Learn Forex Trading with Capixal

Learn Forex Trading with Capixal

Trading in the forex market is adventurous due to its unpredictable nature. It provides options of scalping, hedging and leverage to everyone.  If you have hots for investing in the biggest financial markets, then Capixal broker can be one of the best choices. There are reasons supporting it. So, if you are looking forward to trading with the brokerage firm, then the following queries can help you regarding the broker. 

Before everything, you should make up your mind regarding entering the market of hopes and fluctuations. Also, Capixal is one broker that lets you enjoy trading by offering a variety of deals and techniques. 

How to open an account with Capixal?

Account opening is the most important process for a trader before diving into the uncharted waters of forex trading. Especially for novice traders who do not have any prior experience in the trading market. They need to put all their perspective into one place and decide to accept all terms and conditions required to create an account. Here are the steps for Capixal:- 

For opening an account, you click on the open account button. One can find it on the home page on the extreme right at the top. There are three types of accounts that the broker offers to its clients. They precisely are Gold, Silver and Platinum. These are tailored to assist every market player. The broker offers more than sixty analytical tools for making trading smooth. You can make your decisions easily using them. Also, you get the chance to trade forex through CFDs. Thus, the market for trading widens further. 

Plus, the advanced trading terminals are like a cherry on the cake when you open an account. So, whatever deems fit your needs and capabilities, get that account and start trading. 

After slipping into the next page, you’ll see the following steps:- 

Step 1 

Visit the official website of Capixal www.capixal.com and follow the simple steps. A budding trader should look carefully and fill in the following details.

  • Write the first name 
  • Mention the last name
  • Scribe down the email address for confirmation and receiving important emails from the broker
  • Write the country code followed by your legitimate phone number
  • Protect it by a password including numbers and alphabets
  • It is essential that you go through the entire privacy polity, risk disclosure and terms and conditions pages. One should know what you are agreeing to before signing into a trading account. You should place a tick over the 18 plus mark only after agreeing to all what the broker writes. 
  • Along with that, after being fully satisfied, provide a tick for receiving a regular update, information and news related to forex trading.
  • Now, it is time to hop over the next step. 

Step 2  

You need to project and provide some essential information to the broker for better performance, which remains confidential. That’s the guarantee the broker offers its clients. 

  • The brokerage firm asks for some personal information
  • Offer them the details. 
  • The broker accepts them instantly. Give your consent.
  • Move on to the next step

Step 3

The questionnaire is a crucial step. It lets the broker know you better and formulate services accordingly. 

  • Answer the set of questions put up by the broker
  • Take your time and answer them carefully
  • Provide replies genuinely

Step 4 

For moving ahead, you need to substantiate your information. That is possible by providing all your documents asked by the broker.

  • You can offer a driving license, address proof, passport, telephone bill
  • Bank details may also be important in these regards
  • Cooperate with the broker for the further assistance

Step 5

You need to commit to your trading will and deposit money.

  • Choose any method for depositing your funds
  • Decide how much you wish to deposit initially
  • Ensure you are not giving in a lot of money
  • Deposit funds
  • Enjoy trading

PS:- You can start your proceedings using the demo account offered by the trading platform. 

How to get a demo account with Capixal? 

 It is a decision initiated by a trader after creating an account with the broker. You get an option to trade in the live account or practice for some days with a demo one. If you’ve got yourself ready, then it is okay to go live. However, if there’s an iota of doubt about the functioning of the market or platforms, try your hands with the demo account. It will help you get the better of the market as well as the broker. 

You can find all similarities between a demo account and a live account. However, you get the facility for thirty days, which is enough for learning and getting your hands over the market. Once the situation is achieved, you can go on the live trading scenario and invest your money. There’s nothing that a trader cannot do. The experience on the demo account teaches you to be on your toes and fearless while you invest your money.

Also, you learn from your mistakes here and avert them committing in the real market. That’

Also, while you use a demo account, you are offered similar tools, signals, indicators, and virtual money to invest. The funds provided to you never cease to exist. Thus, you can apply as many strategies as you want and enjoy trading. That’s the biggest advantage and reason to pick it before opting for any account, including Silver, Gold and Platinum. 

Moreover, you can choose the environment of any of the accounts you want to prefer in live trading. Hence, you can know how it works in the longer run. The demo account challenges you with real market hazards and develops your skills. Once you are accustomed mentally, it is great to try them in a live one. 

How to use charts with Capixal? 

The broker uses the world-class platform MetaTrader4 or MT4, which is known to offer some of the finest trading charts and tools. Thus, when a trader utilises the platform, the rest of the things are taken care of by the software. 

For trading in the forex market, the broker is rendering the best charts for facilitating traders. Primarily, there are three types of charts that are helping market players to place their bids to the best effect. 

  • Candlestick chart
  • Line chart 
  • Bar chart

Line chart:- For quickly determing the trend and movement of the forex market, this chart is spot on and helps you guess the best outcome quickly. The close or the current price graph is carved here. However, it should not be used for placing stop-loss in the market or for taking profit orders. 

Candlestick chart:-  A candlestick chart defines and determines the next level of trading. Also, it adds colours that help in understanding the market better. It depicts the area of the bar lying between the close and the open dimensions. Candlesticks are comprised of a certain body representing the distinction between open and closed prices. 

An up candlestick happens when the close price is bigger than the open. And down candlestick occurs when it is lower. The thin lines extending beyond the body are called wicks. 

Bar chart:- The creation of the chart happens through bars. Each bar has a high and a low. The right side of the line represents the opening price, while the left side one closing. Different colours can be utilised to determine the price, defining the understanding of a trader. 

How to use leverage in funds for Capixal? 

The broker is offering 1:30 leverage for all retail forex traders. However, if you are a professional trader, then you have the luxury of utilising 1:500 of forex leverage. It opens the doors of investing your money and get immense returns if everything goes as per the planning. Thus, the advantage is huge and in favour of the market player. 

For using leverage with Capixal, you need to predict the market with the help of tools and bars offered by the broker. It comes with a sublime touch and enhances trading. 

How to deposit funds in Capixal’s account? 

For depositing funds in the account, a trader first needs to register with the broker. That’s the first thing that comes to mind. There are several channels that a trader can use for justifying safe deposits. If you ready to plunge into the flexible and uncertain market of the forex, then the risk is worth taking. 

Use mastercard, maestro card, visa card, VPay, Skrill, Neteller, bank wire transfers and other methods for depositing funds. They all are protected by SSL. Thus, there are no worries of money getting theft at any point. That’s the biggest advantage traders have these days.

How to contact customer support of Capixal? 

Contacting the Capixal broker is a cakewalk for all clients. You can get in touch with executives at your convenience and time. The broker offers multiple methods where you can get your issues resolved. Some of them include live chat, phone number, email address and correspondence. 

You have to use any of the methods. The phone number is open for a specific time. However, when you call from Monday to Friday, between 8 AM to 5 PM GMT, you get the best advice from the executives. 

Moreover, email address and live chat are available all the time. You can contact them and seek answers by providing your little information. Through correspondence, you can seek replies from the highest authority. Furthermore, their reply is quick. 

What is the procedure to withdraw funds from a trading account of Capixal?

For withdrawing funds, you need to be sure about the terms and conditions of the broker. However, you can understand it in easy steps. Once you place the request, your money would be handed over to your account in a matter of few hours to days. 

  • Before withdrawing your funds, inform the customer support department in this regards.
  •  Give the correct account name of the beneficiary in which you want the amount of refunded funds.
  • The withdrawal amount should be equal or lesser than the account balance
  • If there are open position, then the free level margin should be above 100 per cent. 
  • Even after the withdrawal is processed, the margin level should be above 100 per cent. 
  • There cannot be any hedged positions. 
  • Entire details of the ways used to deposit funds, including credit card, debit card, and bank details.
  • Entire details regarding the withdrawal process, likewise the depositing ones


If you are a forex trader with Capixal, it is entirely your pleasure to be with the broker. It is tailormade for all types of situations and readily assists you from the word go. The broker has immense features and guides you to navigate the tough waters of the foreign currency exchange. Moreover, you get regular updates and information as you trade in the market. 

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