What is DeFi and How Does it Work? A Detailed Overview

What is defi

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) refers to carrying out financial services on a public blockchain.  In simple words, it refers to financial services that are not governed by any central body or banks.  Overall, it can be called a fusion of traditional banking services with blockchain technology. The technology removes intermediaries by allowing consumers, merchants, and corporations […]

What is Stochastics? A Detailed Guide


According to stochastics, when a stock is trending upwards, the closing price tends to trade at the upper end of the day’s range of price action. The range of prices at which a stock trades throughout the daily session is referred to as price action. Stochastics are a series of indicators used in technical analysis […]

What is Forex Scam and How to Avoid it?

What is Forex Scam and How to Avoid it

Forex trading is all about purchasing and selling foreign currency pairs based on the exchange rate. However, as the exchange rate is variable, trading Forex can be quite riskier.  Another thing that haunts the traders is Forex scams, which usually lure traders by promising large returns on their orders with little or no risk. Scammers […]

Triangle patterns and how to trade them

Technical analysis is the action of analyzing the price range of instruments of various markets to forecast. It has been a significant part of the financial markets to provide them a glimpse of the price movements in advance and based on which decisions could be made. The price changes in technical analysis are identified using […]

Short Selling: Basic Knowledge and Advantages

What is short selling

Financial markets rise and decline to make money in the market; this change in the price of the assets helps the investors earn profit. They invest their funds in expectation of an excellent return which depends on the market movements. However, the trading markets are highly volatile, making it difficult for investors to analyze correctly. […]

What is Algorithmic Trading? Check Pros and Cons

What is Algorithmic trading

Web 3.0 has been the buzzword across the globe for the last few months. Why? Millennials and Gen Zs are quite excited about each service’s digital products and AI-based platforms, from ordering pizza to investing in the global markets. They love technology. And that is also one of the major reasons algorithmic or algo trading […]

What is Moving Average & How does it Work?

What is Moving Average and How does it Work

A moving average is a statistical computation used to examine data points by calculating the averages of different subsets of the entire data set. Moving averages work brilliantly as it is a stock market indicator extensively employed in technical analysis in finance. Determining a stock’s moving average is to smooth out price data by creating […]

What is Scalping Trading Strategy? A Detailed Overview

What is Scalping Trading Strategy

Scalp trading or Scalping is one of the most popular trading strategies that entails placing multiple trades in a short time frame, usually a few seconds or minutes. Forex scalpers may seek to profit from one or two pip movements over a period of a few seconds, generally during the busiest trading hours of the […]

What is Range Market Trading?

What is Range Market Trading

Depending on the view, objectives, risk tolerance, and other factors, active investors might employ various tactics. One of these tactics is range market trading. Range market trading exploits non-trending markets by detecting persistent high and low prices, referred to as resistance and support bands, in non-trending markets. It entails purchasing and selling a stock tactically […]

Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis: Trading opportunities in the market are not easy to understand and grab; investors have to research, study, use various analysis tools, etc., for productive investment. There are a number of markets and trading instruments that could be traded for earning profits. The forex market, stock market, commodity market, indices market, […]