Scalping Trading Strategies 2021: Best Guide for Beginners

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This is the entire article on scalping trading. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of trading and are helpful for the investor to select the best broker in the market. We discuss all the terminology of the trading which is essential to understand by the investors. 

What is scalp trading?

Scalping is a trading strategy that focuses on small price changes to gain profit from the trading. The traders who trade in scalping hold the position for a second or a maximum for a minute. Scalping is the only one in which the trader takes the high-risk. Fx’s market purpose is to make a lot of trade with smaller profit gains. The smaller moves of the price are more frequent as compared to the higher moves in price. The only trading loses funds when trading is against the bid.


  • Scalping trading is the day trading in which the investor has to buy and sell the assets on the same day (because the scalping trader invests the funds on multiple trades).
  • The main goal of the scalp investor is to make a little profit on multiple trades.
  • The most effective scalpers read and interpret the short term charts. The investor of the scalping trading must be required for fast decision making.

What are the advantages of scalping?

  • Less risk – If the investor knows the pattern of price change, it will be beneficial for scalping trading to gain profit quickly. The scalping trading has a very tight procedure to take the leverages.  
  • Easy to operate- The investor can easily use the automatic trading system because they usually work on a series of technical criteria, which is calculated automatically. 
  • Up or down market – In the market, the currency’s price is often up or down; in scalping trading, the investor can create the opportunity in both the market to gain profit. It is the only market where the investor can make a profit from both sides.

What are the disadvantages of scalping?

  • High cost of the transaction- In scalping trading, the cost of the transaction is very high because the investor can make many transactions in a single time, so the price is high to operate.  
  • Leverage risk- Scalping trading requires a high amount of funds for creating enough profit, which means take the leverage from the broker; the leverage is a very risky amount, so that’s why to avoid the leverage is to decrease the risk of losses. 
  • Require much investment –  The higher amount of funds is required to generate a sufficient profit. This type of trading is basically for professional investors because these types of investors have the proper knowledge of the market.  

Scalping trading strategies are:

  • Stochastic oscillator strategy: A stochastic oscillator strategy is the most common which is used by every investor. In this strategy, the stochastic relates to the point of the current price in relation to its range in a period of time.
  • Moving average strategy: MACD helps to indicate when the market price of the assets is bearish or bullish for the investor’s investment. In the MACD strategy, it is essential to maintain the risk management with stops vital in order to avoid the larger losses.
  • Parabolic SAR indicator strategy: The parabolic SAR is the indicator that highlights the direction in which the market is moving and also provides the entry and exit points for trading. SAR stands for the ‘stop and reversal’. This indicator basically shows the dots which are placed above or below the price charts. A below the price dot is bullish, and on the other hand, above the price chart is bearish.
  • RSI strategy: The relative Strength Index (RSI) is the most common indicator for investors to use in scalping trading. Basically, with the help of this strategy, the investors know about the entry and exit points for trading.

What are the tips for investing in scalping trading?

  • Create the best trading plan: Before investing money in scalping trading, it is necessary to have a trading plan because it is helpful to achieve the goal in the trading.
  • Management of risk: The trader only invests the funds that are affordable to lose in trading and does not exceed the limit of investment in trading.
  • Using the upgraded technology: While technology, it is important to use the best technology because it is helpful to minimize the risk of losing funds in trading. If you use outdated technology and something happens on the platform, the trader bears the financial loss in trading.
  • Always learning new: If you are experts in scalping trading but don’t consider yourself a pro player in trading. Because when you consider a pro player, you could stop learning new things, which is not good in trading.
  • Facts first: While you create a strategy, make sure which is based on the facts, not on assumptions. The trader chooses the strategy according to the facts on the markets.
  • Know the entry and exit rules: The trader strictly follows the entry and exit plan for trading because it will impact the profit.
  • Money does not matter: In any type of trading, money is the first thing that is necessary to invest in the market; when you put the money at the forefront, you can make passionate and heedless choices.
  • Take responsibility: If the trader doesn’t get positive outcomes, it is essential to identify the mistakes and take the decisions against them.
  • Stop the trading at the right time: If the trader loses the funds in trading continuously, it is essential to stop the investment in trading and wait till the next opportunity in the market. It helps to minimize the risk of losing funds in trading.

Who is a Forex scalper?

In Forex trading, a Forex scalper is an investor who uses scalping trading in the Forex market to gain profit. In which the investor involves buying and selling the currency pairs within minutes. An investor invests their money in multiple trades because the trader takes the advantages of small price movements. Most of the investors gain profit, 5 to 20 pips per trade, and the profit will be magnified by increasing the position size. The investor should be aware of leverages, spreads, fees, and slippage because scalpers need to control. Most forex scalpers take the high risk of losing money in the market rapidly due to leverage.

What are key takeaways from scalping?

It is the trading style used by the investor in trading that is popular to make profit from the small price changes. A successful investor in the market using the most trading style to invest their money in the market.

How do you start scalping?

Here are the steps which the investors follow to start the trading:

  • In the first step, the investor has to fill out the application form on the online website and fill out all the information related to the investor, such as name, age, address, country, etc.
  • After that, the investor has to answer the questionnaire in which the broker asks questions related to the trading goals and plans.
  • The investor has to verify the document for approval of trading in the market with the broker.
  • Lastly, the investor has to deposit the minimum amount of money into the trading account and start scalping trading.

Which is the best broker for scalping trading in the market?


It was founded in 2020, and it is regulated and sanctioned by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). It is the operating name of iTrade Global. The brokerage company offers 170+ CFDs assets, including forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, commodity, and metals. In addition, the broker provides various types of educational material to the investors, such as articles, tutorials, courses, e-books and VOD.

The broker’s head office is located at Isiodou, Andrea Laskaratou & Emanuel Roides Street 10-12, 2. Floor, Ayia Zoni, 3031 Limassol, Cyprus. The broker uses the MetaTrader 4 platform for trading.


ROinvesting is the operating name of Royal Forex Ltd and also a CFDs partner of AC Milan. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) regulates and approves the brokerage company under license number 269/15. The broker offers 350+ CFDs instruments on various assets like forex, stocks, cryptocurrency, metals, and commodities.

The brokerage giants provide the leverage of 1:500 to the professional investors and 1:30 to the retail investor. The brokerage company uses the MetaTrader 4 platform for trading. The headquarter of the ROinvesting is located at City home 81, 3rd floor, 128-130 Limassol Avenue, 2015, Strovolos, Nicosia.

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It is the oldest broker in the market that provides the service since 2013. It is the representative name of Bayline Trading Ltd, and it is authorized and sanctioned by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize. The brokerage giant is also a digital sponsor of the Argentina National Team.

The investor can also choose a demo account for trading for the learning perspective. The broker provides various types of trading tools and indicators for trading. The brokerage company provides customer support service to the investor from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 02:00 GMT.

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The Bottom Line

In the end, we can say scalping trading is not as easy as the other strategies because trading requires a lot of passion and discipline towards the markets. The investor should be aware of the market’s uncertain conditions. Before investing the funds in the trading practice on the demo account first ROinvesting offers the best demo account for the investors. 


Is scalping profitable?

Scalping trading is more profitable for those investors who use it primarily and have a lot of knowledge. The main requirement of scalping trading is an investor having experience and knowing the correct time to invest funds in the market. While investing funds in the market is the best trading strategy to make a good profit in scalping.

Is scalping trading easy?

Yes, it is easy for the experts in trading because this trading requires a high level of experience, and it depends on the investor which trading style is suitable for trading. On the other hand, beginner traders losing money rapidly due to leverage is used in trading. Because with the help of leverage, there is a high risk of losing money in the market.

What is the best indicator for Scalping Trading? 

The EMA (exponential moving average) is the best indicator for scalping trading because it responds more quickly to the recent price change in the market than the past price changes. Therefore, the investor uses this indicator most in scalping trading to buy and sell the assets (based on historical averages).

Is scalping better than day trading?

Day trading is far better than scalping trading because the day investor invests their money within a day, but on the other hand, the scalping investor invests their money for a second or a few minutes. The retail investor accounts lose money in trading. 


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