Top Crypto Exchanges In 2022: Best Guide For Beginners

Top Crypto Exchanges In 2022

The cryptocurrency market has risen to frame in recent years and is especially attractive to young traders. Many traders analyse them to find the best that supports their investments.

To have a successful trade, traders need the appropriate tools and services. The market’s top crypto exchanges make it easy and quick to trade with predictability.

Here, we have the top crypto exchanges that traders can select in 2022 for trading digital assets.

Top Crypto Exchanges

Some of the best exchanges currently include:

  • Kraken
  • Coinbase
  • eToro
  • Binance

Traders can compare their features and select the ones that fit their trading style. Let’s look into them.

In addition to the crypto exchanges mentioned below, there is another crypto exchange with unique features that is about to launch soon. You can already register for the platform for early access and claim a reward (lifetime membership to the gold loyalty tier). The first 10,000 verified members will enter a draw for a limited number of Black Diamond tier memberships.


Kraken is the oldest cryptocurrency exchange and was introduced in 2011. It is the first exchange to offer spot trading with margin and many advanced services. Traders can access more than 160 cryptocurrencies and create a diversified portfolio.

The crypto exchange is trusted by many active traders and is growing with time.

Fees are low compared to other exchanges, with a basic transaction cost of 0.9% on stablecoins. A mobile app is also available.

Kraken has a market capitalisation of 67.40 million. This makes it trade in high-volume investments and allows traders with leverage and many other advanced trading services.

Good market capitalisation gives it the capability to conduct margin and futures trade with many order types.

Overall a good cryptocurrency exchange with various facilities.


Coinbase is a full-service exchange that is ideal for beginners in the market.

The exchange is simple to use, and the fees are competitive. In their range of services included are the user-friendly trading platform, mobile app, and short-selling bitcoin.

Most traders use Coinbase for its ease of use and low trading fees. The significant features of Coinbase include:

  • Funds stored with FDIC insurance custodial wallet
  • Earn crypto rewards
  • Provides more than 150 cryptocurrencies
  • Educational facilities
  • Great for beginners and experienced traders
  • Coinbase pro mobile app


eToro has been in the market since 2007 and is best known for its social and copy trading features.

The cryptocurrency exchange lists over 60 cryptocurrencies and 3000 tradable symbols. It is a large cryptocurrency exchange with the ability to allow non-US clients to trade in different markets like currencies, ETFs, and cryptos.

The US customers of eToro get access to stocks and ETFs residing within 44 states.

Traders can trust the established platform that has regulations from several jurisdictions. Be it professionals or novice traders, the user-friendly platform of the exchange is available for all.

The advanced features on offer come at a cost as eToro fees can be slightly steeper than its competitors. is a crypto exchange established in 2016. It lists over 180 cryptos and has a platform dedicated to NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The exchange is popular among traders for the support it offers to trading, investing, staking, NFTs and wallets.

Fees lie between 0% to 2.99% and vary according to the volume of transactions. The transparent and competitive fees with discounts make it a great choice. Traders can enjoy a discount of 0.40% on the trades.

In addition to the impressive features list,’s excellent support team makes the platform an ideal choice for traders and investors alike.


Binance was founded in 2017 and is today the largest crypto exchanges. It is regulated and offers many advanced services attracting traders.

It lists over 300 cryptocurrencies to trade and 65 cryptos for US traders through its Binance.US trading platform. The US market traders have access to major cryptocurrency pairs with Binance. US.

Some of them are given below:


Traders easily buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies with low trading fees. Hence, making most of the services at the exchange.

Opening an account is simple, and the fees are competitive at Binance. An excellent choice for the market experts. is a recommendation crypto exchange that we’d like to introduce to traders. It will soon be launched in the financial market with the most advanced services.

Traders can access several cryptocurrencies, earn rewards, have registration benefits, the best security to trade, and a significant trading platform.

The unique crypto exchange that we were talking about above is coming up with a custom metal card with unique features like automatic currency conversion, no inactivity monthly or annual fees, 2% instant cashback on any purchase, and free virtual cards. 

Plus, the card will be accepted by more than 40 million merchants worldwide.


Traders in search of the top crypto exchanges in 2022 can certainly find an answer with the article. It covers different kinds of crypto exchanges with their best capabilities.

If a trader is looking for a crypto exchange with a big selection of currencies and digital assets, they can go for Binance. Similarly, for traders interested in a platform that has the best trading platform, Kraken is your choice.

Fans of copy trading and social trading can find eToro highly attractive. It is the best in the market for its copy trading facility with a range of cryptos and services. The low and competitive fee exchange is And the new addition of the market is for the traders who want advanced benefits from the trading platform. All types of crypto exchanges are mentioned above to assist traders with the best of 2022.

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