XBO: Your New Friend In The Crypto World

XBO Your New Friend In The Crypto World

Anticipation of a crypto exchange, XBO is creating a substantial buzz around the crypto space. The exchange’s primary goal is to transform how we use and trade crypto. 

The platform is intuitive for trading crypto with a user-friendly interface and better customer service. It aims to make crypto investment easier for everyone, from beginners to advanced traders. 

XBO aims to provide an easy and intuitive user interface to deliver a better trading experience. The core values of XBO include simplicity, inclusivity, trust, and security.

Why Choose XBO?

The market volume of digital currencies has kept increasing over the past few years. As a result, many people want to get their hands on this asset class easily and effectively. XBO is the right place for you to explore the multiple opportunities in this industry with a user-friendly platform. 


High Security, 

The security of users’ funds and privacy is the top priority of XBO. Therefore, the exchange is partnering with the best security service providers to provide the enhanced safety measures available in the market. So you don’t need to worry about the security of your data with XBO. 

Along with high security, it will also focus on providing the best quality educational support for users’ convenience. 

A Good Chance to Win Black Diamond Status

At its pre-launch stage, XBO has announced a rare and great opportunity to enter a quest and win black-diamond loyalty status. You can become one of the first 10,000 verified members and get a chance to win the black diamond tier. In addition, the exchange has a generous loyalty program to immediately give away its gold diamond loyalty status to the first 10k members.

You can also ascend the loyalty program with five progressive tiers. Every progressive tier comes with added features and benefits. The five tiers of the loyalty program are:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond 
  • Black Diamond 

Understanding the XBO Loyalty Program

XBO loyalty program consists of various perks and benefits, including cashbacks, low trading fees, and free crypto and fiat withdrawals. As you ascend the five incremental tiers from lower (silver) to higher (black diamond), you need experience points (XPs). The higher the level, the more XPs you require. 

But as mentioned above, you will get the gold loyalty status if you register now to claim one of the first 10k seats and a chance to win black diamond status. 

Features of XBO Loyalty Program:


Features Silver  Gold Platinum Diamond  Black Diamond
XP required 100 XP 10,000 XP 65,000 XP 650,000 XP 2,100,000 XP
Free Crypto Deposit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spot trading fees (taker/maker) in % 0.40% / 0.30% 0.38% / 0.29% 0.36% / 0.27% 0.32% / 0.24%  There are more benefits in black diamond status than lower tiers
Free Crypto Withdrawals N/A 2 per month 3 per month 4 per month
Free Fiat Withdrawals N/A 2 per month 3 per month 4 per month
XBO Card N/A Gold  Platinum Diamond (Free Metal)
Crypto Rewards N/A Randomized amount 2.5 x Randomized amount 10 x Randomized amount

The Top Tier – Black Diamond Loyalty Status

There are several benefits of black diamond loyalty status other than those of lower tiers. The black diamond status is above all the tiers. It requires 2,100,000 XP. 

What is the Major Concern? 

As an investor, we always worry about the security of our funds. But, unfortunately, we see many cases of data breaches because of which traders’ data is at serious risk. So this crypto exchange aspires to secure the users’ data with military-grade safety measures by collaborating with the best security providers. As a result, you can trust the exchange regarding the safety of your assets and all your information.  

Along with security, customer support and satisfaction are essential for a favourable trading environment. XBO looks well-equipped to provide all that to its users for a good customer experience. 

Key Takeaways

  • The exchange is about to launch soon.
  • Once-in-a-lifetime rewards for early users.
  • Security is the top priority for the exchange.
  • The loyalty program has the potential to grow your investment returns massively.
  • The four legs of exchange are simplicity, inclusivity, trust, and security.

As the XBO is in the pre-launch phase, You can start your Crypto Trading Journey with Investby. The Broker has the best rating and reviews on Trustpilot.


1) What Is XBO?

XBO is an upcoming crypto exchange that will enter the crypto space in the coming days.

2) Is XBO A Safe Crypto Exchange?

The platform claims to implement military-grade security measures. So, it can be said the platform is safe to trade with.

3) How to Register for XBO Loyalty Program?

By opening an account on the exchange, you will automatically enter the loyalty program. You can upgrade your loyalty tier anytime.

4) How Can I Win  Gold Loyalty Status?

By registering for the Early Access program, you will be rewarded with instant access to Gold loyalty status.

5) Can Beginners Use XBO?

The user interface offered by the XBO is powerful yet simplified enough to suit beginner crypto traders.

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