risk of losing money in the market.
  • Know the entry and exit points: With the help of breakout in the charts, the trader knows when to enter and exit the market. The trader also helps to gain profit from these points.
  • All the platforms provide the chart: The breakout trading is easy to identify with the help, so charts and patterns and every single platform provide the charts for predicting the futures markets.
  • Trade management: Before investing the money in the market, the trader knows the entry and exit points, and the stop loss and profit target will be identified. 

What are the cons of trading breakouts?

  • Requires a lot of discipline: In breakout trading, the trader requires a lot of discipline for trading and requires quick decision traders who are informed and decide on the spot.
  • False breakout: If the trader identifies the false breakout point and invests the money according to their point of view, it will face a loss. Before investing the money in breakout trading, check all the aspects of the opportunity.
  • Slippage: If the trader finds out the breakout points for investing the money, but suddenly most of the investors sell their assets in the market, it will be a major disadvantage for the traders to drop down the asset’s market price.
  • Intraday breakout is not guaranteed: A breakout trading is not very successful in intraday trading because the investor holds the position for the same day (buying and selling the asset on the same day before closing the market). SO, it isn’t easy to gain profit intraday by using breakout. Moreover, the main reason for intraday breakout trading may take overnight or a few weeks to return to the traders.

What is the breakout trading strategy?

Every strategy is up to best depending on the trader used by them because every strategy has its qualities that the traders use to invest their money in the market.

These are the breakout trading strategies:

  • Intraday Breakout strategy: In the Intraday trading strategy, the trader has to buy and sell the securities within the same day, during the regular marketing hours. Intraday breakout trading is the same as swing trading or position trading. One of the major advantages of this strategy is that you could not be holding an asset for a longer time; you have to only enter and exit the market within the same day.
  • Forex Breakout strategy: The Forex market is the largest globally after that other market is considered like stock, commodity market, etc. And in forex trading, the trader can use breakout trading to invest their money in the currency market. It requires a lot of time to learn the trading in the forex market. 
  • Swing trading Breakout strategy: In swing trading breakout strategy, the trader holds the positions over a longer time (a few days to several weeks). It is the most common type of breakout strategy in the market which the traders use. Because traders focus is on the asset’s price and observes all the asset’s price movements in the market. According to the market situations, the swing traders plan to enter and exit the markets based on the support or resistance, trends, and pattern.
  • Range trading breakout strategy: Range trading includes trading around various vital levels, and the levels are analysed after a technical analysis. The length of trade depends on the strategy and the time period studied, which means it does not have any specific time frame. This trading strategy works well in the foreign exchange market. Traders can use market moves for better prediction.

How Does Breakout Trading Work?

Once you learn how to observe the breakout, the trader finds the entry and exit point of the trading. (the things will be identified after watching the chart patterns).

The trading plan is the most important thing in this trading because it includes an entry, exit strategy, and trading goals. It should cover all the things which are necessary while trading.

Powerful tips for breakout trading

  • Wait for the high volume: A trading volume is the best way to confirm a breakout. For example, the stock in your watch list has a low volume, then all of a sudden, you see a significant spike in volume (it is one of the great signs of a breakout). The higher volume is earning, the launch of a new product, good management skills, etc.
  • Build a watch list: It is essential to maintain a watch list by the traders to monitor the trading opportunities. With the help of the watch list, you can see the stocks breaking out, new highs of stocks, trading ridiculous volume every day; these are all the causes of determining the proper breakout.
  • Trade with the trend: According to the experts in trading, the trader always sticks to the plan that flows with the trend (especially if you are new in trading). Always focus on the breakout that goes in the direction of the market trend.
  • Set the limit: The trader gives time to learn the breakout trading. It is necessary to set the goals as well as the boundaries of the money for trading. The trader has to set the money limit in a volatile market and prepare the best trading plan.

What are the elements of the breakout?

A breakout is an uncertain condition on the charts; it may happen suddenly; the trader always focus on the charts and patterns to identify the breakout points:

  • Market participation: In terms of the breakout, the spike volume is the common characteristic. In turn, market participants are enticed to open various long and short positions in an attempt to profit from the perceived opportunity.
  • Volatility: The trader is increasing day by day in the market. It means the buying and selling of securities promote the unstable conditions of the market. As more volatility, it may increase the higher chance of a strong trend. 
  • Directional move in price: As you know, market participation is increasing day by day, which is why market volatility is so high. This is the main reason for a breakout because a breakout does not exist without the move in price. 

How to start breakout trading?

The trader has to follow a few steps to start the trading:

  • Initially, the trader has to apply online on the official website of the T1Markets and fill the application forms in which the trader fills the information related to the traders.
  • Fill the questionnaire that is related to the trading goals and plans.
  • Then, the trader has to verify the document with the government ID card.
  • In the last, deposit the initial amount of money into the trading account that is $250.
  • But practice the trading on the demo account, then invest the actual money in trading.

How to identify a breakout?

The traders can identify the breakout with the help of the indicators and tools. Here is the list that is helpful for the traders:

  • Support or resistance: Support and resistance are the key points of breakout trading (in other words, it must be considered before investing money in breakout trading). If an asset continually tests and breaks resistance or support levels, the trader has a good chance of breaking out.
  • Charts Patterns: The chart pattern helps identify the future market price and the newt moves of the assets. Flags and Patterns and a candlestick chart are more used to identify the breakout points.  
  • Volume: Volume plays a significant role in identifying the breakout; if the volume is high in the market, then it will indicate the potential breakout, and if the volume is less, then it indicates the less likely to breakout.
  • Volatility: Volatility has advantages or disadvantages because the stock market is the most volatile in nature. It is essential to choose a great trading platform for breakout trading. 
  • New High: As you know, every day, it continues to make new records through hikes in prices; if a stock passes a previously high price, then it is difficult to make another price high or a new resistance level.

Which is the best broker for breakout trading?


It is sanctioned and approved by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (FSA). It is the brand name of Caps Solution Ltd, and also it is a member of the Investor Compensation Funds (ICF). The platform provides the three types of accounts for trading such as silver, gold, and platinum accounts. The address of the PrimeFin broker is Almack House 26-28 King Street, London, England.

The trader can trade in 350+ CFDs instruments on assets such as cryptocurrency, stocks, metals, indices, commodities, and forex. It is the number one platform in trading because of the features and services of the broker.


It was founded in 2020 and is regulated and approved by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The brokerage company offers 250+ CFDs instruments on various assets like forex, stocks, cryptocurrency, commodity and metals. In addition, the broker uses the MT4 platform for trading through mobile trading, web traders. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, it is very easy to identify the breakout points, but investing money in trading is not easy. So the trader should be careful to invest the money in breakout trading.


Which time frame is best for breakout trading?

The best time frame is to wait for the higher volume to confirm a breakout in which the trader has to see the period of low trading volume before a to see a higher volume. The volume moving average helps to highlight the volume differences.

What is a breakout trader?

A breakout trader is an investor who uses the breakout strategy.

Is breakout trading profitable?

A breakout trading is profitable if the trader uses the strategy correctly while trading. But, first, the trader must know how to identify the breakouts that occur in the market. The best example of breakout where it occurs is support and resistance levels.

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