XBO: Earn $100,000 for your Bored Ape NFT

XBO Earn $100000 for your Bored Ape NFT

Cryptocurrencies have a huge impact on the financial markets and are taking over the world. The way people trade is changing because of these digital currencies.

Every day, a new exchange comes on the market, making it hard to choose one.

XBO, soon to be launched in the market as a crypto exchange, aims to change the way people trade cryptocurrencies for the better. The platform is all set to debut and running a contest, ‘Bored Ape Audition’, to find its official representative.

Do you own a Bored Ape NFT?

If you do, you should give the Bored Ape audition a shot. The owner of the Bored Ape, who would be chosen as the brand ambassador, would win cash and a lot of other perks.

The early signup offer for XBO’s loyalty program is already live, which can help you get started in crypto trading.

Read the article until the end to find out more.

Understand XBO

XBO is a new crypto exchange platform that will focus on giving its users a wide range of cryptocurrencies to choose from.

The XBO team is made up of tech and finance experts who love blockchain technology and want to make it easier for everyone to use. The platform promises to give its users the boost they need. It will offer customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and keep a simple interface to make trading easy for its users.

XBO.com will be available on mobile devices and web platforms.

XBO is also building a knowledge hub for everything crypto. It focuses on educating crypto enthusiasts and wishes to revolutionise the crypto universe by making it available to everyone interested.

Bored Ape Audition, what?

XBO is conducting The Bored Ape audition to find its brand ambassador. The crypto exchange invites Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) members to submit their Bored Ape NFTs for the audition. The owner of the Bored Ape that is chosen as the new official representative will win a cash reward and additional benefits.

Why be XBO’s Brand Ambassador?

Sure, the NFT is named “Bored Ape”, but don’t let it stay idle in your Web3 wallet!

XBO gives you a better reason to engage your Bored Ape and explore its purpose in the Metaverse. Get the value you deserve for your intellectual property.

Why be XBO’s Brand Ambassador

Here’s why your ape should be the face of the XBO brand:

  • Get a reward of $100,000 for licensing your intellectual property
  • Get the recognition that your Bored Ape deserves.
  • Get a chance to participate in future Web3 opportunities.

How can you be a part of the Bored Ape audition?

There has never been a better time to use your NFT. It might only take a few steps for your Bored Ape to become an icon and give you the benefits of being an XBO brand ambassador.

Here’s what you need to do to join the Bored Ape Audition:

  • Go to XBO’s Bored Ape Audition page
  • Link your Web3 wallet storing the Bored Ape NFT, either via mobile QR code or desktop options.

You can link the following Web3 Wallets to XBO through your desktop:

  • Ledger
  • Infinity Wallet
  • Wallet 3
  • Tokenary
  • SecuX
  • Ambire
  • ApolloX
  • PunkWallet
  • KryptoGO
  • NFT
  • Zerion
  • Sequence
  • Keyring Pro
  • RICE Wallet

Opt for the Web3 wallet and choose the Bored Ape NFT from the collection.

Is there any easier way to earn the value for your IP?

Why should you choose XBO?

There are a lot of crypto exchange platforms on the market, and each one has a different set of features to match its users. XBO wants to provide an exchange that brings all of these different things together to make a platform that anyone can use.

Why should you choose XBO

Here are some reasons that make XBO the right choice as an exchange:

Highly Secure Trading Environment

XBO cares most about keeping your property, data, and privacy safe. The platform has teamed up with top security services to build in military-grade security measures and provide a safe environment for all trading operations.

Reliable Platform for Trading

Users show they trust the platform by putting money on it and giving out personal information. This action is important to XBO because it helps build a strong relationship. The crypto exchange says it will protect your data from all threats that could hurt your privacy and safety.

Simple Interface for Easy Access

XBO will keep its cryptocurrency exchange platform simple by giving it a basic interface. This will make it easy to learn about cryptocurrency and trade it.

A Platform made for Everyone

The only way to get into the global crypto market is through the Internet. Aside from price speculation, cryptocurrencies have value as a way to pay for things and give users access to a number of products and services that are based on the blockchain. All of these things can be done with XBO without the need for middlemen or steep learning curves.

Dedicated Loyalty Programs for Users

The platform features a useful loyalty program with five tiers, with a broad range of unique features and benefits.

Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Black Diamond
XP Required 100 10,000 65,000 650,000 2,100,000
Free Crypto Deposit Yes Yes Yes Yes

A Mystery Combo of additional benefits and exclusive perks.

Spot-Trading Fee (Taker/Maker) 0.40%/0.30% 0.38%/0.29% 0.36%/0.27% 0.32%/0.24%
Exchange Cashback 0.1% 0.25% 0.5%
Free Fiat Withdrawals Per Month 2 3 4
XBO Card Gold Card Platinum Card Diamond Card (Free Metal)
Rewards Random amounts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Apecoin. Rewards random amounts 2.5 times Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Apecoin. Rewards random amounts ten times Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Apecoin.


XBO’s crypto exchange platform is coming soon, but loyal users can already sign up for special deals as “early birds.” It will be a reliable platform where you can trade and use crypto in the safest way possible.

The platform is designed and developed to ease entry to the crypto market for entry-level traders.

If you have a Bored Ape NFTs stored in your Web3 wallet, enrol for the Bored Ape audition. You have a chance to become the brand ambassador of XBO and get the benefits listed above.

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