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Investlite saw the face of the market in 2020. The year that shook the world. Well, so did this broker. Here, we are going to talk about a broker that has been in the market for far less time but has managed to obliterate its competition. 

Since day one, InvestLite has been serving its customers with legitimacy and has ensured that the level of expertise that the trader holds is not in the picture when it comes to serving them. The broker, without discrimination, has been serving its brokers like that ever since.

InvestLite, from a broker’s Point of view, is wholly straightforward and clear enough. These spaces where the broker maintains full transparency are usually skipped from a scam broker’s end. There are specific areas where the brokers want to practice cost-cutting but not InvestLite. The broker has spent wisely enough, and it shows.

When it comes to educational material, the broker offers more than 8 different types of educational material, and each one of them, single-handedly, provides a plethora of information to the trader. 

However, the internet is also capable of providing trading when everything. Let us read more about the broker and understand what it has to offer to its clients. 

How to open an account with InvestLite:

Each account that the broker offers comes with a variety of benefits. For example, the broker extends full support to any trader who wants to operate one of the accounts as Islamic swap-free accounts. Holders of the platinum and the gold account also receive the services of webinars and dedicated account managers. They also provide other top-notch services like a free private server as well as news alerts. 

  1. To open an account with the broker, the traders simply have to click on the ‘open account’ tab on the homepage of the website www.investlite.com. This will lead the traders to an online registration form.
  2.  After this, the traders have to provide their personal details like Phone, passwords, Emails etc. 

The whole process follows a top-down approach, and traders can easily follow that. 

The users have to provide the proofs of different documents they are sharing. 

The account types are not very large in number, and every piece of information that can lead to a trader making profits is paid special attention to. The broker InvestLite is bent on making trading a blissful experience for the traders. 

The broker offers three different accounts for trading. The silver account, the gold account, and the platinum account are subject to different leverage.

How to get a demo account with the broker InvestLite?

The demo account is provided to the trader within seven days of opening the account. This demo account will work on the MT4 platform, which is the standard trading platform of the broker. The traders can enjoy demo trading services for a total of 30 days. Below are a few screenshots of the metatrader4 demo trading platform.

How to get a demo account with the broker InvestLite?

The right section of the screen is a 6-day chart of the currency pair EUR/USD. The platform provides the option to refine this chart as the trader requires.

This snapshot explains the feature with which the traders can convert this chart into different formats. The default orientation is set to a line chart. The technical traders prefer a candlestick chart over the other two because it refines the Trade-trajectory on a graph level. 

How to get a demo account with the broker InvestLite?

Candlestick patterns help in identifying different price levels at which the traders can buy or sell and also look for their next step. 

The one Click trading option asks the traders that they accept the terms and conditions and explains to them what one-click trading is.

The traders can learn how to use the MT4 Trading platform either by downloading the app or visiting the website. Another and more systematic way would be first getting registered with investlite and then get unrestricted access to the platform and the services it offers. 

To keep in mind, while the traders begin demo trading, the platform offers 100,000 units of bot currency. When traders actually trade in real life, they generally begin with an amount less than that. AS they say, never trade with the money you cannot afford to lose. 100,000 as spare money is a rare occurrence.

Use the demo money as if you were really trading. Make trades accordingly. Don’t go crazy with the money there. If that habit develops, then it can be lethal for you when you begin trading. 

How to use a chart with the broker InvestLite:

The platform offered by the broker is MetaTrader 4. The previous snapshots already include the functionality that helps the trader to shuffle between chart types. The different charts can be applied for different uses. 

Let us have a look at the candlestick chart and some other charts as well. The attached image here shows the candlestick chart for the currency pair EUR/USD. This chart is useful for day traders who are trading intraday. Different candlestick patterns tell different things to the traders like when to sell, when to buy etc. The traders can also use different indicators on their chart. 

In the shared screen, the traders can see the ask price line, the trade levels etc.

How to use a chart with the broker InvestLite

This snapshot shows the line chart, and as it is clearly visible, not much about the currency pair’s price movement can be seen. Here also, the above-mentioned indicators are checked, and the traders can use them as per convenience.

Investlite Chart

How to use leverage in funds with InvestLite?

The broker offers different leverage for different assets and different account types as well.

  1. Silver account: 1:200 
  2. Gold account: 1:400
  3. Platinum account 1:500

Below is a list of all the assets with their provided leverage:

  1. Stocks: 1:10
  2. Commodities 1:25
  3. Metals: 1:25
  4. Indices: 1:25
  5. Forex 1:500
  6. Cryptocurrencies 1:2

Here, 1:10, for example, means that the trader can operate a market that is 10 times the initial deposit he or she has deposited. Similarly, the leverage of 1:500 means that the trader can control the market that is 500 times the worth of the initial deposit he or she has given in.

 Although leverage is a complex and risky trading instrument, the traders are at high risk of losing money if they trade on leverage in their first few trades. Leverage. Cfds., future contracts etc., all of them are risky and complex trading instruments. Traders should trade carefully when they are playing with these.

How to contact InvestLite customer support?

The traders can contact customer support five days a week for 9 hours. The traders can reach the broker via phone, email and an online form. The live chat option can be accessed directly from the homepage. This connects the customer to an agent.

What is the procedure to withdraw funds from InvestLite?

InvestLite provides the users with multiple options for depositing and withdrawing funds. The traders can withdraw or deposit their funds via debit and credit cards, with an additional option of wire transfer from the banks. 

The trader can withdraw and deposit funds after he or she has logged in to the client portal area of the broker, as shown below:

  1.  Traders have to submit their withdrawal requests online and a piece of full information has to be provided as to who is asking for the money to be taken out. 
  2. The requests are then processed from the broker’s end within 7 business days. 
  3. These queries will be fulfilled to the name that is also associated with the trading account. 
  4. The profits made can be withdrawn only via a bank transfer. There may be some cases where there can be some fee charged in case of inactivity from the user’s end. 


Bottom Line:

The broker seems to be completely regulated, and it can be seen that the provided platform is good enough for the trader. We have, in this article, discussed some of the most important questions that traders generally ask. 

The account opening process of the broker is quite simple, and the demo account is readily provided to the trader. The charting that the platform offers is one of the best in the game and is majorly beneficial for forex traders.

We recommend InvestLite for the novice as well as advanced traders. 

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