Buyucoin Review 2022: It Is Scam? | Unbiased Overview

Buyucoin review Is it safe

BuyUcoin is a cryptocurrency exchange company, based in India, New Delhi, It was founded in 2016 as a crypto trading company. Ever since its establishment, the platform has had over 250,000 enrolled users and has traded over USD 50 million in digital assets. It is solely available to Indian investors and provides buy/sell opportunities in much more than 130 currencies in both EZ/OTC desk and traditional markets.

Its other features, such as its affiliate and referral scheme, as well as the Cryptocurrency Rebate Card EzBack project, are sure to entice new investors.

Is BuyUcoin Safe?

Yes, it is totally secure and safe since all TLS (SSL)-enabled services, along with the public site and user account, need HTTPS. Moreover, its authorized modules use TLS to communicate to BuyUcoin sites and check TLS certificates on each session, providing you with further security.

Furthermore, it employs HSTS to ensure that only HTTPS is used to interact with BuyUcoin.

Pros and Cons of BuyUcoin


  • The smartphone app UI is simple and user-friendly.
  • Allows for the trading of over 130 different cryptocurrencies.
  • The first OTC counter in India to operate without charging a fee.
  • Crypto Reward is a one-of-a-kind offer.
  • Credit and debit cards are accepted for trade.


  • Allows only Indian investors to buy and sell in Indian rupees.
  • The Invest rates are greater than the worldwide average.
  • Liquidity issues

Are cryptocurrencies Available On Buyucoin?

As a cryptocurrency exchange, Buyucoin allows users may invest in more than 130 cryptos available in the market, including Bitcoin, ETH-INR, DOGE-INR, YFI-INR, and many others. BuyUcoin company is very quick to introduce trendy currencies and coins that are experiencing a strong rise with a significant bull run in the near term.

The company usually provides coin pairings with a good pedigree since it always considers user security and privacy.

BuyUcoin Trading fees

A transaction, as you may know, needs two sides. In cryptocurrency trading of digital assets, these parties are referred to by several names (not just party one and party two). The manufacturer is the entity whose request is on the order form previous to the transaction.

The receiver is the person who hears the maker’s command and thinks, “Yeah, that’s great enough even for me, and I’m going to acknowledge that order.” Because the makers supply liquidity to the exchange, they are frequently given a lower trading charge than the takers.

BuyUcoin, on the other hand, charges the same cost to both takers and makers: 0.24 percent. Because the worldwide industrial average trading fees for consumers and producers have traditionally been approximately 0.25 percent for takers and somewhat less for makers, BuyUcoin’s trading fees are in line with previous industry norms.

Withdrawal fees at BuyUcoin

So, what about the withdrawal fees? Withdrawal costs vary depending on the cryptocurrencies you’re withdrawing, however, they’re usually a fixed proportion of the applicable

cryptocurrencies, unlike trading fees. According to’s empirical investigation, the average industry BTC withdrawals cost is 0.00053 bitcoin.

Each bitcoin withdrawal costs 0.00065 BTC at BuyUcoin. This withdrawal cost is comparable to the industry standard but slightly higher.

How To Deposit Fund’s?

It accepts wire transfers as a deposit option, however, credit cards are not accepted. If you want to just use your credit card for any purpose, this is obviously bad news. If that’s the case, simply utilize the Exchange Locator or browse our Exchange List to discover a suitable exchange that accepts credit card payments.

BuyUcoin App-based trading platform

Both Android and iOS handsets can use the BuyUcoin app. The app has a straightforward and rapid user interface. Furthermore, the mobile app is a wiser choice than the site because it has all of the site’s functions in a more concise and accessible format.

However, because this trading desk permits inputs of fiat money, it stands apart from many other exchanges that exclusively take crypto transactions. It’s also referred to as an “entry-level swap.”

Customer Service

If you have a problem, you may use the Contact company to discuss it in detail. You may also send your inquiries to [email protected] using the site.

Referral Program at BuyUcoin

Users will obtain links provided after joining the Buyucoin site, which you can see in the “Earn” area. Moreover, if you publish the BuyUcoin referral code on any social media site, you will get a 30% share of the user’s trading costs for the lifespan of the accounts that was created using your referral code.

Transparency on the web

Despite the fact that the digital currency industry has been afflicted by virtual currencies and rogue exchangers, BuyUcoin has mostly evaded censure. It is a user-friendly trading platform that lowers the barrier to entry for cryptocurrency investment, which is generally seen as complicated and confusing.

On BuyUcoin’s main page, you’ll discover all of the trading choices, including the ability to acquire cryptocurrency with a single click.

Sign Up & Login with BuyUcoin

Join up or log in with your e-mail address.

Carry out the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. Keep a copy of your ID proof with you at all times. Enter your basic KYC information (Aadhar card, Pan Card, and bank account information) to get your profile approved.

Transfer your funds in the manner that you like. You may effortlessly deposit cryptocurrency or Indian rupees into your BuyUcoin digital wallet.

With a single tap, you may buy and sell currencies.

Is BuyUcoin the right place for investment

Yes, Buyucoin company is the best crypto exchange for use whether you are a newbie or a seasoned trader since it is incredibly user-friendly and reliable. It offers both easy and real-time investing, as well as price chart and articles to assist you when you trade. It is much more lucrative to operate than other portals because of its reward and incentive schemes.


BuyUcoin cryptocurrency exchange offers a straightforward cryptocurrency trading and user-

friendly design, as well as an emphasis on its in-house NFT Exchange. Moreover, the portal will soon unveil its descendant’s platforms, which will include mobile applications with all of the essential capabilities.

Aside from that, BuyUcoin provides a number of advanced features, such as a complimentary OTC desk and a cryptocurrency reward gift voucher. It also has a superb safety system and therefore does not demand a security fee. Furthermore, its referrals and partner networks are excellent sources of passive revenue.

However, because of its limited liquidity, its purchase prices are relatively high when compared to the worldwide digital currency industry. However, using the “exchange” button at the bottom of the main web page, its investors may research the financial system thanks to its user-friendly layout. In order to achieve the right investment selection possible.

Furthermore, its rapid and prompt customer support enhances its trust and dependability, ensuring a positive user experience. Finally, the digital currency market is volatile, so do your homework before making any form of investment.


Is BuyUcoin an Indian company?

Headquartered in India’s NEW Delhi-NCR region.

Can we trust BuyUcoin Company? is it safe?.

Despite there being no one in charge of risks, it has several strong security layers in place when it comes to withdrawals, such as employing ‘cold wallets,’ which hold 95 percent of customer assets offline.

What is the BuyUcoin withdrawal fee?

They charges Rs. 10 for withdrawals.


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