Best Long Term Forex Trading Strategy

long term forex trading strategy

The foreign exchange market is the most liquid one compared to others in the world. The volumes, traffic and number of traders trying their hands are massive. They do not have to wait to pass their currencies in the market when the market fluctuates. Also, it works for twenty-four hours a day and five days in different parts of the globe. So, the application of the long term forex trading strategy needs to be worked out. However, everything said and done, trading forex requires discipline, which you cannot afford to lose.

So, a day trading amounts to the risk and may cause losses to many traders.

Exciting profits through Forex Markets

If you want to achieve some exciting profits in forex trading, keeping a bigger idea in mind is important. The vast picture is the sculpt of your dreams that determine the freedom of your earnings. You need to collect immense information regarding different currency pairs and at myriad levels. The piece of knowledge can carry interest rates in various countries, economic conditions, political scenarios, foreign policies, current market and environment for trading.

Counting on these thoughts effectively can bring upon the energy of exchanging currencies and make some good money. A trader needs a long term forex trading strategy in place along with command on phenomenons like swing trading, fundamental analysis, trading style, high level of risk, time frame and many other factors.

Check fundamentals in a big picture

If you want to know about how an economy is progressing or commanding in the market or whether the currency is suitable or may not be suitable for trading, then looking at the fundamentals is vital. When you trade forex, knowing about political preposition, reasons of the market, inflation, employment conditions, per capita income, CPI, industrial growth, import and export of goods. In the larger scheme of things, you can easily find the relevance of currency exchange and fundamentals.

Thus, exposure to more and more currencies and their countries’ data can help make better trading strategy and pick the right pairs. Hence, forex traders should consider these piece of knowledge prior to entering the market.

Interest Rates for Forex Trading Strategies

If you want to be the king among forex traders, then knowing about the interest rates of countries offering

g currencies for trading in the market becomes important. In long term trading, you need to notice the rollover. If a country is paying sufficient interest for a year, then that’s the criteria of a strong economy. And calculating that you can figure out how a currency would justify your investments going forward.

Also, the better interest rates are good for the investment as when you hold currencies for a long term, then you also bag the benefit. So, any country paying more interest would have the best chances to sustain itself in the market. It will grab the attention of traders against the weaker currency.

So, to become a potent trader, one needs to slip into details of interest rates.

Relative Real Interest Rates

The job or relative real interest rate is to measure how good deposits will maintain their position in the market in a given currency. They look at the purchasing power capacity to reach a conclusion. For example, if the Federal Funds Rates are slated between the range of 0 to 0.25 per cent, then subsequently, the CPI (the US consumer price index) would be around 1.5 per cent. Now that’s the disparity or difference.

So, it involves the acumen of a trader while paying the price for purchasing a currency pair. Imagine a customer opening a $ 10000 deposit that pays 0.25 per cent interest for a year. It means the client will accumulate 2.5 per cent wealth in nominal terms.

However, it is possible only when there’s an inflation movement. If it stays at the same level, then the customer is bound to suffer heavy losses. After the stipulated period of twelve months, they may have to bear a loss of 1.25 per cent. It is calculated by subtracting 0.25 per cent from 1.5 per cent.

That means the actual interest rate of the USD is -1.25 per cent.

However, have you thought about the central banks which roll out interest rates even lower than that? A trader may have to change the position and apply stop loss accordingly. The currency may trend differently, and a long term strategy may seep in beautifully during transactions.

There may be a possibility that even after the Swiss National Bank holding on to a -0.75 per cent interest rate, despite that Swiss Franc has the potential to hold its ground firm against the US dollar. It has happened in the past where the currency appreciated almost by 5 per cent.

Weekly charts suitable for investors

If you are a new trader or one with intermediate experience or do not know which direction the trend would go, then long term forex trading strategy can be a mammoth task. If you want to know what’s happening with a currency pair, then take a reverse and view weekly charts. You’ll grasp all information that happened in the past week. An independent financial advisor is always up for that.

You can feel better by looking at the larger picture compared to a daily chart. Also, there’s a graph of your improvements and depreciation. Hence, you can have a bigger perspective of how to trade forex. Professional traders do not sustain a loss by analysing weekly charts. Also, the second-guessing in the market gets diminished subsequently.

Clarity in mind for executing forex trading

With clarity in mind and you can make the correct decision in forex markets. The trading long term becomes relatively simple with such ideas in the frame. Whatever positing you are holding gets bolstered by strong thoughts and implementations. You know better at what price to sell and purchase assets. Also, investment objectives become clearer than earlier.

Notably, short term traders or long-term traders should not invest or hold any position in the market for the sake of it. There should be long term strategies that bind your motive together and help you through a stop loss. The foreign exchange market carries a high level of risk. Thus, traders should seek advice from weekly charts’ perspectives.

However, there are chances that you may feel bored of the big picture trading. Also, the initial investment may draw all your personal finance at once. But you have to keep your passing going, as short term trading comes with a higher risk factor, and people will have to move toward long term forex trading strategy for gaining profits.

Technical analysis

Technical analysis is not bound in one form but several when it comes to implementation by forex traders. When you put up your fortunes in the ln term trading perspectives, technical analysis means driving your thoughts to software, platforms and machines utilised for finding the best long term forex trading strategy. However, some newbies may confuse it with MACD or moving averages, but there’s a difference.

The big term trading strategies help you focus on times in the forex market where you can speculate on the changing trend. It is suitable for all investors irrespective of their experiences and past performance. Technically, purchasing a currency pair does not mean buying them overtly.

Although, there be a matter of misjudgement while carving a trading plan using financial services. So, should use different time frames or at least a time frame to produce a long-term strategy.

Key factors of long term strategies

Trading traders will always look at the price band while buying a currency pair. Moreover, there will always be an application of stop-loss for avoiding uncertainties developing from the market.

Advice from an independent personality who has major experience in the forex trade can come in handy to people. If you hold funds for an extended period of time in the forex market, you are never at a loss. The market always bounces back. Furthermore, you are subject to an interest rate.

Thus, this style of forex trading is garnering popularity among beginner traders. So, if you want to trade in the system, get your trading plan ready and jump into the market. There’s nothing with money that you cannot buy in the financial market.

Myriad long term strategies

There are myriad long term strategies that you can apply to cast away risks associated with trades. The 200-day moving average strategy in forex is among the most renowned ones. It is the representation of the average price of two hundred days as per the long term forex strategy part.

It sees over 200 business days of a currency pair and helps to analyse long term trading strategy for the forex market. The activity helps in knowing the dynamics and identifying trades of long term trading. A trader can develop a long term forex strategy by putting up all tools into place.

The comparison of relative interest rates of different nations’ currency is one of a kind long term forex strategy. It means excluding the annual inflation rate from the interest rate finalised by the central bank of a country. The idea behind it is that the currencies with better or huge interest rates tend to perform better against peers.

Another renowned trading strategy involves comparing the purchasing power parity (PPP) with the current exchange rates. Trading long term will become easy for a trader, and the risk will minimise subsequently.

PPP and price of goods as long term Forex Trading Strategy

The purchasing power parity can identify the exchange rates that equalise services and goods among two distinct nations. Thus, it helps in knowing that currencies that trade below the PPP levels are worth investing in or undervalued. So, you, a trader, knows where to invest in the long term scenario and what position to hold. These currencies tend to appreciate compared to others.

However, there’s no short term trading that involves such benefits. Interestingly, the indicator has various agencies like Big Mac Index ( British financial newspaper Economist) and OECD (Economic Cooperation and Development) supporting and measuring it.

So, there’s no risk that involves traders. However, nominal interest rates are one of the significant parts of long term trading. For trading forex financial services and a suitable strategy should be in place.

A short while ago, in 2020, the Swiss Consumer Price Index reached -0.5 per cent. The real interest stood at -0.25 for CHF. Interestingly, no central bank in the world can exercise negative nominal interest rates. The Covid 19 pandemic has changed the equation of trading in recent times. And it has changed the PPP model also consecutively. Following this, several economies have reduced their interest rates. It may not be suitable for all investors.

Common mistakes during long term trading strategies

If you want to trade forex currencies without getting bogged down by the anticipation of a long term forex trading strategy, then you may need to hold positions for weeks to months. That’s the most preferred way of drawing benefits through forex trading. However, while performing that, there may be variations in the exchange rates. So, a trader needs to be slightly aware of the situation. Time frames can be helpful during these periods.

The trend of different swings may continue for a while, which can make trades tricky for market players. The most prominent errors committed by traders is that they utilise overleveraged accounts. Notably, in the forex market, without the long term trading strategy, it takes a 2 per cent swing of the market to wipe out all finances against the trader’s position.

Ignoring rollover costs

Moreover, traders commit a mistake by ignoring rollover costs. In a longer run or longer period, the amount may go down the abyss. It can trigger losses to traders instead of profits. So, a long term forex trading strategy requires to be placed with all precision and thoughtfulness.

Most traders invest in the forex market as a long term strategies. However, when they open the position, it turns out to be a short term strategy. It puts their trades at huge risk. Also, there’s improper utilisation of time frames. Thus, there is no effective long term planning for trading in the forex market, which harms the prospect of traders.

Another reason that comes as a hindrance in forex trading is scalping and short-term trading. Investors are so caught up in quick money that they overlook the trouble that arrives sticking with it. You can look at the past performance and realise it.

Over managing trades

Many people indulge in overmanaging trades or spending a lot during odd times. The overtrading and overmanagement things get market players into an untoward situation where losses are lurking at all times. That means you are keeping your trades open and not letting it settle down. So, you end up losing your money. It is like plucking a fruit before it ripens. Such a short term execution of price does not help.


For effective long term forex trading strategy, a trader should first study the market and realise how does it work and what are the fundamentals involved to channelise it. There are key elements and factors like inflation, internal politics, currency pairs, price range, markets, management of trades, proper placement of long term strategy, and intent to hold currencies. If these aspects are in place, then a trade is successful for a trader.

You can be consistently profitable by applying long term forex trading strategy and inviting suggestions from independent advisors.

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