How to Buy Stocks? Beginners Guide

How to Buy Stocks

How to buy stocks? How to start investing in the stock market? Buying stock is not as hard as it seems. All you need to do is do some research. The traders also need to learn the slang that the market moves around.

First, traders need to open a brokerage account, which typically takes less than 15 minutes. After that, as you follow the steps, the broker asks you to, and there, you have a trading account. You can then follow the steps provided in the trading platform to start trading right away!

Trading doesn’t sound hard; eventually, a lot of people find trading stocks a hard thing to do. The best way to deal with hardships is to break the whole task down into small parts, baby steps. Now that you know what you initially need to begin trading let us move a little forward with the game.

How to Buy Stocks: Choose Right Broker

How to buy stocks? The fastest way someone can buy stocks is to buy them via an online stockbroker. After opening and funding your account, you can surf the brokerage firm’s website and choose the best stock for you. This will be a matter of minutes if you have already done a bit of market research. Traders can also opt to buy the same stock from the company itself.

You can compare the best online brokers 

Opening a standard brokerage account is as simple as opening a bank account. You fill an application form, provide proof of identity and choose to fund the account electronically or not, and that’s it.

The broker is like a bridge between the market and the trader. It is not just about how many people trade stocks and how many people trade in currency pairs. The success ratio comes out to be lanced when the broker has a clear and transparent relationship with the traders.

Research the Stock Market:

Once the account is set up and funded, It is time to pick that particular stock which you think can multiply the money you invest in stock trading. The initial radius for this hunt can be companies that you already know well enough as a customer.

Always remember, for one correct stock, there is one accurate piece of information but at least 30 different pieces of information that are nothing but garbage. So you cannot let the presence of so much data come in between your research and dishearten you. To reduce the hunting radius, you need to focus on the companies you see as potential ownership asset.

One of the greatest investors ever, Warren Buffet, has always said, “Buy into a company because you want to own it, not because you want the stock to go up”. We all know how Warren Buffet turned out to be, don’t we?

So after you have identified the companies you want to invest in, it is time for some more research. Investing in stocks is always about the right amount of research. Individual stocks have a different timeline. The companies listed on any stock exchange will always send an annual letter to the shareholders. This is what you need to be focused on, the annual letter sent out by the company management. This letter will give. Give you an idea of what is happening inside the company with respect to its supposed business.

To properly invest in stocks, traders need to be researchers first. Only then trading stocks can bear fruit to them. The stock market behaves abruptly if you don’t have adequate information.

It is like a car that breaks down again and again. That is not because the vehicle is at fault, but because you are shifting it to the third gear right away.

How to Buy Stocks: Get a Number for Trading Stocks

The traders should not be even 1% worried about how many stocks they should buy. The capital should not be blown up in individual stocks as well, but there shall be no compliance when it comes to choosing the right number for trading stocks.

One should always begin small. Perhaps you should buy just one share to get that feeling, what is it like to own a company’s stock, whether you can move in the market with that stock or not. Everyone takes their own time and pace before they move into the leagues of advanced traders. Always remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes more than a decent amount of time to make the best traders.

Novice retail investors might want to look at the possibilities of owning the fractional shares of firms. These are new trading instruments that the brokers offer, but they are equally effective.

The true essence of financial success does not lie in the suitable financial instruments but in how the trader uses those instruments. You cannot drive an F1 car on the road just to get from back and forth, right? That is precisely how good brokerage services work. You might have them, but you might just not be able to use them right. You can always research the market to generate audience insights.

How to Buy Stocks: Know your Order Type

There are a lot of different order types; you need to know them before you execute your market orders. A lot of traders lose money when they trade because they invest somewhere, and it educates them somewhere else. All because they did not pay attention to the fact that what is their order type.

Knowing the order type also exposes how much risk the trader is exposed to. Simple orders like buy and sell have a lower risk, while more complex orders like the ones that execute exchange-traded funds or index funds are the ones that can create havoc if not handled carefully. It is the trader’s job to trade in these instruments at their own risk. Knowing the orders also tells the trader possible trading costs for an ideal online trading session.

Let us read more about some of the order types:

Market orders:

These orders are best for investors that are looking at holding their assets, the long gamers. These people are not much into day trading and want to invest in shares for an extended period of time. These are also big financial institutions that support their money in a goods stock for a good period of time. The long gamers look at these stocks like investment vehicles or a way for their money to make money for them. They measure the content performance of the stock and then make their market orders.

While making market orders, one thing to remember is that if you place an order when the market is not active, then that order will be placed the next day when the market opens. The order will be placed with the pre-existing price.

The traders have to correctly apply market research when they buy or sell shares, both. While wandering in the financial markets, traders need to confirm their status about the trade execution disclaimer. What happens is, a lot of brokers will wait until there is a specific number of bulk orders received from the traders. Then they will pick one specific day or a specific time per-trading day to execute all those orders at once. This is something that should be of legitimate interest to the broker.

Limit orders:

There is no guarantee that your limit order will be executed partially or completely; limit orders come with the delivery of the limit price promised. These types of orders are always executed on an FCFS basis or the first-come, first serves basis. They are always at a secondary level at the hierarchy level of execution, primarily being the market orders and that too with a stock-price condition that should always be in the broker’s favour.

The limit orders can always render the initial deposit as they can cost more in terms of commission. There is also a chance that your limit order is being executed in parts. That means that you are being charged a transaction fee on each day when there is a transaction being made. Suppose the stock price plummets before reaching your speculated level of the limit order by the time it expires. In that case, there is a Goliath probability that your trade won’t even be executed. In terms of research, this is exactly what you want to extract from the web.  Minuscule but crucial information.

Portfolio Management:

Each investment advisor giving out genuine investment advice hopes that when the client buys their first stock, it brings them a joy to initiate a journey that they will perhaps venture on, forever. But there are times when things are not looking at their best, and it happens to the best of us, even Warren Buffet. Everyone has seen their fair share of dark days.

The game is not about never wandering off the light, but to be able to light a lamp in the darkest of hours and come out stronger from a long term point of view. You can never control how the market moves, but you can always maintain that you are consistently profitable. Once you have practised enough to purchase the stocks, you can always take some time out to look at different parts of the market.

Can invest in mutual funds change the game? What else, apart from the brokerage account, can amplify your success story? Opening a brokerage account, looking at the past performance of one company, looking out for stable companies and things like looking out for tax benefits are literally just the beginning. There is so much else to look at and grow.

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How to Buy Stocks: Final Thought

These are some basic and simple steps on how to buy stocks. To keep things short, look for an excellent online broker and then begin trading after you had researched well enough before you chose your broker. Always make sure you know what you are putting yourself into before you sit and start trading. To get to that level, you must research and research more.

Traders are generally unaware of the educational material that the brokers provide under their own research section. You can always make use of that, or you can always use the internet to gain the knowledge that is supposed to be there. There is nothing worse than a less researched trader that thinks he or she has researched everything. Like the doctors always have to study, traders always have to research, and that research is always constant. Never defer from research.

Apart from this, always choose your broker wisely. You never know what difference a right broker can make for you. There are chances where the brokers charge you a lot for the things that you don’t even know exist. There can be inactivity that the broker might be charging when you are not trading for a week, or there can be a commission that the broker is taking from the traders and not telling them. There are also recorded instances where the brokers collected some money, and when they reached a threshold, they were never seen or heard of again.

Trade traditionally more and less on complex trading instruments like CFDs. CFDs are complex trading instruments that the brokers want the traders to purchase because there is a 90% chance that the novice will make a mistake while executing the first trade itself.

Last but not the least, always trade, not the calculations and never on the gut. The traders should never forget that it wasn’t trading on emotions that put food on the table, but it was the correct decisions at the right time that earned them their bread.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the difference between exchange-traded funds and mutual funds?

Mutual funds may be subject to a minimum investment. ETFs, on the other hand, are more liquid and more tax-efficient than mutual funds. This can be good for retail investors who are looking at building their balance over the longer term. However, the traders are advised that they actively scan device characteristics before they put their money into anything randomly.

Do I need to look at different companies before I put my money into one?

Yes, there should be vigorous research done before the trader dives into buying the stocks of a firm. There are chances that you are being scammed by a penny stock or a scam broker. Always look at being consistent in the market, not just on making timely trades, but also from a research perspective.

Is technical analysis really that important?

Any type of analysis is suitable for trade, be it fundamental or technical. Sometimes the correct analysis can tell you the precise geolocation data that might be of use while you trade in currency pairs. The whole idea is to use some of the technical and some of the fundamental analysis to be extra sure about the entry and exit positions. While fundamental analysis is limited to ten, maybe 12 parameters, technical analysis is spread across a lot of different parameters like candlestick patterns, Fibonacci series etc., to name a few.

Should I be Trading on Margin?

Margin trading is all about making trades and borrowing money simultaneously, and we all know that borrowing capital from the brokerage firm itself can be of chaotic harm. Try to avoid such situations where you have to margin trade.

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