When to sell stocks? Best 2021 market guide!

When to sell stocks?

Introduction Stock trading is the traditional way of investing in the financial markets. Traders have trust in the market practices because they have grown over the years. The market investors analyse the market, company positions, information and news before investing. The shares are then held for a period of time to earn profits.  When to […]

Risk management: A detailed guide

Risk management: a detailed guide

Forex trading risk management is a very vital topic when it comes to forex trading. Traders naturally wish to keep their losses as little as possible. Also, they would like to extract as much profit as they can out of each trade.  Forex traders lose money not just due to lack of experience or knowledge […]

What is NFP? Learn to Trade NFP

What Is NFP

Non-Farm Payrolls, or NFP, is a metric that measures the number of non-farm jobs generated in the previous month in the United States. Generally, it is released on the first Friday of each month and includes the Unemployment Rate, Average Hourly Earnings, and Participation Rate. The NFP plays an important to drive the market movement […]

what are indices ? A Guide for Beginner

what are indices

what are indices? Indices are a measurement of an exchange share group’s price performance. For instance, the FTSE 100 tracks the London Stock Exchange’s 100 largest. An index is arrived at from the constituent stock price, generally as a weighted average. Any index stipulates the requirements a company ought to meet to qualify for inclusion. […]

Forex trading in India: An overview

Forex Trading In India

Forex markets transcend all boundaries and work by bringing all traders from different walks of life together on a single platform. Also, the fact that the transaction goes beyond USD 6.6 trillion daily worldwide. So, opportunities are splendid, and people have a fair chance to accumulate wealth quickly. Moreover, developing countries are also participating in […]

Knowing the Intraday Breakout Trading Strategy used by Professional Traders

Knowing the Intraday Breakout Trading Strategy used by Professional Traders

Introduction Intraday trading is the investment in the financial markets within a day, also termed day trading. Traders invest in the market for a trade to earn profits quickly with short term market positions. The trade begins with the opening of the market and closes with it, in the time period traders invest, holding single […]

Bear and Bull Market Trends: How are They Different?

Bear and Bull Market Trends: How are They Different?

In the world of stock investment or trading in any kind of asset class, the terms’ bull’ and ‘bear’ are often used. Investors generally refer to the positive and negative price movements for bullish and bearish market trends, respectively. These two terms represent the market condition in general. Market direction is one of the significant […]

What is the most profitable trading strategy used by professionals?

The most profitable trading strategy is one that gives you one of the best, low risk, high probability opportunities around. This can take place with recurring day trading setups and day trading false breakouts. Finally, we will touch upon profitable trading strategies used by professionals to turn consistent outcomes – regularly. Notwithstanding each trading day’s […]

Arbitrage trading strategies: Make Big Profits

Arbitrage trading strategies: Make Big Profits

Strategies are crucial in financial markets. They work as a bridge between a trader and profits. So, benefits come as the byproduct of planning and that goes well with the ideas of market players. The trends of the market change every day. So, people have to the issuer issues new bonds fluctuations, and volatility. Any […]

How To Trade Ethereum?

How To Trade Ethereum

The global economy depends on trading. Every country of the world does trade in different ways. Even the slightest transaction of funds for some product, commodity and service is among trading. Now, with the evolution of time, people are moving on to various other dynamics of trades that can offer them huge profits in quick […]