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The broker HFTrading is controlled and operated by CTRL investments. The parent  firm is further regulated by the NewZealand FMA (Financial Market Authority) as well as the  ASIC(Australian Securities and investments commission)

With three different trading accounts, Traders can trade on more than 350 CFD tradable instruments with the financial service provider. Forex, cryptocurrencies indices to name a few in the list. The accounts offered by HFTrading are the silver account, the gold account and the platinum account, with additional options of a demo trading account and swap-free Islamic accounts, and a retail account. 

The broker offers the mighty MetaTrader 4 for trading purposes to its traders. The platform is also available on desktop and mobile platforms. The market maker is known to provide a plethora of educational services that include Live trading analysis, market research, articles, On-Demand videos, and Tutorials with E-Books. Apart from these trader-driven services, the broker provides an economic calendar and an earnings session calendar. 

HFTrading asset Index

To begin with, the broker offers all the trading assets that one could think of. To make things more clear, the broker shares an open PDF document which states each and every CFD tradable asset that the broker has to offer. This comes as a gesture to the trader. A lot of brokers claim that they offer a number of tradable assets but they limit the provided information to the hot assets. HFTrading breaks the bar down by simply putting in front all the assets it has to offer. Clarity being one of the hardest metrics for legitimate brokers in any review, is generally avoided. 

Let us read about each market in detail.

Cryptocurrency market

First window of at least 4, this one clearly tells that the spreads on most of the CFD tradable cryptocurrencies are kept floating. Here, the maximum leverage offered is 1:200 on each of the three basic trading accounts. The whole list consists of more than 70 CFD tradable cryptocurrencies that traders can bet on in the market.

Profit rate

According to leading financials, The most profitable coins in the market were at least 300% more profitable than the least profitable coins. This region can be accessed by any trader, differentiated on the basis of initial capital. 

Since all the cryptocurrencies are CFD tradable, more and more opportunities are created for people who trade in CFD as well as futures. This is because of the fact that none of these two instruments puts the trader under any obligation to own the underlying asset. The game is all about what is about to happen next in terms of price movements and that is it. According to the research we did and the metrics that we put these brokers through, CFD trading CFDs with this provider are safer than a lot of self-claimed legitimate barkers out there. 

Commodities  market

The broker offers more than 15 commodities for the traders to trade on, these include coffee and sugar, as well as corn and brent oil. This category is a little different from cryptos because the spreads are fixed here. 

It has to be remembered that CFDs are complex trading instruments that come with a high risk of losing money due to immense and repeated use of leverage. This is the reason that these are advised for experienced traders. 

Profit rate

A little lower on the profit rate than cryptos or forex, the commodity market wins in the long term. Since CFD needs to have a date of maturity in the future, the time duration can be extended for long enough that the assets can theoretically behave like they would, in their traditional forms of trading. 

And as mentioned above, commodities can help the traders in the longer hold of the game. 

The commodities market is not that wide but the opportunities it holds for traders are enormous and safe. Other markets are arguably more volatile. This gives them an edge off in terms of profit but the same edge gets off with commodity markets in terms of safety. 

Forex Market

The spreads in the forex market are kept different for each forex pair. Leverage being provided here is still 1:200, giving the traders ample opportunities to make money in the market. 

Profit rate

The profit rate of the forex market is unprecedented and it grows even more when the market is integrated with CFD and futures trading. Being one of the biggest markets, the forex market is responsible for more than six trillion dollars traded every day. When you really think of it, there are a lot of nations on this planet who have less valued economies than that. 

The traders have an option to exercise leverage and make profits while they invest significantly less. The whole idea behind the concept of leverage opportunities is to expose the traders with a wider and a better market. With this, the above-discussed instruments also play a key role in everything that the trader makes. It has to be duly noted that all of these instruments are risky and come with a high rate of failure. To succeed with them, it is important that the trader has good experience in mitigating losses. 

Stock Market

The broker offers the shares of almost every company that the traders can think of. For each share, the spreads are fixed in points, i.e: 68. 

All of these stocks are CFD tradable and traders can enjoy the money-making in the process. Each share can be traded on any of the 5 listed accounts by the broker. 

Profit rate

The profit rate of the share market is not hidden by anyone. The traders can make a lot of profits while they trade intraday as well as when they trade in CFDs or futures as their primary trading instrument. HFTrading lists a plethora of Shares to trade from, on the MetaTrader 

Indices market

The spreads are again fixed for indices at 200. One thing that sets this market apart from other online markets is that this is safe in terms of speculations since the traders can safely trade on a lot of indexes which are actually a group of companies, not just one. 

With a generous leverage margin, HFTrading ensures that the traders understand the game well enough.

Profit rate

The profit-loss graph of the indices market traces the national economy of the involved nations and hence, the plummets can easily be calculated and avoided. Traders can also trade on futures with this market. 

The growth rate of the trader can be seen according to the growth rate of the index, given the fact that the trader is serious enough while placing the orders to buy or sell. 

CFDs again will provide the opportunity to make some more money but they are a complex and risky trading instrument and none of the traders should trade them without proper experience.

How to trade Bitcoin with HFTrading?

Bitcoin is the first-ever cryptocurrency, making it the first of its kind. This is the fact that a lot of traders have faith in the price movements of bitcoin. Holding one bitcoin can be costly for a lot of traders and hence, the option to trade them on CFDs is provided with the broker. 

Bitcoin is now being compared to a lot of fiat currencies and nations have begun accepting it as a legal tender. A lot of countries where cryptocurrency trading is banned have seen unprecedented growth in the number of active crypto users. The traders can trade on bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency of their choice once they open an account with the broker. The account can be opened by following these simple steps. 

  1. Visit the official website (www.
  2.  Under the About us tab, click on trading accounts. 
  3. In the new window, click on the preferred trading account and begin trading.

How to buy stocks in different stock markets with HFTrading?

The selling and buying of stocks can only be done via the platform and this is a constraint with all the other assets. With MT4 being the preferred platform for forex trading, HFTrading also offers mobile and web trading for all the other assets. 

These Platforms can help traders to buy or sell stocks as they wish. The orders are made after all the calculations are made and when the trader has mitigated all the risks with a proper stop loss and take profits, he or she can click on the buy or sell button. 

The broker does not charge any fee or commission for the execution of buy and sell orders but rather, it earns via spreads that are variable for each asset. If the traders wish that they hold their stocks overnight till the next trading day begins, then a specific swap fee has to be paid to the broker. 

Which trading platform is offered by HFTrading?

The broker provides MT4 as a primary trading platform plus, mobile and web trading as well. The MetaTrader lineage is known to be the best for trading platforms in terms of almost everything. These platforms are known to be capable of maximising the trader output in terms of risk mitigation and profit generation. 

Let us have a look at how does the mT4 platform actually looks like:

This is how the candlestick pattern of a day chart of the currency pair GBP USD looks like. This being an excellent choice, the broker makes sure that trading in forex is a soothing experience for the trader.

MT4 platform also comes with a lot of different indicators and tools that can again, maximise the trader output. The platform is known to refine the trading chart of each and every currency pair to a granular level. All the trader needs to have is the proper knowledge and the right approach towards the market. 

What are the spreads and commissions charged by HFTrading?

The broker has a strict no-no policy when it comes to commissioned trades. This factor benefits the scalpers and momentum traders in particular. These traders are known to make money out of small price movements that happen in the market. They make a lot of small trades that add up to a big profit when it comes to an end. When the traders have to pay commissions on so many trades, their profits decline. 

When it comes to the spreads, as discussed already, are kept different for different assets provided by HFTrading. 

Is HFTrading good for trading?

Without a doubt, HFTrading is one of the excellent choices any novice trader could make. The market is versatile, the knowledge-based library is thick and the security is at par both in terms of user-oriented and government oriented. 

The broker is transparent enough to let the traders know about each and every asset that is provided, in detail. HFTrading also reluctantly shows the regulations part which a lot of legitimate brokers cease to provide.

Also, good trading is a subjective term. Good trading may be good for someone and mediocre for someone else. It all depends on your personal trading goals. The broker, no doubt, has a key role to play in the trader’s career but before the broker enters the equation, variables like consistency, accuracy and time management have to do what is required. 

IS HFTrading scam or safe?

The broker is completely safe as it is at par with the concerned regulatory authorities. The safe part can also be cross checked by voting the web page of FMA where CTRl investments are listed as a licensed body. 

Bottom Line

The broker is completely safe for novice traders and advanced traders can also enjoy the services as well. Being completely regulated, the chances of it being a scam spell Z-E-R-O. The traders should not think twice before getting financially involved with HFTRading. One thing that they still have to remember is, that the market doesn’t spare anyone when it turns, kinda like covid. Take the proper measures and you might not be as affected by it. Keeping that in mind, trade carefully, focus more on the math more and emotionless. 

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