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Trade online

Trade online, make money, the tagline appears quite fancy to readers. Earning money through some simple clicks seems so simple and like a dream.  However, it can be true if there is a proper set of planning backed by good trading conditions offered by brokerage firms. The experience of trading online is changing rapidly with time following the introduction of new technology and growing internet speed. 

But before anything, one needs to weed out the cliche thought that you only need risks to make money. There are ways in which you need to learn. The article attempts to shed light on such tricks and features that can magnify profits through online trading. 

As a beginner, you can start your online trading in multiple ways. But before anything, accumulate knowledge about that method and then kick off your skills. 

Trade Online: Different methods of earning money trading online

Making money by trading is a sophisticated method. But you need to pick only one to attain success. Many people may suggest mastery over many, but that would take away a lot of your precious time and in trading, if you can’t get it early, loss is yours. So, focus on one of the markets. Get into the commanding position and earn money through that. 

As a trader, you can find plenty of markets for trading

  • Stocks 
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Forex 
  • Cryptocurrencies

Each market is an ocean in itself and requires expertise before trading. So, you have to keep your concentration on anyone. Plus, there are several ways of trading every one of them. Different strategies apply. So, there’s always so much more than a trader can do. 

Trade Online: Earn money online trading stocks 

If you want to lure an abundance of wealth through online means, stock trading can do that. There are several methods that a trader can apply and earn money. 

Learn about the type of trader you are 

Every trader has a different style of approaching the online market. Thus, that has to be configured before moving forward. Stock markets have two distinct kinds of traders; one who likes to speculate the prices, the others who take the delivery of shares and use conventional ways of trading. 

The biggest difference between these two types of trading methods is how traders perceive them. They see the stock prices differently considering their trading styles. 

Traders who follow the fundamental investing ways, do not give unrequited attention to stock prices compared to the speculators. 

These traders are long term buyers and display their faith in a company’s fundamentals for the growth prospect. However, speculators have fewer funds to invest. Thus, they need to look at the market in short intervals to exit the position for earning. There’s distinct stress that comes along.

Hence, the preferred way of stock trading is going long and investing in stocks that are fundamentally strong. 

Do you research 

The most important aspect of online stock trading is that a trader needs to do his own research. If you try to follow the advice of your peers without thinking, that can lead to losses. So, based on your understanding of the market, decide on sell and buy prepositions. 

However, there’s no harm in listening to your acquaintances, but that should match your thoughts and findings of the company. That helps in investing. 

Every company is different and so are their products. For example, a fertiliser manufacturer would have distinct characteristics, criteria and business goals compared to a car maker or a technology company. Thus, there’s no comparison. 

Their financial goals and modus operandi are entirely different. So, while investing in each stock’s shares ensure you are well prepared regarding their growth aspects. 

Don’t be over-ambitious 

If you are a newbie in the online stock trading market, be ambitious, but do not overdo it. That can harm your expenses. Do not let greed guide you. Have patience once you’ve decided to take a plunge and stick to your goals. Also, there are no shortcuts that can help you predict the market accurately. There are plenty of factors that stocks depend on. 

Act disciplined in online stock trading

As opposed to other markets, traders have to take a disciplined approach and should not get over-excited while investing in stocks. Even if the market is on a bull run, take your stance and back your strategy. That’s one of the best tried and tested ways of making money online.  Because even a bullish run can inflict reverse impact and the bearish market can make you earn bigger bucks. 

Thus, it all bolsters down to being patient and disciplined.

Trade Online: Online forex trading 

The forex market is a mammoth financial place that channelises the world economy. Hence, the potential of earning money is equally bigger for investors. The average trading a day goes beyond USD 6.6 trillion. That’s bigger than several developed countries’ economies. 

How to trade forex online?

Anyone can make money with forex trading. For online forex trading, you need to read and research about the foreign exchange market. Once you are through it, learn how various currencies and their pairs trade in the financial market. It is like trading money for money. 

If you are interested in forex trading, choose a broker that specialises in the stream. There are brokers like PrimeFin, ABinvesting, Brokereo, ETFinance, TradeATF, HFTrading and others which provide the best forex trading services for online traders. 

Moreover, registering on them is simple for investors. You need to follow three or five steps requiring personal information, verification documents, and an initial deposit to start the trade online. 

Forex CFD trading 

The derivative form of forex trading is gaining momentum and popularity. It is exclusively for those investors who can’t afford to make bigger investments but hold satisfying knowledge of the financial market. Thus, they have knowledge but less resources. Through CFD or contract for differences trading, one can speculate the financial market. 

Here, a trader does not need to own the underlying asset. However, he’s free to predict and speculate the market. The profit is earned by looking at the difference between the entry and exit points. Moreover, traders can use leverage here. Thus, if you get the prediction correct, a huge chunk of money is yours. 

Invest in EUR/USD pair 

Both the euro and the US dollar are one of the strongest currencies globally. Thus, their pair resonates globally. Most import and export companies use the currency pair due to its acceptance. As per estimates, around 70-80 per cent of traders invest their money in it. Thus, if you are willing to earn gains in forex trading, invest in them. 

Also, if you hold them for a longer period, these currencies accumulate reasonable interest on the amount held by traders. So, that’s the additional advantage. 

Be realistic while investing 

The most important part of the investment is being realistic. Traders who seek inspiration from friends or acquaintances who have earned a lot of money end up losing their principal amount. Mostly, it is due to their ignorance of knowledge and information. So, keep your agenda clear. Get realistic about forex trading. 

Your earnings are in proportion with your understanding of the financial market. Do not expect to become rich overnight. You need to observe the market, see other dynamics. So, hedging is an important tool that you can use when the market moves, either way, belittling your expectations. 

Invest a fraction of your income on it and not fully. Also, ensure not more than 10 per cent of your funds get into an asset. 

Don’t take debts for investments

Some traders seek debts or loans from banks for investing in the market. However, the technique isn’t workable for everyone.  If as an investor, you are short on experience, never take the route. Only if you are too sure about profits, take the step. Thus, it should happen during emergencies.

Commodities online trading 

Investing in commodities through online means is one of the best ways for making money. There are different categories in it. So, traders have a variety for selecting. Agriculture, metal, energy and livestock are different sectors where a trader can invest money. 

Metals have the upper hand here due to the volatility and demand. Gold or yellow metal is traded as a safe haven. However, while investing in it, one should be patient and wait for a while for better returns. 

Brokers like InvestLite, 101investing and others offer CFDs on metals.. So, if you do not have enough money but understand the market well, you can earn through predicting it accurately. Thus, it makes money by trading less complicated. 

Indices trading 

If a trader does not want to take a massive risk yet wants to earn money by trading online, the trading index offers them the opportunity and the freedom to experiment. The market also helps in gauging each stock. So, as an astute trader, you also get to know the fundamentals of every company that you are trading with. 

Moreover, indices like Nasdaq, NYSE, Nikkei, DAX30, Dow Jones etc. rise when the aggregate of stocks listed on them are in profits. So, the chances of risks are lesser compared to other markets. The fluctuations and volatility are controlled. 

Moreover, the market is red only when major stocks underperform. Otherwise, it remains steady. So, a trader who can exhibit patience and see through the market’s issues can earn money trading online. 

Trade cryptocurrencies 

The concept of cryptocurrencies has come after the proper establishment of the internet. So, it is the market that emerged precisely for online trading. Today, investors have options to choose from more than twelve thousand digital coins. 

However, not all of them are good investments. Today, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, ripple and other virtual currencies are available on various brokerage firms like PrimeFin

Moreover, volumes and volatility invite people to invest in the market. 

Usage of online day trading 

As an investor, you can trade online in the market in several ways. One such method is day trading. Here, you keep the asset with you until the day’s end. After that, you are bound to sell it. So, if you bought a stock at USD 250 and at the end of the day, it reduces to USD 240, you’ll make losses. But, on the other hand, if it rises to USD 260, the money will be earned. 

Also, there can be deductions by brokerage firms. Earlier, this type of trading was carried out by professional traders and reserved. But due to the internet and plenty of added advantages, some newbies are also trying their hands in the market.

Position Trading  

In position trading, traders attract the maximum benefits. However, they even need to have an amount to hold assets. So, you need funds to invest in the market. Here, an investor buys a product and take delivery for a longer period of time. 

However, you need to indulge in extensive market research before deciding on selling or buying an asset. You need to predict the market and hold for a specific period until it reaches your determined price. However, it requires you to exhibit patience and determination for outreach. 

Swing Trading 

For swing trading, a trader should have some experience in online trading and know how to use charts and tools for anticipating the correct trend. If you get the mood of the market accurately, there are chances to earn money. Moreover, through speculation and leverage, profits can be magnified by a trader. However, one has to be cautious because that can also cause huge risks. 


Trade online, make money is a valid term for those traders who know which broker and conditions to choose while investing their funds. However, not everyone is successful given the uneven circumstances. Investors can use brokerage firms like ETFinance, ROInvesting, 101investing and others for their financial benefits.

Before the start, it is important to know about different trading markets and their efficiency. Read PrimeFin review and InvestBy review.

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