Top 9 stockbrokers in London: a benchmark for success!

Top 9 stockbrokers in London

In the long run, the stock market remains the best place to put your money to work. However, you cannot only purchase stock through your bank account or call the company, asking that they buy shares. You are looking for that excellent brokerage account, and you will have to find it yourself. We aim to help you on that quest for independence. We will let you know as to what makes the top 9 stockbrokers in London. 

Thankfully for the modest investors, the brokerage industry has undergone dramatic changes over the last twenty years. You used to have to call a person called a stockbroker, getting him to place the order for you. Old fashioned, complicated, and worst of all -expensive: that’s how investment brokers felt. 

The brokerage industry has undergone a radical evolution. Currently, most investors buy and sell stocks through what they think is the best online stockbrokers in London. 

Alongside the massive improvements, the competition has also gotten lava-hot. This is a boon for all who are searching for the best stockbrokers in the UK. 

Best online stockbrokers in London: desired features

An online stock broker is only a conduit for stock exchanges. For the commission on every trade, they dispatch your orders to stock exchanges and market makers. The latter actually do the lifting of matching your purchase order with an investor looking to sell, and vice versa. 

It is not doable to just enter a stock exchange and make a trade yourself without a broker. 

Truth to tell, any stock exchange today is far different to the depictions portrayed on the silver screen. Unbelievable, the setting for trading is quite unglamorous, taking place as it does between computers in semi-dark server rooms in London.  

Full service versus discount brokers 

Like the process for handling stock trades undergoing transformations, the terms used for people and businesses catalysing trades have also morphed. Currently, rather than use ‘stockbroker’ as an all-purpose term for any person/firm dealing in stocks, we have begun bifurcating companies so that we have Full-service brokers and discount brokers. These are more honest, transparent labels descriptive of their calling. 

Discount brokers -Top 9 stockbrokers in London

Discount brokers are simply online stock brokers. They are not in the business of offering advice or ringing you up with stock picks. Rather, discount brokers merely concentrate on the essential service of assisting you in buying/selling stock from the convenience of your home. 

Given that discount brokers offer frills-free services, it stands to reason that they ask for a very modest compensation for their efforts. The best online stockbrokers in London demand not one penny to place a trade.

 Compare this with the traditional stockbroker. 

Moreover, discount brokers have the tendency to have lower investment requirements. There are some utterly lacking any minimums at all.  

Full-service brokers -Top 9 stockbrokers in London

Firms we know to be ‘full service brokers’ are more intimately connected with stockbrokers of yesteryears. Full-service brokers frequently use human brokers who can aid you in making a trade, chance upon mutual funds to trade in or come up with a retirement plan. 

Be that as it may, such brokers are expensive, given that -compatible with our experience – humans are more costly than computers. You can initially compensate a highly regarded full-service broker with at least GBP75 to place a stock trade. This can easily escalate to GBP 500 plus when it comes to buying up large amounts of stock.

Purchasing mutual funds thru full-service brokers can likely depress by quanta of a few thousand pounds. Moreover, these guys frequently charge fees equal to a portion of the amount you invest. 

In all likelihood, full-service brokers will always have higher account minimums. Some elite advisors only work with clients who have a million pounds or more in assets. 

As may be expected, the line between the two types of brokers is gradually blurring. Discount brokers have wealth management services that provide you with the hello of a traditional broker at a full-service price. On the other hand, a number of full-service brokers provide a basic service range at discounted prices. 

For instance, full-service broker Merrill Lynch has a discount broker limb, namely Merrill Edge Self Directed. 

Top 9 stockbrokers in London: features their accounts offer 

When hitching your trading fortunes with a stockbroker, we have come up with characteristics you ought to look for. We have had very satisfying results when we assessed our brokers thru these lenses. We recommend you do the same, to our profit. 

The best brokerage accounts provide varied online stock trading platforms, diverse educational resources, and such like. Keeping that in mind, we think the following features have a resounding relevance to your interests too: 

  • Fees & commissions

Essential, online stock and ETF trades ought to be totally free. Sans doubt. Investors currently pay zero commission at the vast majority of the best online stockbrokers in London. Some go so far as to even offer options trading for zero commission, which is a cinch for active traders. 

A few charge commissions for mutual fund trades. Fee structure comparisons are still a useful yardstick to measure broker utility by. ; 

  • Mutual funds

A majority of brokers do charge commission for mutual fund trading. It is equally true that most have a list of thousands of funds that true without any commission; 

  • Account minimums

A great many of our most favoured online stockbrokers do not have an account minimum. When you are just beginning to invest, you must verify that you can meet minimum investment requirements prior to considering a broker ; 

  • Trading platform

Several stockbrokers in London have complex, feature-rich online trading platforms and software available to client traders. They have Robo advisors, too – especially handy with managed portfolio services. 

Many have highly efficient investing apps that are undoubtedly useful if you wish to trade on the go; 

  • Screeners & research

A key benefit of having a brokerage account so that you may be able to access a second opinion as and when needed. Many brokers provide a complete suite of third-party research besides stock and fund screeners. For instance, the yearly investing fee in a fund, or aid in sorting thru your choices, the agency being parameters such as price to earnings ratio. 

UK stockbrokers comparison: hows and whys

Top 9 stockbrokers in London brokerage accounts can appeal to you if you find they are compatible with your trading plan, style, goal. There are a number of factors you have to take into account – 

  • In all likelihood, you do not need a full-featured trading platform, provided you plan just to buy and hold stock; 
  • You ought to look for a broker with a comprehensive no transaction fee mutual fund list, provided you plan in the main to purchase mutual funds; 
  • You will most likely wish to search for a broker without any minimum investment requirement, provided you are a brand new investor, only aiming to invest a few hundred pounds at first; 
  • Make sure you compare what each broker changes for activities when you intend to trade bonds or stock options, or plan or make trades over the phone relative to online. 

Top 9 stockbrokers in London: effective minimums 

Notwithstanding some online stock brokers having minimum account requirements, the amount you actually require to start investing is more involved with what you invest in rather than where you open an account. 

Certain investment types have the following features thanks to their adhering to effective minimums.

  • Mutual funds

Far too many mutual funds have minimum investments of around GBP 1000, though there are a few exceptions. ROinvesting offers a number of its mutual funds without any account minimums. Be sure to ask for funds with minimums willing to waive the requirement provided the investor agrees to make automatic investments at regular intervals ; 

  • Exchange-traded funds

A surefire benefit of investing in ETFs is that they trade similar to stocks. Hence the minimum to invest in them is one share’s price. SPDR S&P ETF Trust, the largest ETF globally, owns all S&P 500 Index 500 stocks and trades for close to GBP 300 per share. Trading for GBP 100 or less, there are ETFs that have lower share prices ;

  •  Stocks

Just like ETFs, the minimum amount to begin investing in stocks is generally the price of one share. For example, Ford shares recently traded for close to GBP 15 each, while Facebook shares trade for close to BP 250. It is not unusual to find Amazon shares trading in excess of GBP 1800 each. However, Schwab recently began permitting its clients to trade fractional shares in an interesting move, thus making higher-priced stocks accessible to less endowed investors.  

Considerations before choosing your best  stockbrokers in London

Fees traders can easily justify investor-friendly features – these are the apparent offerings from the top 9 stockbrokers in London. Drawing up a UK stockbrokers list would be dependent mainly on the following features: 

  • Price

Fees have been plummeting, given that most online brokers have greatly reduced their stock and ETF trading commissions. Trading costs are a vital factor that makes or mar a broker-trader relationship ; 

  • Broker resources

You will also think of factors like the kind of research tools and advice from the broker, the digital trading app quality, plus the ability to place trades swiftly and reliably; 

  • Strategy

Your own investment strategy will determine the account you really wish to go after. Included would be the frequency with which you plan to trade and if you are rookie or seasoned. For any UK stockbrokers list, the trading platform and its relation with an investment strategy is another effective factor. 

Top 9 stockbrokers London: the overview


Regardless you are searching for an impactful trading platform, slight commissions, caring customer support, ET Finance will do right by you. The broker does it all well. As a result, ETFinance remains a substantial investor-friendly pick whether you are just starting out or an advanced investor. 

The European global banking and finance awards 2020 -best CFD broker, Europe. ETFinance has a solid reputation for providing some of the best research and tools for investors about to retire. Cutting-edge tools and the broker’s platform’s info make the quintessential ETFinance a good option for investors wishing to dig in. 

Upholding its reputation further is ETFinance secured the – which polled the folk who should know best, bonafide ETFinance customers. 

The broker dropping its trading commissions to nil is a boon to all traders. This is generally true of long-term buy-and-hold investors. ETFinance also has zero fees on diverse services that other brokers normally charge for. 


ROinvesting is a superlative option for investors of diverse abilities. Regardless of if you need guidance and education as you are beginning or when you are prepared to turn to the broker’s high-powered trading platform, ROinvesting is a company of top 9 stock brokers in London and is deserving of your assessment. 

In all likelihood, you will find what you are looking for at ROinvesing. 

The broker offers the client trader access to a library of educational content that includes webcasts, videos, plus thousands of articles. That may sound a bit intimidating, but you are free to opt for precisely the info you need. 

Beyond stocks, you can also trade a range of securities. Options, bonds, and futures are available .via futures, and you may trade cryptocurrency. Via the broker’s mobile app, you can do it all. 

The broker charges no commissions for its ETF and stock trades, and trading options cost close to GBP 1 per contract. Sans account minimums, ROinvesting is an option sure to appeal to novice traders. 


101investing has a long pedigree of aiding individual investors, and the tradition stays exactly intact. Ranked as – the broker is a great choice all in all.The best CFD broker 2020 (World Forex Awards). 101investing provides great trading tools, superlative customer support, and a diverse range of educational and research material without any commission. T

The broker also has an innovative customer service policy that says clients can obtain refunds on related commissions, a transaction fee, or any advisory program in case they feel less than satisfied. 

101investing meets the industry standard on stock and ETF commissions, in other words, zero. Options trades, however, still ring up a GBP 1 for each contract fee. 


PrimeFin, the online brokerage, has made a big splash, developing thousands of devoted followers for its user-friendly mobile app and its commission-free trading. 

You will be entitled to no-fee trading on ETFs and stocks, besides cryptocurrencies and options. Also, having a cash management account. Hence you may make a quick transfer whenever you want to trade. 

PrimeFin research tools are less robust relative to other brokers’ offerings. There is some access to margin trading. The broker hopes to expand to joint accounts and IRAs in the near future. 


Trade ATF gives a solid option, irrespective of the type of investor you are. Passive or active, expert or novice. Also, it has a remarkable educational section, providing a tool library and a bunch of webinars, educational clips, and news videos targeting traders of all levels. You may also check in with TradeATF analysts for commentary and up-to-date analysis. These can aid you to craft your trading strategy. 

In case you are concerned about being left to invest on your own, rest assured that it gives an online chat option and 24/7 phone support. Active traders may really like the broker’s flagship trading platform, which comes with many tools. There’s an app version as well. 


Brokereo is a remarkable brokerage for active investors and professionals, with good trade execution and a substantial trading platform. But recently, it has become more appealing to newer investors. The broker has also upped its cost in relation to customer support and research tools. 

The website’s high feel of functionality and seamless no-frills service endears the broker to its client traders. 


Capixal gives high-quality tools to traders while catering to investors eager to hit the trading ground running. 

The client can ask for detailed research reports on individual stocks. He can also receive research from MorningStar and Lipper. Capixal also does well with educational materials, aiding you in planning your trading future. 


Investby is good for traders since it makes available to them all the useful info to help them succeed in the investing world. In addition, all sorts of educational materials may advantage new investors. 

You are free to put forth investment queries regardless of level. There’s no such thing as a stupid question. The brand can be accessed through any variety of apps, including Facebook Messenger. 

The broker’s reading app keeps you in touch with trades on the go. Read Investby Review.

Ally Invest 

A newer entrant onto the brokerage stage, Ally Invest is a solid offering to expand investing. 

Ally’s mobile app gets you quotes and makes trades. A direct bank, Ally is well regarded for superlative customer service. 

The broker’s website’s resource centre has the gist of complex concepts presented in the form easiest for beginners to digest. 


Top 9 stockbrokers in London is a list that has all the ingredients to galvanise your trading. All the info herein is intended to ensure you get the maximum bang for your buck. Trading simulators, apps, trading platforms, education, research tools, customer support – these are standards by which we may assess if the broker will perform per our vision. We are glad to say that investment brokers in the UK have serviced more than just up to scratch. 

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