Forex vs Binary

Forex vs Binary

The financial market has several options to invest the capital but deciding on which to trade is a query most of the investors face. There are currency markets, stocks, metals, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and many instruments that make trade attractive and a good source of income. But with the article, readers will get introduced to forex and binary trading. 

The comparison of the two trading instruments, forex vs binary, will give a detailed analysis of the working and trading that helps earn money from the investments. The two trading options have similarities and differences, which are insightful for an investor. If the traders are confused between what and how to trade the two, they will end up losing. 

Therefore, the article will focus on the main aspects of forex and binary trading. A helpful trading source for getting informed and making the right decisions of financial trading. So, let’s get started and study the two trading factors of the market. 

Binary Options

An exotic financial trading option of the market is a binary option, where traders have a payoff of either a fixed monetary amount or nothing else. The popularity of binary options has increased over the years, and traders have been thinking of it as a great option to invest. But, that does not make it suitable for all. Traders and investors have to study the binary options, market, and other factors impacting the trade. 

The binary options are traded in various forms; they could be in stocks, currencies, commodities, or other assets. Traders invest in the increase and decrease of the prices of the assets, that is, the speculation on the prices of the assets within a fixed time period. 

Traders of binary options have to make the prediction of the change, and they can earn the desired profit if their prediction is correct. So, the trade of binary options is risky as traders have to be sure of their market understanding and confidence in the result. However, if the forecast of change is wrong, traders will lose the initial investment made. 

In short, binary options trading only allows investors to forecast if the price will go up or down and not by how much. The trading of the instruments with binary option has the following points to be considered: 

  • No leverage potential 
  • Traded only during normal trading hours 
  • The trade expiry time is selected up front 
  • Profit/loss of the trade are up front 
  • A binary trade is available for various ranges of assets or securities 

Forex Market

The forex market is a whole trading system in itself, as traders can even use currencies for the binary trade. The foreign exchange market is the currency trading of various countries to make a profit. Investors buy and sell the currencies online as the market works globally through the OTC and interbank systems. 

In a 24 hours market, currency trading does not allow trade via exchange. Investors can either use the over-the-counter (OTC) market where they can privately invest or through brokers such as ABInvesting. Other than this, the interbank system is for those investors who prefer trading via banks. 

The banks trade on behalf of the investors or can even trade for themselves. In both, the trading currency pairs are bought and sold. However, the forex market is volatile and offers ample opportunities for traders. The high liquidity also makes the trade more convenient as it is readily available in cash. 

Forex market traders can invest in currencies in various forms like spot market, options, futures market, and forward market. They can select the one that fulfills their needs and make it a great source for earning. 

Moreover, the currency pairs of the market are divided into three categories; major, minor, and exotic. The major currency pairs are those that have high market demand and are worth like EUR/USD. Minor currency pairs are the ones that have low market value, such as GBP/AUD and the exotic currency pairs are of the developing countries like EUR/TRY, etc. 

The forex market has a high trade volume and attracts lots of investors on a daily basis. Currently, the market has a trading volume of 5.2 trillion making it the largest financial market. Investors can, therefore, trade in binary options with the forex market through brokers or whatever system suits them. 

Key points of the forex market are: 

  • No profit/loss limits 
  • Forex market trade does not have a fixed set of the expiry date
  • Less diverse than the binary options
  • 24 hours trading is available 
  • Traders can have high leverage with forex 

Forex vs Binary

Forex vs binary has both the factors of similarities and differences; it necessarily does not focus on the one segment of the trading. With the paragraph, traders will understand what makes the two different and similar at the same time. This will give a wider view of the two segments of the financial market and how investors can make a trade decision between the two. 

Differences between the Forex and Binary Options

The two trading tools are discussed below with the points of difference that make them unique and different from one another. Let’s know the two trading options better: 


The two financial market investments are available globally for trade, although they have different timings that differentiate them. First, if we talk about the forex market, then it is available 24 hours and 5 days a week. Traders can therefore invest in the market overnight and enjoy the benefits of the market whenever they want. In addition, traders can have news and updates of the trade 24 hours and are connected with the world of investing. 

Thus, in the forex market, trading traders have 24 hours market opportunities, have unlimited functions to perform, and make most of the trade. 

On the other hand, the binary options market is a speculative trade; therefore, it operates for a set time period. Trading is when the underlying asset is open in the market place for investment. Thus, binary trading has standard trading hours. 

Timings of Trade

The duration of the trade is also different for the two market investments. In binary options, traders have to select an expiry time period ranging from minutes to hours depending on the trader’s choice and market conditions. However, traders can extend the timings of the trade of binary options if they feel there are going to be higher market returns. In addition, the brokers also provide the facility of trading in binary. 

In contrast, the forex market is not bound by the time traders can enter and exit the trade whenever they feel like it. However, a trader cannot exit the trade during weekends as the market is closed. 


The forex market is highly volatile, which is a specialty and a risk factor of the market. The market changes, or better to say, the price fluctuations of the currencies, are due to the volatility. Traders have to, therefore, keep themselves updated about the happenings of the environment and news, etc., to make correct decisions. 

In binary options trading, the impact of volatility is nil. In the trade of binary options, the investors speculate on the prices of the instruments, and thus, if the prediction of the investor is correct, they will not be affected by the sudden market fluctuations. 


The forex market has the option of trading in various currency pairs; it could be major, minor, or exotic, whichever the traders want to invest in. Whereas binary options have a wide range of trading options. Investors can have diversity in their portfolios with binary trading. They can invest in stocks, forex, commodities, indices, metals, cryptos, etc. 


The leverage is the facility that is offered by the brokers online for the trade at high market positions. An investor looks for this service with the broker for good market opening and having high profits. However, the risks with leverage are also high; therefore, traders should use it carefully and be confident about their trade. 

Forex market trading has leverage trading, but with binary options, traders cannot use leverage. So, traders have more benefit with the forex trade than the binary options. The maximum leverage of brokers differs from one other, but most brokers have the leverage of 1:500 for the trade of professionals and 1:30 for retail traders. 

Risk and Reward

The rewards on binary and forex trading are different as the two have markets and opportunities that differ from one another. The binary options have an appealing trade as the investors already know the maximum profit or loss they are going to incur. While the forex traders have volatility which does not make it specific for traders what profit they will earn. 

The binary options have a profit percentage of 60 to 80 percent, whereas, in forex trading, investors can have 200 percent gains on their investment if the traders are professionals and know the market well to invest. 

Risks of the trade with both the markets are different due to their trading ways and availability. In forex market trading, the risks are high as the market is volatile and liquid, but with binary trading, risks are low as there’s no volatility. Traders of the currency market have to trade on the prices of currencies and how much they will move, which makes it quite complicated for trade. 

Thus, the risks are unknown, with forex trade and binary options having low risks comparatively. 

Similarities of Forex vs Binary

With the above paragraph, traders have known the differences, but the two also share some similarities, which make them alike for the trade. Below listed are the similarities of forex and binary options: 

  • Both are traded online 
  • The trading in both could be for 24/5 hours if the binary option is traded in currencies
  • Both have fees of trading in different forms 
  • Traders can invest in the two through online brokers 
  • Market fluctuations have an impact on both; however, in different ratios 

Factors to Consider

In the trade of forex and binary options, investors can consider some factors which will give better trade analysis and support in deciding which will help them achieve the desired goals. 


The chances of profitability are higher with forex trading than the binary options. Investors can use leverage and volatility to get higher profits from the trade of currency pairs. In binary trading, volatility and leverage are not used, which thus defines the profit/loss in advance. So, the gains of binary options are less.


The control on trade is not possible, but with the binary options, traders have an idea of earnings or loss, if any. There are less chances of such facility or control with the forex trade. Investors cannot predict the change as they are sudden and could have huge losses for the market predictor. 

Hence, forex traders do not have control over the market. 


The fees of trading are applicable in both market segments. In forex trading, there are commissions and spreads which are charged by the brokers. In binary options, traders have a payout. Therefore, traders should choose a broker with good market research. 

Broker to Choose

ABInvesting is the best market broker that has primary and advanced services to aid investors. The broker is regulated and reputed, which makes it a good investment choice along with such advanced services. It works under the brand name of Hub Investments Ltd. and is authorised by the Financial Services Commission Authority (FSC). 

In addition, the broker has trading platforms MetaTrader4, Webtrader, and Mobile app, which make it convenient for traders to monitor the market, execute orders, invest in various instruments, have pending orders, indicators, technical and fundamental analysis tools, etc. These all add up to make it the best forex broker having CFDs also to trade.

ABInvesting was introduced in 2021, and within the year, it has attracted many investors. Hence, making it a good choice to trade and earn profits. 


Investing in the market is up to the choice of the investors; they can select forex or binary, whichever gets them closer to their goals. However, in all, these traders should focus on the risks of the trade instrument. The appetite for risk is different for investors, and investing in the one which will give them higher profits should be the choice. 

The forex market has volatility and liquidity that makes higher chances of profits but has risks as well. On the other hand, binary options have low risk, but gains comparatively are less than the forex market. So, it is up to the traders what they prefer to invest with. 

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