ABInvesting Review 2022: Online Trusted Broker


For growing in the financial market, one needs the backing of a broker that is free from any obligations and has a fine record in rendering the best services to investors. It has to be scam-free and safe for market players to use. Hub investments ltd owned ABinvesting broker fulfils all the roles immaculately and precisely performs all its duly duties. The brokerage firms create a conducive environment for clients and help them take up challenges posed by the market uncertainties. The ABinvesting review 2022 gives you a highlight of the broker’s potential. 


Hub Investments Limited trades in the name of ABinvesting. The company follows the norms of Mauritius financial services commission and has registration in the Mauritius. Thus, it makes the broker offers prominent features and is completely genuine. Moreover, it has got a license from the FSC. 

The broker is committed to providing prime-class services under Hub investments ltd to all its customers from across the globe. The team of professionals here want all their clients to make profits, and for that, they work relentlessly. The brokerage company believes in the trading community’s fulfilment by earning them profits through various means and tools. 

The leading edge services call for the market calls for traders and set them on their platter. 

Is ABinvesting safe or scam? 

ABinvesting is safe for everyone to trade and invest in the market. A trader can drive the money into the market without any inhibitions. The broker lives up to the following parameters that are necessary to stamp on the authenticity:- 


The Mauritius financial services commission authority regulates the activities performed by ABinvesting. Thus, the broker can never resort to any deceitful mannerisms or tactics. Hence, people can trade with all surety in the financial market. 

Licensing:- The license number is GB20025728.

Registration:- The registration number is 176512GBC.

Office Address:- Tower1, sixth floor, Nexteracom Building Amene, Mauritius.

These all essential elements put up a tag of the genuine broker on ABinvesting. Plus, one can confirm these facts on the regulatory website. Thus, the broker is completely safe. 

Account Types? 

The broker is as visionary and real as it can get. ABinvesting provides you with an option of three different account types, including Silver, Gold and Platinum. 

The accounts are crafted so that a user can customise as per the requirements and changes in the market. The options can stand out even during the grim situations of the financial bazaar. They accommodate all trading needs of a market player. 

Thus, the accounts live up to the scope of trading for all traders.  So, if an investor has slightest skills, the financial market can be captured in a few days time through these exceptional trading accounts. 

Silver Trading Account 

The Silver Account is precisely for beginners and traders who do not want to initiate heavy waters in the financial market. They want to remain cautious and watchful about what comes next. 

The account does not disappoint with its range of options and services and genuinely helps novice traders decide the route of gains with limited investments. 

Features of Silver Account 

  • A trader can indulge in hedging and buy different assets at lower costs than the market value. The feature also helps in determining profits and covering the losses. 
  • The fifth decimal option helps in knowing the market better. 
  • There’s full ten-hour support for all traders and investors. It assists in resolving issues of traders in quick succession.
  • It provides features of Islamic Account here. It’s a rare sight, and not many brokers do that for their clients. The system allows Muslims to participate aggressively in the market without thinking much about other things. The secularism at practice deserves applauds. 

Different spreads Silver Account 

  • Dax 2
  • Crude oil 0.07
  • Gold 0.59
  • AUD/USD 2.8
  • EUR/GBP 2.6
  • NZD/USD 3.1
  • USD/CAD 2.9
  • EUR/USD 2.2
  • USD/JPY 2.3
  • USD/CHF 2.6
  • GBP/USD 2.8

Myriad leverage for professional clients on Silver Account 

  • Indices 1:50
  • Commodities 1:50
  • Stocks 1:20
  • FX 1:200
  • Silver and gold 1:50

Gold Trading Account

A trader would often leap on to the Gold Account after purchasing enough experience from Silver Account. When they hope for better options, services and gains, then this account of ABinvesting arrives as a Santa in their lives, fulfilling their desires by gifting excellent tools, great services and splendid environment to blossom. 

The Gold standard alternatives by the broker play well in favour of all investors and traders. Plus, the safety features further pack the assurance of funds. 

Features of Gold Account 

  •  A trader gets a swap discount of twenty-five per cent that helps in saving extra funds spent. So, it is similar to minting more money in the market. 
  • One gets free VPS option to enhance trading. 
  • Hedging is available, which allows buying several stocks, currencies, commodities and other assets at a price lower than their actual valuation. Thus, profit procured is immense, and people can feel at home. 
  • An investor has the luxury of a dedicated account manager that handles several complex activities and works which normally a market manager wouldn’t enjoy or indulge doing. It helps in saving time and let the trader focus on trading and observing the market.
  • Maintaining the credentials of secularism and equality to all, the Gold account offers the opportunity to Muslims through the Islamic Account, which comes as complementary.
  • There’s full-hour support from 10 AM to 8 PM, during which clients can raise their and receive the best answer and solution. 
  • Fifth decimal for a better understanding of trading. 
  • The facility of videos and webinar for gathering information. 

Different spreads for Gold Account 

  • Dax 1.5
  • Crude oil 0.05
  • Gold 0.48
  • AUD/USD 1.8
  • EUR/GBP 1.6
  • NZD/USD 2.1
  • USD/CAD 1.9
  • EUR/USD 1.3
  • USD/JPY 1.5
  • USD/CHF 1.6
  • GBP/USD 2

Myriad leverage for professional clients on Gold Account 

  • Indices 1:100
  • Commodities 1:100
  • Stocks 1:40
  • FX 1:400
  • Silver and gold 1:100

Trading on Gold Account has its perks. The additional features and magnified options help in gaining more significant profits. 

Platinum Trading Account 

It is the most advanced form of trading account and offers optimum security to all its traders. Also, the options and services are way better than one can anticipate. One can approach several alternatives to transact and bid different assets for profitable portfolios. Here are some features associated with the Abinvesting platinum account tier:- 

Features of Platinum Account 

  • The most identifying feature that comes here is the news alert. An investor can get information about the in-depth market and place plannings and biddings accordingly. It adds to profit-making and reduces chances of losses by manifolds. 
  • Swap discount here is fifty per cent, and so are the benefits in the market. Extra money saved can be used in buying some asset and trading in the market.
  •  Free VPS aids in trading and pushes the speed of transactions. 
  • Dedicated Account Manager takes the load of a trader’s back and lets him/her concentrate on the market and its theatrics. It helps when a larger amount is involved in trading.
  • A Muslim trader can avail the benefits of Islamic Account with added advantages. 
  • Application of hedging helps in getting hold of many assets at the lowest possible rates. After acquiring them, traders can sell them at higher rates and rejoice the price difference in the form of gains. 
  • An investor can gather momentum in trading by gathering knowledge and information through webinars and videos. 

Different spreads for Platinum Account 

  • Dax 1
  • Crude oil 0.03
  • Gold 0.37
  • AUD/USD 1.1
  • EUR/GBP 0.9
  • NZD/USD 1.4
  • USD/CAD 1.2
  • EUR/USD 0.7
  • USD/JPY 0.8
  • USD/CHF 0.9
  • GBP/USD 1.3

Myriad leverage for professional clients on Platinum Account 

  • Indices 1:125
  • Commodities 1:125
  • Stocks 1:50
  • FX 1:500
  • Silver and gold 1:125

Platinum Account is ahead of its times and 

Trading Markets and Products?

ABinvesting offers a conducive environment for every trader and lets him/her create a portfolio of choices. Also, it helps in bringing attention to the best available options in the trading market. 

Cryptocurrency market

The broker offers an opportunity to understand and trade in the volatile market of cryptocurrencies. It is the youngest form of instrument that offers the power to become rich quickly due to higher volumes and unpredictability of the market. Furthermore, when an asset starts to grow here, it does not stop until touching record heights. So, if someone can predict that, it is a cherry on a cake. ABinvesting moderates and operates the market for its clients and brings great chances for earning money. 

The broker aids in speculating the market trend and profits start flowing. 

Indices market

Some of the top indices markets include NASDAQ, DAX, FTSE100, Dow Jones, NYSE and others. The market is less risky and provides a greater opportunity when a trader uses the assistance of ABinvesting broker. It offers financial aid in challenging the market’s speculation. An investor can make the prediction by paying heed to key points offered by the brokerage firm. 

Using CFDs, a trader can discover new horizons of the market. The instant market notifications are pretty handy here. 

Commodity market

ABinvesting empowers all its clients to dare to trade in the commodity market, which is one of the archaic but existing markets in the world. Also, the fundamentals of these assets are stronger as they get consumed daily. Thus, their requirement is ethereal, and the world survives on it. A trader can benefit from the correct forecast and prediction of the market. Interestingly, there are more than 60 analytical tools available that can help a market player reach there. 

Stock market

Using the CFD method, one can access more than 150 stocks in the financial market. The market is volatile, but a budding or an experienced trader can create an account in minutes and start trading. It dares clients to trade big by keeping all safety measures in place and check. Also, trace the way to success with amazing tools and features along. 

Forex market

The forex market invites millions of trailers globally, and that’s why the volumes touch USD 6.6 trillion. The top-quality analytical tool has the ability to magnify profits and detect market trends. It’s a liquid market. Thus, selling and buying is easy, coupled with the exclusive features by ABinvesting. The brokers aids in speculating the price movement of different assets and difficult see-through modes. Gain momentum and use leveraging offered by the brokerage firm and become rich. 

Educational Tools 

The broker scores brownie points for enhancing some enticing features in educating traders with the latest changes and offers of the market. A trader and investor get equipped with the following materials and sources of courses that ensure smooth trading in the financial market with the help of ABinvesting. 

VOD:- It explains how, where and when to trade in easy language with illustrations and graphics

Ebooks:- Detailed information is available here, and one can become a trained trader by going through it. 

Courses:- The broker offers courses based on different market types that helps in understanding the tricks of the market. 

Tutorials: Learning while earning is the most profitable thing. 

Research tool:- 

Economic calendar: It offers the insights of different event related to various economies. A trader can formulate strategies around it and find a way to profits. 

Report season calendar: The tool helps in acknowledging the report of several top assets, including stocks and others. 

Trading Signals: It delivers ideas for gaining maximum benefits through trading. 

Contact Details

A trader can contact the broker for 24/7 in multiple ways. The process of contacting ABinvesting for resolving issues is seamless and smooth. 


[email protected]

Live Chat option
Contact number:+441214682461

How to Open a Trading Account? 

The broker saves a trader from falling into a pit and offers the best trading conditions that mitigate issues arising in the financial market. The quick registration is the key to success. Here is the ABinvesting account opening process:- 

  • Pick the trading goal.
  • Set up an account by offering personal details including documents
  • Get them verified
  • Set up a trading environment
  • Fund your account with the minimum deposit
  • Start trading in the live market.

Best Trading Platforms?

Anyone who’s trading with ABinvesting gets the quality treatment from the broker through cult platforms like MetaTrader4, WebTrader and Mobile App. 

MetaTrader4 (MT4)

  • A trader can trade on more than 350 plus CFD assets. 
  • There is an option of one-tap trading. 
  • Get access to 9 timeframes.
  • Take profit set-up
  • Multilingual support
  • More than 60 analytical tools available for investors
  • Get the interactive charts.

Web Trader

  • The platform renders advanced analytical instruments and tools. 
  • One access the global markets easily.
  • Get the trading history and work on the fallacies of the market. 
  • Instant price alerts
  • User-friendly interface
  • Get dedicated live support. 
  • Real-time streaming of prices
  • Take profit tools 
  • Trade on the most popular assets.

Mobile App

Mobile app has all options that WebTrader and MetaTrader4 use. A trader can access all the functionalities of both the platforms on the move with the mobile trading platform.  


  • User-friendly interface
  • Great educational options
  • Availability of Islamic account
  • Customisable accounts
  • 11 languages
  • Multiple operational locations
  • Demo account for all users. It helps in practising before entering the live market.
  • High speed that enables swift market moves
  • Cross-platform trade
  • Quick registration
  • One-click trading


  • Absence of MT5. However, the broker is trying to get that on board soon. 

Fees, Commission and Spreads

ABinvesting works on zero commission and low fee policy which help in drawing more and more financial traders on board for exploring the market. The brokerage firm offers spread as low as 0.03 pips for Forex trading to all retail investor accounts. One can experience floating spreads in other trading instruments. 

Plus, there is no trading commission clients have to pay while trading with the brokerage firm.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The withdrawal takes up to five days. ABinvesting allows its clients to use a wide range of methods for deposits and withdrawals. The multiple ways to deposit funds are credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro) Neteller, Skrill, Visa, VPay, Bank Wire Transfer and others. You can fund the minimum deposit through the above stated methods easily. 

The financial services provider does not charge any additional charges or commission for deposits. The broker is known for providing the utmost safety their client’s funds and ensure that they are safe in segregated bank accounts.


ABinvesting Review 2022 explains how relevant the broker is and the cherry features on the ice that allure people. The brokerage firm offers leverage up to 1:500 that helps in bidding the forex market, which opens the doors of richness for various traders. It takes minutes to register and trade. Besides, customer support is available in 11 languages. A demo account is there to help know the market better under Hub investments ltd. Moreover, the instant market updates assist in delivering the best output.

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