When to sell stocks? Best 2022 market guide!

When to sell stocks?


Stock trading is the traditional way of investing in the financial markets. Traders have trust in the market practices because they have grown over the years. The market investors analyse the market, company positions, information and news before investing. The shares are then held for a period of time to earn profits. 

When to sell the stocks is in significance with the purchase of the stock, the market factors and environment in which the company operates have an impact on the selling of stocks. In the article, stock training and the factors that influence when to sell stocks is discussed. 

The stocks are the oldest trade instrument with development in its operations with time. From being traded physically, these are now online trade instruments with modern technologies and software to advance the trade and benefit traders and investors. So let’s analyse and research the stock market and its when to sell stocks behaviour along with other factors. 

Stocks: A trading instrument

There are several markets and trade instruments that attract the traders for investment, but the primary and most important that has been for a decade now in the financial markets is stocks. The stocks are the ownership certificates provided by the company whose stocks are purchased. 

The stocks are the shares of a company, and when traders buy the shares of a particular company, they become shareholders of the company as per the shares bought. Traders can buy the shares in fractions or in full, depending on their fund’s availability. The traders buy the stocks, hold them and sell these once they find appropriate opportunities. When to sell stocks is a key decision that requires good market knowledge and finding the opportunities with regular monitoring. 

The stock units which traders buy are referred to as the shares of the company. The stocks are traded on stock exchanges or privately. These are good sources for the portfolio development of the traders. The stocks have outperformed over the years than other investments. Traders can buy stocks online through brokers and easily invest and trade. 

Understanding the stocks better

The companies in the corporate sector issue various stocks for raising funds for exposure of their business. The sale of shares in the markets provides companies with funds that help them advance their business and have funds to meet their company needs. There are types of stocks that companies make available for traders. 

The stocks are classified into two types, common and preferred shares. The common share or equity shares offer the shareholders the right to vote and participate in the company meetings. The latter, preferred shares, do not have any right to vote or decision making of the company. However, preferred shareholders have the benefit of dividend payments over the shares. 

In addition, there are convertible preferred shares which give the option to convert the preferred shares into a fixed number of equity shares. The process of conversion is carried out usually after a set period of time. 

The stocks of various kinds have the motive of building wealth for the investors. When traders buy the stocks, they have ownership of the company share in the form of a certificate. This gives them the right to exercise their right to vote in the meeting of the company if traders have an interest. But, the vital point of investment is to earn from the investment. 

There are two possible ways that traders have in the stock selling, which helps them know when to sell stocks:

  • Price Appreciation: When the price of the stock purchased moves upwards, traders sell the stocks in the market to benefit from it. 
  • Dividends: The shares of the companies have dividends; however, not all shares offer a dividend. The dividend is the revenue that is generated from the trade that the companies give to the shareholders of the company, mostly paid quarterly. These are also a factor that impacts the sell decision of the traders. If a company gives proper dividends, traders hold the market positions for long, but if the dividend is not regular and less, traders sell the shares. 

How do the stocks work in the market?

The stocks of a company are sold in the market for raising funds and having market exposure. The money raised from the stocks is then used for various operations of the company. They use it for paying debts, making new products and expanding their trade etc. 

The first stock opening in a particular company’s market is called the Initial Public Offering (IPO). The IPO is then purchased and sold in the market by the traders and investors. The traders can buy the shares of the company directly from the company or through the investors who want to sell the shares. The process is the opposite; when traders want to sell their shares, they can sell to the traders who want to purchase the shares. 

The stock market exchange handles all the trading through brokers representing the traders and investors. There are online stock brokers who have the best services to trade. The trading platforms, strategies, tools for analysis and different account types for trade according to convenience make it easy and accessible for the traders. 

The beginners and professionals both have good market opportunities with the brokerage accounts. Some of the reputed and regulated online brokers are ROInvesting and ABInvesting.

Trading through a broker:

For trading through online brokers, traders have to create a trading account. The process of creating the account is simple, taking hardly 10 to 15 minutes from the trader. Here in points are mentioned the steps for account opening: 

The initial step is to register with the broker by visiting the official broker’s website; then, traders click the open an account option. Next, the trader is directed to a new page that requires form filling, requiring name, email id, contact number with the creation of password for account protection. 

The following step is to fill in the information regarding documents, questionnaires regarding the previous trade experience if any. This helps the brokers to guide traders with the customer support. 

The third step is uploading the documents as mentioned in the information step. The broker then verifies the trader, and after the verification, a trader can choose the account type. However, traders should check with the account facilities before selecting one. 

The fourth step is deposit funds; traders can then deposit funds in the account and begin trading. In fact, traders can monitor their investments with the help of the trading platforms and tools provided by the broker. 

When to sell stocks?

The question of how to decide when to sell a stock depends on several market factors. So the trader has to analyse the market to know about the best time to sell shares and when to sell shares. For the stock market analysis, traders can use technical and fundamental analysis tools. 

The technical analysis relates to the price fluctuations; this method studies the historical price data and, on that basis, predicts the market price movements. The stock price movement is essential for the trade as the higher the price more the profit. So, analysing the price is necessary for a successful trade. 

The fundamental analysis includes the news, social and political factors and environment around impacting the market. These factors also make changes in the stock market prices. So, the traders also pay attention to the news and information factors affecting the stock trade. 

When to sell stocks for profit, there are other factors such as the strategies used by the trader; the traders, when analysing the market and doing research they first plan and strategies to avoid the uncertainties and risks of the market. The strategies used help them to keep human emotions at ease and take the decisions practically. 

Let’s look at some points for deciding the best time to sell stocks:

Prices move high faster

The first factor that impacts the decision of when is the best time to sell shares is the movement of price. When they hold a market position and the price of the stock moves higher, the traders want to lock the profit and sell the share. They do so due to the fact that the stock market is highly volatile, and the price can fall low any time, so to take advantage of the market, they sell the shares. 

The prices of stocks move up because of market factors in a short period due to speculation or liquidity etc. The stock hardly sustains the high price for the long run, so traders have to be quick with the decisions by analysing the market. 

Stock Purchase

The reason for the purchase of stock is necessary for the trade; an investor studies and analysis before buying the shares. If the reason for purchase is related to the market and growth of the company, thus, the technical and fundamental factors. Then, traders can earn and hold it to take benefit of the market opportunities. 

But, if a trader has no research and has invested, they would like to sell the stocks as soon as they find a correct opportunity to earn. 


The traders and investors of the stock market use strategies to trade; they could be one or more together for better market understanding. Traders of day trading buy and sell stocks in a day; the scalping strategy users hold the stocks for a few minutes, whereas the relative strength index traders can hold for a long period of time or short as per their market trading. 

Therefore, strategies also impact the decision of when to sell stocks for profits. 


The traders of the stock market can also sell the stocks when they need money. If a trader has faced loss and needs money for survival, they might sell the share in the market and get the money for the share as per the market value. 

The reason for money is mostly present in the market because of the risks and market uncertainties.

The buying and selling of stocks at the right time are important for a good market investment and returns. 

Company Operations

The company whose shares are purchased by the trader is another factor for the question of when to sell stocks? 

If the company is doing well and has a good market position, then traders hold the shares for a long term to benefit from the market trade, whereas when the company’s market operations are low, and the market worth is also declining, then traders prefer selling the stocks in the market. 

So, investors must monitor the market operations of the company they have invested with. 

What happens when you sell stock?

When traders buy the shares of a particular company, they will obviously sell them at the right time when they find good opportunities. So, naturally, this will make them earn profits from the trade. But what happens when you sell stock in the market?

Do you take only money, or is there something else? The trader gets a high profit for the stock they sell in the market, and the day they sell is called the trading day. The trader sells the share to another trader who wants to purchase the share, and then the trader trades in or traders may also give it back to the company. 

The share gets traded with an exchange or other traders. For the sell, traders get funds in their amount decided by the parties of the trade. However, there may be some deduction charges for the selling of the shares. 

The trader can then invest in other shares of the companies and trade for earning profits. 


Trading in stocks or shares is not easy; traders have to buy and sell the shares after analysing the market thoroughly. The buying of shares is easy, but more brain is required for selling the shares in the market. When to sell stocks for profits is a big question that we have tried to answer through the article. 

However, traders should research the market well and analyse the opportunity before selling the share. The motive of earning should be satisfied, and the trader should have a successful trade.

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