XBO Invites Users to Enrol in Its Best Loyalty Program

XBO Invites Users to Enrol for Its Loyalty Program

XBO is already up and running with its exclusive loyalty program and will soon launch its crypto exchange. As the clock is ticking towards the launch of its crypto exchange platform, users signing up early will get a chance to grab a once-in-a-lifetime reward that will catapult them to the top of the XBO loyalty program. 

XBO is a new cryptocurrency exchange all set to transform how you trade and use crypto. Team XBO consists of finance and tech professionals driven by a passion for blockchain and the desire to make it work for everyone. It claims to be an intuitive platform that is perfect for getting users started.

Also, XBO is on its hunt to find its brand ambassador with the Bored Ape auditions conducted on their website. Keep reading to know how to be the official representative of the upcoming crypto exchange.

Team with a Mission

XBO has a team with a mission to empower its users through crypto. It aims to lower entry barriers by providing user-friendly technology and exceptional customer support. Its web and mobile platforms will provide a secure environment for trading and make existing assets work for its users. XBO is committed to building a hub for knowledge on all things around crypto. The team believes everyone has the right to participate in the crypto revolution.

Core Values of XBO

XBO is a team of crypto enthusiasts and professionals who believe in providing the best user experience. The exchange platform is built on solid values that will help its users empower themselves through crypto. 


Trust is the currency of any business, and so goes with the crypto business. XBO recognises that the user’s fund and the confidential details they share express their trust. The team considers the trust factor as the precious value that lies at the heart of every lasting relationship. The crypto exchange platform reaffirms its commitment to protecting its users’ data.


Investments and trading decisions involve complications. XBO prioritises assuring its users that the platform is easy to use and exciting for everyone involved. 


The global cryptocurrency market is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Beyond speculating on price, users can pay via crypto and access blockchain-based products or services. XBO strongly believes that users should be able to achieve this without any mediator or sharp learning curve. 


XBO aims to safeguard your assets, and privacy is a primary concern. The platform is integrated with military-grade safety measures and partners with leading security service providers to deliver a secure environment for operation. 

Exclusive Loyalty Programs

Besides the features offered by XBO.com, there is more value that can be derived from the platform.  Its five-tier loyalty program provides impressive benefits and exclusive perks to its early registrants. 

Silver Tier

  • Requires 100 XP for basic verification 
  • Allows free crypto deposit
  • Offers spot-trading fees of 0.40%/0.30% (Taker/Maker)

Gold Tier

  • Requires 10,000 XP
  • Lets you be an XBO Gold Cardholder
  • Rewards random amounts of various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Apecoin. 
  • Allows free crypto deposit
  • Offers spot-trading fees of 0.38%/0.29% (Taker/Maker)
  • Provides 0.1% exchange cashback
  • Permits two free fiat withdrawals per month

Platinum Tier

  • Requires 65,000 XP
  • Lets you be an XBO Platinum Cardholder
  • Rewards random amounts 2.5 times of various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Apecoin. 
  • Allows free crypto deposit
  • Offers spot-trading fees of 0.36%/0.27% (Taker/Maker)
  • Provides 0.25% exchange cashback
  • Permits three free fiat withdrawals per month

Diamond Tier

  • Requires 650,000 XP
  • Lets you be an XBO Diamond (Free Metal) Cardholder
  • Rewards random amounts ten times of various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Apecoin.
  • Allows free crypto deposit
  • Offers spot-trading fees of 0.32%/0.24% (Taker/Maker)
  • Provides 0.5% exchange cashback
  • Permits four free fiat withdrawals per month

Black Diamond 

“What happens in Black Diamond stays in Black Diamond!” says the upcoming crypto exchange platform about its top tier of the loyalty program.

XBO has not yet disclosed information about what benefits and perks are included in Black Diamond. Consider Black Diamond a mystery box of unknown benefits and exclusive perks available for users at 2,100,000 XP.

Get early access to the loyalty program now!

Seize the Chance to be XBO’s Official Representative 

XBO is eagerly looking for its brand ambassador. If you are an owner of a Bored Ape NFT, now is the time to engage your Bored Ape NFT to help it find its purpose in the Metaverse and become the future face of the crypto revolution. 

The exchange platform is hosting Bored Ape auditions to find the ape that matches its brand image. The owner of the winning NFT will:

  • Win a $100,000 cash reward
  • Make the Bored Ape a superstar
  • Take part in web3 opportunities in the future

How to take part in the Bored Ape audition?

To engage your Bored Ape in the audition, here are the easy steps to be followed:

  • Go to XBO’s Bored Ape Audition page
  • Connect the Web3 wallet, which stores the Bored Ape NFT, by scanning the provided QR code on mobile or through desktop options.

XBO lets you connect the Web3 Wallets below via desktop:

  • Tokenary
  • Infinity Wallet
  • Wallet 3
  • NFT
  • RICE Wallet
  • Keyring Pro
  • Zerion
  • SecuX
  • Ambire
  • Sequence
  • PunkWallet
  • KryptoGO
  • ApolloX
  • Ledger

Choose the Web3 wallet you use and the particular Bored Ape NFT from the wallet. And you are done!

Step Up with XBO 

The Crypto world is evolving, and the ones not going along the run will be left behind. XBO assures its users to keep up with the changing patterns and deliver a secure crypto trading environment. The user-friendly interface will make it easier for users to learn and use crypto conveniently anywhere around the globe. 

The early signup offer and loyalty program makes it a catch. XBO will offer a free upgrade to the Black Diamond tier to 10 lucky registrants from the first 10,000 to sign up and verify their identity.  The rest will automatically receive a lifetime membership to the Gold tier and benefit from advantageous features and exclusive perks.

Enrol your NFT for the Bored Ape audition and get a chance to win $100,000 and many more benefits!

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