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Brokereo Review 2021

by Alex Williams last updated on March 1, 2021
Minimum Spread :   0.03
Foundation Year :   2020
Min Deposit :   $250
Broker Trusted Point-2
General Information
🏢 Broker Name: Brokereo
🖥 Broker Type: CFD
🌍 Country: Cyprus
📆 Operating since year: 2017
👮‍♂️ Regulation: CySEC with registered number 189/13
📉 Broker status: Active
Customer Service
☎ Phone: +448000318430
Email: [email protected]
Languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch
Availability: 24/5
📚 The Trading platforms: MT4
Trading platform Time zone: EET (GMT+2)
🎮 Demo account: Yes
Mobile trading: Yes
Web-based trading: Yes
Bonuses: N/A
Trading Instruments: Forex, stocks, indices, metals, commodities, and cryptocurrencies
💰 Minimum deposit ($): $250
Maximal leverage: up to 1:500 for professional clients
Spread: Variable
Scalping allowed: Yes

Brokereo is an online broker for the new generation trading. The broker renders speedy trading functionality in more than 350 CFD assets. Brokereo is regulated by the top-tier authority of Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and offers 100 per cent data protection. 


  • Starting spread 0.03 pips: The broker Brokereo proposes a minimum of of 0.03 pips to clients, which is one of the lowest in the industry. Thus, it caters the needs of users and help them to go no ends. The less charge on transactions ensures investors invest more money in the market and earn better returns in quick succession. Also, the profits get bigger.
  • Average execution speed: The average execution time offered by the broker is quick enough to earn money multiple times in a second. That’s why the broker is so user friendly. It knows how to benefit its clients in every condition. Its average speed is 0.04 seconds for placing the the bid. So, investors can make investments swiftly. Hence, traders save time. 
  • Instant account opening: The process of account opening is rigorous in other brokerage firms. But with Brokereo, it is the simplest and the most sought after. It takes a few minutes to fill the details and deposit the money before entering the market for trading. With other brokers, one may have to wait for several days, but here, things happen instantly, including the verification. So, traders do not have to wait a lot for their registration to take place and initiating trading. 
  • Award winning broker: The broker has plenty of awards to its credit that speak volumes about its credibility and performance in the trading market. It has got the best CFD broker trophy, the best CFD provider award, the most reliable forex broker in Europe, etc. These awards are testimonial of the potential that the online service provider holds. 
  • CFD trading: CFD trading is a special way of entering and in different markets of the world with lesser amount of money. The method allows you to speculate on the direction or trend of an asset without getting hold of the underlying. 


  • U.S customers are not accepted

Is Brokereo scam or safe? 

For a broker and financial service provider to be safe for trade, it should be regulated by at least one top-tier regulatory authority. 

If we talk about Brokereo, it is regulated by none other than Cyprus Securities Exchange and Commission (CySEC). The license number of the broker is 189/13. The domain of the broker is operated by Concorde Investments (Cyprus) Limited. 

We can say that the capital of traders and investors is safe with Brokereo. 

Is Brokereo Legit? 

The broker offers transparent trading with a hundred per cent data protection. The platform uses Firewalls and SSL software to ensure the utter safety of transactions and data. 

Brokereo Review

Trading instruments and products on Brokereo

Brokereo offers more than 350 CFD assets for trading. More than that, the broker offers an above-average range of cryptocurrencies. Futures and CFD trade is available with the broker. You can trade a wide range of international markets like Stock CFDs, Index CFDs, crypto CFDs, Metal CFDs, and more. 

The broker not only has major and minor currencies but also exotic currencies on its list. Commodities include basic ones like oil and also distinct and exotic ones like cocoa, coffee, orange juice, copper, and sugar. 

Here is the list of instruments available with Brokereo:

  • Commodity (20+)
  • Currency Pairs (45+)
  • Indices (20+)
  • Stocks (150+)
  • Cryptocurrencies (30+)
  • Metals (3+)

Brokereo Trading Platforms

Brokereo allows traders to trade via MetaTrader 4 and Web Trader. One can facilitate web, desktop, and mobile trading with a smooth and easy interface. 

Features of MetaTrader 4

  • Highly customised and user-friendly tools for righteous trading execution as and when needed.
  • Varied execution modes: Request, market, and Instant 
  • Wide range of analytical tools like the Gann, Fibonacci tools, Lines, channels, arrows, and more. One can use these analytical tools for indicator windows and charts. 
  • A proper track of trading functions, volumes, order types, and other data. 

WebTrader by Brokereo

For web trading, Brokereo offers WebTrader which is a web trading version of Brokereo. In a forex trade, this is one of the most popular and vastly used platforms. With WebTrader, you get all features and functionalities on the tip of your fingers. One gets access to:

  • Wide range of educational and research material
  • Numerous analytical tools 
  • High execution speed 
  • Varied execution modes and order types 
  • Structured and systematic interface 

Brokereo Review

Mobile Trading Application by Brokereo

Here, the MT4 trading platform is transformed into a more compact version of a mobile app. With the mobile trading app, you can trade from anywhere and wherever you want. It provides you access to the same functionalities and features as the web trading platform. 


  • High execution speed
  • Market updates via mobile notification
  • Analytical tools, charting features, education material
  • Varied order types
  • User-friendly and effortless interface 
  • Available for both Android and iOS

All in all, the whole user-interface of trading platforms offered by Brokereo is excellent and can be easily navigated. 

Brokereo Account Types 

With Brokereo, one gets a choice between three varied retail accounts and a professional account. The retail accounts are altered and created keeping in mind different levels of trading. Lets us look at the features and offerings of each account in detail:

Silver Account

  • Min. Deposit: 250 dollars
  • Leverage up to 1:30
  • Spreads start from 0.07 pips
  • Commission-free trading 
  • More than 350 assets to trade with 
  • Market execution type
  • Automated or Robo trading available 
  • Trading Platforms: Mobile application and WebTrader 

Gold Account 

  • Min. Deposit: 250 dollars
  • Leverage up to 1:30 for retail accounts, 1:400 or 500 for professional clients
  • Spreads start from 0.05 pips
  • Commission-free trading 
  • More than 350 assets to trade with 
  • Market execution type
  • Automated or Robo trading available 
  • Trading Platforms: Mobile application and WebTrader 

Platinum Account 

  • Min. Deposit: 250 dollars 
  • Leverage up to 1:30 for retail accounts, 1:400 or 500 for professional clients
  • Spreads start from 0.03 pips
  • Commission-free trading 
  • More than 350 assets to trade with 
  • Market execution type
  • Automated or robo trading available 
  • Trading Platforms: Mobile application and WebTrader 

One can open a professional trading account with Brokereo if the portfolio is vast enough. One gets access to exotic trading features whilst trading via a professional account. 

Since the broker considers and cares about the religious beliefs of communities, one can also set up an Islamic account that follows Sharia law. One enjoys zero swaps on overnight trades with an Islamic account.

Free Demo Account:

The broker also offers a free demo or practise account for traders to practise their skills and strategies before going live in the market. It works the same as the actual Brokereo trading account with a virtual balance to trade products and instruments. 

Account Opening with Brokereo 

The Brokereo login and account opening process involves just three simple steps:

  1. One needs to fill in all the required personal details like name, address, employment details, and more.
  2. Next, the verification of IDs takes place.
  3. Make a deposit to start trading with Brokereo. 

The entire account opening process with Brokereo is effortless and easy to go through. There are no questionnaires, unnecessary information required to be filled in. 

Brokereo Review

Brokereo Deposit and Withdrawal

After you are done with creating an account with the broker, now it is time to deposit the funds into your account. For deposit and withdrawal, the broker offers numerous options and various financial platforms:

  • VISA 
  • MasterCard
  • Credit or debit cards
  • Crypto payment 
  • Nettler 
  • Skrill 

All the methods mentioned above entail various benefits like there are no commissions, they offer protection via SSL encryption, and they are very speedy.

This variety in payment method ensures that traders can easily transfer the money in a number of ways without pursuing any cumbersome cross-platform transactions. 

Commission and fee 

As for commissions, Brokereo offers commission-free trading on all account types and trading instruments. Let us look at the trading and non-trading fees of the broker. 

Trading Fees:

In the aspect of trading fees, various brokers charge traders in these four ways:

  • Swaps
  • Spreads
  • Account fees 
  • Instrument fees 

Brokereo does not charge account and instrument fee from the traders. You are not asked for fixed charges and therefore, you can keep most of your funds and profits intact. Swaps and spreads are low too. 

Non-trading fees:

There are no extra or hidden fees associated with the broker. The broker does not charge any deposit and withdrawal fees from the broker. There are some inactivity fees but one can always avoid them by deactivating your account. 

Leverage on Brokereo

Trading in the finanncial market is a job that kicks adrenaline. And when it is coupled with leverage offered by Brokere, it becomes exponentially exciting for traders. Moreover, the financial service provider offer CFDs on every instrument. It adds multiple options for a market player to to decide and invest without buying the underlying asset. Furthermore, a user can buy and sell in different markets. So, that’s a huge advantage. There’s no requirement of trading with lots of money.

A trader can speculate using leverage and make massive gains quickly. It has three trading accounts; Platinum, Gold and Silver provides two types of leverages for distinct traders. 

The retail traders get to trade with the 1:30 leverage maximum. It is due to the restrictions of European Union. The broker complies with their rules and regulations. However, it is sufficient for beginners and veterans equally because the risk factor weeds out. 

For professional traders, who do trading full time and have years of experience get the maximum leverage of 1:200. The power of such huge leverage allows them to earn bigger with immense knowledge. That’s the reason why they have great success rate trading with Brokereo. 

There are special leverages with each account rendered by Brokereo to all its clients on various instruments. For retail traders, the leverages offered by each account are:- 

Silver, Gold and Platinum Accounts 

  • Minor Indices 20:1
  • Forex Major 30:1
  • Forex Exotic Pairs 20:1
  • Cryptocurrencies 2:1
  • Commodities 10:1
  • Major Indices 20:1
  • Stocks & Shares 5:1
  • Gold 20:1
  • Energy Commodities 10:1

Special leverages for professional clients: 

Silver Account

  • Indices 1:50
  • Commodities 1:50
  • Cryptocurrencies 1:2
  • Forex 1:200
  • Metals 1:50
  • Stocks 1:10

Gold Account 

  • Indices 1:100
  • Commodities 1:100
  • Cryptocurrencies 1:2
  • Forex 1:200
  • Metals 1:100
  • Stocks 1:10

Platinum Account 

  • Indices 1:125
  • Commodities 1:125
  • Cryptocurrencies 1:2
  • Forex 1:200
  • Metals 1:125
  • Stocks 1:10

How to contact Brokereo customer support?

Customer assistance is another vital part of the whole trading process. A broker must put healthy communication channels to solve the issues and quench the queries of its clients in the fastest manner. Let us look at how Borkereo performs when it comes to customer support and service.

Brokereo offers the most lucrative customer service methods for its clients. One can contact the broker via email or phone. A live chat option is also available with the broker to address the most immediate queries. The response time for both email and phone service is quite fast which leads to quick redressal of problems.  

Here are the details:

  • Phone:+448000318430
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live chat feature available on the website 

If one wants more detailed interaction with the professional customer team of Bokereo, then we would recommend the email support offered by the broker. A bit of phone call and live chat methods are more feasible for quicker response and fast redressal of queries. All in all, the whole customer support system of the broker is magnificent just like the other services and functionalities rendered by the broker. 

Brokereo Review: Research and Education 

Brokereo not only cares about the immediate features but also focuses on long term success by providing a plethora of research and educational material that is upgraded regularly.

Both research and education are important aspects of trading. Education material helps in enhancing the skills and knowledge of the traders and helps them make robust trading strategies. Similarly, research tools help in making the most profitable trading decisions and help in finding the precise exit and entry points of the trade. 

Here is the list of research and educational material provided by Brokereo:

  • Economic calendar 
  • Report season calendar 
  • VODs
  • Online courses 
  • Webinars 
  • Articles
  • Ebooks
  • Trading news 
  • Trading signals 
  • Blogs 

Advantages of trading with Brokereo

  • Substantial leverage up to 1:500
  • Multiple trading accounts to choose from 
  • Effortless and easy navigation of trading platforms 
  • Advanced research and educational tools 
  • Low minimum deposit of 250 dollars 
  • Commission-free trading 
  • Dedicated customer support 

Conclusion: Is Brokereo worth trading with?

So after discussing each aspect of the broker, is it safe to trust your hard-earned money with Brokereo? Well, the broker acquaints its licensing with the most prestigious entities called CySEC. Therefore, we can say that the platform and financial service provider is safe and not at all a scam. At the same time, the trading fees of the broker is quite low. The broker also offers a free demo account that can be really beneficial for new traders and beginners. 


What is the minimum deposit of trading with Brokereo?

The minimum deposit to open an account with Brokereo is 250 dollars. 

What are the advantages of trading with Brokereo?

  • Advanced research and educational tools 
  • Low minimum deposit of 250 dollars 
  • Commission-free trading 
  • Dedicated customer support 
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